How to Hem a Dress by Hand Using the Blind Stitch (blind hem)

hi this is Rachel from TLC inspirations and today we are going to him a dress that I got at a thrift store and it is a beautiful dress it is a cotton spandex combination which makes it stretch so I'm going to be hand sewing it but first I'm going to mark where I want this is the hem and it's a circle skirt it's not super full so we're not going to take that into consideration too much but this is my pin so you can see I have a lot to take off the bottom hem of this dress and it's about seven and a quarter inches so I am going to mark six inches up from the bottom of the dress so that I have a cushion for my rolled hem because that is the kind of hem I'm going to do I'm going to roll the hem and then I'm going to hand sew it with a blind stitch and that is going to be our new hem now what I'm going to do is six inches up from the bottom of the current hem I am going to place a mark every so often every couple inches all the way around the skirt and that is going to be my cutting line now I'm going to cut in to the bottom and cut around the line I just made I don't know if you can see I've got purple little marks my little washable marker and I'm going to cut all the way around the skirt and take this excess length off keep in mind that you are cutting at a curve at a very slight curve but still a curve there is no straight lines here since it is a circle skirt keep any fabric out of the way underneath so you don't accidentally cut something on the other side okay I'm all cut around the bottom now I want to fold this edge up a quarter of an inch and I'm going to iron it down then I'm going to fold it again another quarter inch and then I'm going to sew okay you can see I've got my folded edge here's my first fold folding it down and ironed it fold it again I earned it again so I've got a roll now I'm on the back side of the skirt and I'm going to start at the side scene so I can hide my knot so I'm just going to put it back here and grab my folded grab my folded edge so I'm going behind the seam coming out on the folded edge of the hem so my knot is back behind the that side seam and then all we're going to do as we go long is every quarter inch or so we are going to go through the folded edge here and then we're going to pick up a very very tiny amount on the back piece we do not want to grab too much back here because it will show on the front of the skirt we're also using matching thread that will also help hide it and then we're going to continue to do that over and over again what we want to do is pull tight enough to hold everything in place but not so tight that we create a pucker of any kind in the fabric okay this is what I have so far I'm over halfway through doing the doing the blind stitch by hand on a rolled hem and I am using white thread so this is going to be very hard to see but I'm about every quarter to three eighths inch I'm putting in a stitch I go through the edge of my rolled hem and I go to the back fabric and I just pick up a tiny tiny bit off the back couple threads maybe okay and then I pull that through there's my stitch right there and I just keep going and I've had to redo my thread twice I go I have a three panel skirt so I am able to take a thread from one side seam to the next which helps me hide the knots this is the finished hem on the outside of the dress pretty invisible thanks for watching

22 thoughts on “How to Hem a Dress by Hand Using the Blind Stitch (blind hem)

  1. My uniform was stitched small I make it long by attaching same cloth but how to make it has not attached any cloth please tell me

  2. Thank you so much! This video really helped me in learning how to reduce the length of my dress! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you have a blessed day.

  3. I need to say thank you for this!! I was originally taught this around 40 years ago by my now late mother but she only called it hemming HER WAY!! I have just read the comments below to find that what she taught me was a mixture of the slip stitch and the blind hem!! And I do have to have a giggle that over the years, other women my age (50s) were only taught how to sew hems on machines!!?? This way I have found is so much easier and quicker!!

  4. Can you tell me which brand marking purple pen that is ? I bought the michaels brand one but it disappears too quickly

  5. Nice instructional video – however, this is not a "blind stitch"!ย  You are doing a "slip stitch" – and you should consider using a single thread when hemming – never a double thread!

  6. The Blind Hem Stitch. I shortened a thrift store find (tapestry styled, strapless number for my daughter – it's gorgeous) that was much too long for short daughter. I did the blind stitch by hand. Honestly, I was a little nervous, as I hadn't done it on a stretch cotton like this before, but there wasn't a pucker anywhere! It turned out beautifully.ย 

    Not sure how to do the blind hem stitch by hand? I can walk you through the steps and give you some tips along the way. Happy stitching. ๐Ÿ™‚

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