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Today I’m going to share with you some tips on how to accessorize and I’m going to share with you some really cool ways to Repurpose something that may have been sitting in the bottom of your cupboard for years if you’d like to know more, please keep watching Hi, I’m Schellea this is fabulous 50s a lifestyle channel that celebrates women in their 50s And if you’re a woman in your 50s click subscribe and click the bell and you’ll be alerted every time. There’s a new video So today, we’re going to talk about how to accessorize But the first rule of style is to wear what you love and have fun with it, and you’re over 50 so you Can do whatever you like but? here’s some tips that I’d like to share with you and some things that Can make or break an outfit tip number one go out and find a statement piece a statement piece is something that? Kind of is wow you’ve got some jewelry on you love it And the color is great and it might be silver or gold or colored, but it just looks great on you And it’s probably big. I’ve chosen this this was really inexpensive, but I love the colors. It’s a statement I love it, and it makes me feel good now. This is really important when you’re wearing a statement piece like this That’s it this owns the show This is all that’s needed if you go ahead and add earrings big earrings To this look it looks too much. It’s just busy and You look completely overdone. This is too much going on and then if I added a ring as well Hey, there’s way too much going on so rule of thumb is big earrings you can wear a big ring or You know I’ve got this kind of a ring as well, so Hands and ears is great and some bracelets, but don’t do all three together, and if you’re wearing a big necklace just Have that part of your face lit up and then you can wear a ring and That’ll just be perfect if you’re wearing something big like this Go ahead and wear some tiny earrings If you like if you love wearing earrings if I’m just wearing these little tiny pearls they’re not going to compete with the big statement piece so keep those rules And you’ll be perfect tip number two wear something that will bring the eye down Anything that goes down makes us appear longer and slimmer, so it’s a great tip This is also a statement piece because it’s big so again I wouldn’t wear the matching earrings like these ones because This is enough If you have a look when I put the earrings on it’s just like they might look nice but it’s just a little bit too much and overdone and so I take these off and Just wear this I could also with this outfit. Just wear a beautiful statement ring like this and that would set this off really nicely or I could wear something like a band on my arm so This is really inexpensive and easy to wear You don’t wear too much, so just like this and this and that’s enough I could also layer this with a couple of bracelets just little Elastic bracelets, and that would be really good as well so here’s the thing keep it long kept I going down if you want to appear taller and Slimmer and this is a good way to do it. I’ll show you another way just another version of this okay Here’s another way to layer to add length and it’s making me look taller So I like the rule of three three different layers But you can do whatever you like This is just something that you could try and this top one can be you know it can be any height at all they can all be any height see the difference when I just adjust them, and you get a different look, so I’m sure you’ve got things at home that you could layer in threes and Straightaway you I goes down and you look taller It’s the best trick in the world so see what you’ve got at home and give this a try now I’ve taken the lengthening neck piece away and just wearing the earrings and bracelet it’s a completely different look but The eye isn’t drawing down. It’s just staying up here. Which is great. Just it’s just different ways to wear accessories to really accentuate the look My third tip is probably my most favorite. It’s so cool It’s repurposing what you’re not using anymore, so here’s a great example This is my mum’s wedding ring that She left me when she passed away, and I loved it, but it doesn’t fit and it’s it’s not my style so Here’s a really cool way that you can use something that may have been left to you or that You don’t a ring that you don’t wear on your finger anymore. I already had this it’s a choker I don’t really wear this much anymore, but what I thought about is Adding this ring to the center of the choker and you can just sew a little black thread to attach it and You’ve got a piece of beautiful homemade special to you jewelry it has a lot of sentimental value and It’s it’s completely unique. No one else in the world will be wearing this so This is a really cool trick if you’ve got one of your mums, or grandmother’s rings or an old ring. You don’t wear anymore Give this a try Okay, here’s another cool thing you can with the ring you can get two pieces of leather, so you live it like this Put it in into the middle of the Ring and Loop it through Just like that same on the other side Look like this through the ring and pull That through like this so you can put it on and make a choker, it’s so simple, it’s really modern, it’s Timeless and for me. This is my mum so I love wearing it and it made and again, it’s unique No one in the world has this piece of jewellery another way to wear this exact same piece is to take off one of your lip layers of leather and Just simply Put it around your neck and where at whatever length you like and Again if I was wearing it this way I would layer it With two other pieces of different lengths to make me look longer and taller How cool is that? Okay, here’s another cool thing that I’ve done this beautiful pendant. I got when I was probably in my early 20s and my husband gave it to me and I loved it But I’ve had it for so long and it’s on a really fine chain, and I just didn’t like wearing it anymore This piece of silk came as is but you could use leather or silk and what I’ve done is I’ve put it here so I wrap it around my neck once and Bring it down. I’ll show you Okay, so I wrap it around my neck and I’ve got this left over and I can either Tie it just like that and The Two different lengths here of the silver bits on the end is going to bring the eye down and make me look taller this is really cool and it’s something different and This piece here has a lot of sentimental value, and I’m not wearing it the ordinary way So that’s good so another way to wear. This is just to tie it around and put a bow and take the bow off to the side a little bit just for something different and Still got something coming down so it’s lengthening. It’s different. I made it myself and You have probably got a whole lot of things in your jewelry cupboard or jewelry drawer that you can Repurpose and where time and time again in a new way so I’d like to say thank you to Vanessa Kennedy who is my jeweler and She went through a few of these ideas with me the other day And thank you to all of you beautiful ladies for watching. Have fun With your style have fun accessorizing and have a great week

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