How to make a life jacket at home? (with subtitles)

Hello my name is Laxman Mali Every year in Nepal Due to flood and landslide We hear news of places like Terai and some hilly regions being flooded out We have been hearing it We have been seeing it and maybe we have been experiencing it too In that particular situation People who cannot swim and who aren’t able to swim are dieing. Different organizations have tried to distribute life jacket in the society. Life jacket= the jacket wore while swimming But it is not possible to distribute life- jackets in every society. Therefore in this condition If in a society we can get life jackets then maybe the impact on human lives can be solved. I will be showing you how to make a life jacket using easily accessible materials The things required for making a life-jacket.. Sack : 2 parts of them Scale Scissors Marker Pen Instead of it we can use chalk as well Thread: in required amount needle Cord We can use anytype of cord: Plastic, Rubber,etc Sack needles Lighter Water Bottle Instead of it we can use mattress as well Except this we can use other materials as well. Make it half like this. For our neck at first around 2 and half inches Depending on the necessity we can mark it Right now we have marked 2 and half inch For shoulder’s part 3 inches we have joined from the marked point For elbow we have 9 inches down from the upperside At the beginning we will be marking the point of neck which we will be marking in a half circular way From shoulder to elbow part as well Remember this lower part Leaving exactly 9 inches and we will be marking it The way we have marked it, the same way we will be cutting it But this should be cut whole, I will be showing you later Earler we had made marked half only.. Now these two sides, here And here, in this point We will be cutting Because this part has been sewed its easy to cut And in the point where its marked Lets cut it. Now mark this of 3 inch In this way After you cut it Sew it so that its equal in length We need to make it 3 inch more Put this inside Because of this there is no risk of bottles coming out. In a way it plays a role of a lid Now we can sew this everywhere You can start it! In this way one side of life-jacket is almost complete In this way the two completed parts of life-jackets… Specially take care of this Put this part in this way 12 inches Or 1 feet Depending on the bottle size We can mark 12 inches point here Leaving 4 inches we mark 3 parts While tightening up laces what we need to remember is This part In the upper part we need to sew in a way where 2 times they have got space to go and while putting the laces on we need to know which part to put ahead If there is a part which should be placed ahead the lace should be short And make this knotted so that while pulling this part the other part cannot come And in this Lock this as well Now while pulling it The laces should not come out from one side to other make sure of that Now in these 2 sides while sewing we can sew both sides So we can sew it only for one side Only the upper parts We are using a black nylon thread We can use plastic thread as well 2 sides should be joined like this Lace should be tied here too While tieing the lace we need to differentiate which part is ahead and which one’s back What we need to take care here is that This part might also get sewed so take care of it In this way we can sew it After this Imagine that this is completed version We have placed bottle inside it Here is the bottle. The lid should be there too. Around 5 bottles can be attached After putting the bottle inside Making two holes If you lock it there will be no chance of the bottle coming out After doing all this one life-jacket has been prepared Except mineral water bottles we can use jumbo cold drinks bottle as well Instead of bottle we can use gallon as well In this we have used bottles and sewed it in a very simple sack Using this If we swim for long the bottles and the threads might loose connection There’s that risk But here we have tied the threads in 3 parts And we have used this successfully in many places as well While making this what we need to remember is Using a simple and small sack Like this one After cutting a sack After opening it like this We have made it two halves Mostly 3 parts should be wired atleast In 3 parts it should be knotted For the laces if you have used nylon’s thread We need to burn it to avoid it being torn by water And while using the laces at the side if you make it knotted Later there is less probability of it coming out Here we can use mattress as well While using it for life-jackets the mattresses price is Mostly 200 to 259 rupees 1,2,3 and 4 We have put around 4 mattresses in 1 part So there are altogther 8 Even 3 parts can be appropriate for adults While using it with mattress we need to take a bit care of cutting Before we Neck and shoulder We had already talked about that We had cut here 9 inch before Here there’s no need to cut 9 inches Just from here to there 3 inch is enough To cut the whole double will be proper Like we sew last time, in the same way sew the whole And join the two parts Instead of mattress you can use pillow as well For this when we need we can.. Close it and fold it Or when needed by blowing air we can use it too And after using it After letting its air go We can fold it We can go to our destinations For kids Having 6 inch gap We can split it We can place bottles in this With 6 bottles… little boys and girls can swim easily in water In this way today we learnt how to make life jackets with simple easily available materials Hopefully you have learnt this And in future you will make these sort of life-jackets which can help in supporting the possibility of human impact from natural disasters in the near future Thank You. Namaste!

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  1. hello there how u doing? Long time huh
    my mama n I have taken an initiative to help flood victims, we have just made a instruction video about making a life jacket with simple and affordable tools which has been tested and is very effective. We want to promote this method simply for preventing people from the circumstances that country is facing or might face due to flood, landslide. I hereby request you to promote this video the best you can and help us for sharing this technique more effectively 🙂

  2. Hello I am really inspired by your work. I have a question for the beginning of the video, when I mark 2 and a half inch and the other measurements the hole for the head is too big and the hole for the arms are too small. How can I fix this?

  3. Bro it’s very risky … water pressure is too much someone loose life becoz of DIY life jacket . better buy 300 to 500 rs life jacket

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