How To Make A Homemade Ursula Costume!

Hey everybody. Today we are going to be making an Ursula Costume. I measured around my waist and it was 39 inches Just where I want It to be I want it to be a little bit higher in the back a little bit lower in the front Because that’s how it’s got to be so it’s 39 inches And then what I did after that is divided by eight because that’s how many tentacles. I need but then I had to so it was like four almost five inches and I added a couple inches so we’ll say it was five inches. I added two and a half inches to each tentacle width because I want to be able to give enough room to be able to have some seam allowance and to make it you know when you when you Have the material it’s going to be flat, but then when you stuff it it’s going to take away from the outside edges You know it will go in a little bit so I had to give it a little bit more room So that when it’s pulled it will have enough So anyways now that I’ve done that. I actually just took some string, and I measured how long down my leg I wanted it to go which I wanted to go down like to the middle of my of my shin That’s this length right here So that’s this length plus. This is the seven and a half inches for each tentacle So I’m just going to make a little pattern I just tape some paper together and then I’ll be able to cut out each of my shapes and then I think that should be it So I changed the pattern a little bit You can see I added a square, so this is the original part when I already showed you and I just added this square that’s at the same width as the Top of this tentacle, and that is just so that I can cover up the backside of the tentacle once I actually Stuff it because it’s going to need something to hold on to something So this part will basically this will be filled with stuffing and around This part will be pulled up to cover up the end of it so kind of stick out instead of flat Anyways now it’s just a matter of cutting out eight of these So now that I have all of them cut out I actually decided that this material is a little bit stretchy and I don’t want to ruin it. So in order to Make it so that I can still use it but not like the stuffing push it to its max and ruin it I just decided to do two layers of the black material and then I have the purple on top of it and This part is where I’m getting ready to sew. Now I’m not going to sew all the way up right here I’m just going to sew down on the triangle part to where you can see the square starts and the part that I always really like Particular about because I don’t want to mess up is just making sure that the sides are in the right direction So this is the shiny side of the black. I want that to be out so that’s in when I’m sewing so that I can flip it inside out and have both of the sides showing really well, so just be careful, you don’t do it there With the wrong side otherwise you might have to unstitch it, and I really don’t wanna have to unstitch any of mine So anyways alright gotta get someone Alright, here is the beginning of a tentacle. Now what I’ve done is I finished sewing all of these different tentacles and now I’m going to go to the spot where I here’s my Material decide that I want to get. I’m just going to start Flipping it and I also went and measured some wire pieces to be close to the size that I want them to be I wanted them to be a little bit longer so that I would have some space to loop them around a belt. So um Here is what I’ve been doing Also, you can see what I was talking about earlier I want I didn’t want to ruin this material so I just decided to make it flip in the black instead that make sense? Now it’s just a matter of not poking my eye out or the boy’s eyes out and pushing now. I’m just pushing the material, pushing the wire All the way inside out because obviously my hand can’t fit down there So that’s what I’m doing And I’m cutting all the wire to be that length that I want and then once I’m done with that I can start Stuffing it. So we’ll do this to all of them and we will make another little flip So it’s flipped inside out now All the way as far as I can get it it’s a little bit tight at the end so even as far as I could and I actually found out that the best way to Put it into the end is I was using a wire before but I decided to just use my finger And that’s working so much better, so I kind of have to Put in a little bit at a time Just use your finger to poke it all the way down into the end and it takes a little bit of work and the thing is the wire will just go in over it It doesn’t need to like have the wire in it first before you put this stuffing in This way I found out is works actually better, so just keep working at it and the very very end part is the hardest part to get the stuffing into cause’ it’s so little But just keep working at it All right, I have stuffed this and this is the hardest part probably is just Putting a lot of stuffing in the very bottom because it’s so tight down there, but once you get to about the middle right here you just take little sections and push it in and keep going until you’ve got it Pretty much to the very middle of this So that’s where i’m at And then When you want to start getting your wire ready and then just So half it’s about half of it more than half the thing is this will still slide in. So I have this and I’ve put it kind of in this shape so that it will go around the outside edge of this so can it be on the outside edge and now I’m going to just take it and put it I have the two layers right here, so I’m going to push it on the bottom So if it made a hole or anything it wouldn’t go through Completely, but I don’t think it would make a hole. I’m just being cautious Here it is You’re just kind of fill your way And push it in as you go You want to go all the way to the very tip Right now it’s right here There it is, it’s the very tip. And now you can kind of see hat I’m doing with my hand and pushing out pushing the wires apart from each other And this is where you just start to Kind of hold the wires apart and shove the stuffing in and You know it’s all it’s it’s pretty easy process. It’s kind of painstaking but it’s not too bad And you just have to do this eight times so im almost to the end here So once it’s to this point i’m just So you can see when you put the stuffing in between the middle. It keeps the wires apart and now I’m just kind of Holding the top part. I’m folding this part underneath it To keep the stuffing in while I move on to the next one it I think I only have one left And I’m just going to keep everything to repeat the same process that I just barely did for you and then Move along to the next step Okay, now that we have all these stuffed and finished up to this point. I am going to just take this Very next step after folding that in is measuring and just cutting that Going up to where the wire Matches the material and just cutting that Same as this side So now you kind of see it coming together a little bit better So now i’m gonna do And fold this over the wire this is kind of tricky because It’s just this wire is already in a huge kind of have to bend it as you go Just go down this part So that’s kind of that first turn right there and I’m going to do that to this side too, so I’ve just finished sewing on this side and on this side, and now I’m going to move closer Like what I’ve done right here. I’ve just kind of folded this in underneath I’m gonna do that with the most of the layers — where I want and then i’m just gonna hold this up Because that’s where this is going to be folded over so I’m going to stitch in here just hand stitch this Material to this material so there will be a little line of stitching right here and then we’re going to fold this over and this is a belt loop. A little loop for a belt to go through and then we’ll stitch that To this side on the top right here so the loop can just go on our belt and whatever belt that doesn’t even matter what belt just Have it this way, and then it will just go right on to Whatever belt, you can tighten. Whatever you need and then you can shape it So we’ll do that on all of them. It will be so exciting Hey, I hope you guys liked making these awesome tentacles with me Make sure to try it out yourself. It’s really fun um it can get long but It was worth it. It looks so good Go ahead and click here to see how I made this know so too too that was very quick and easy Or if you like the crown go ahead and click up here on my head you can check that out very easy very very inexpensive or this awesome trident that I made if you like it you can go ahead and click right here on the trident and You will see oh, and oh wait. There’s one one and here is my necklace Seashell necklace, that holds Ariel’s voice and if you like that go ahead and click right here and you can see the tutorial for it. I hope that you like this costume Go ahead and try it out or even just a couple pieces if you’ve already got some stuff for it. It was really fun Kind of time-consuming, but it was worth it So hopefully you liked it and can subscribe and comment on my video, and we’ll see you next time [ Music ]

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