How to Make a Coat Rack : Coat Rack: 1st Coat of Finish

Hi, this is Jon and in this clip we’ll be
applying our first coat of finish. Now that the first stain on my project has fully dried
I’m ready to apply the finish. The finish that I’ve decided to use is just a real basic
clear, semi-gloss wood finish. To apply my finish I’m going to be using a one and a half
inch brush. I’m just going to get that brush pretty soaked in finish and I’m just going
to paint in on my entire project. Now for the first coat the grain of the wood is really
going to suck up that finish. Our first coat is going to be a little bit thicker than our
second coat and if we choose to do a third coat, out third coat. You want to make sure
to coat the entire surface and spend a little extra time getting all the crevices on our
router cut. When you’re finished with the first coat, what I like to do is take my paint
brush and run over my entire project one more time just to pick up any excess finish or
any runs that may have occurred while I was applying it. Make sure you don’ t forget about
those buttons as well. After you’ve completed putting on the first coat of finish, you’ll
want to let that sit and dry for about twenty-four hours.

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