How to give a $10 Coffee Table a Hamptons Style Makeover!

How do you give a $10 coffee table a Hamptons Style makeover? Hi guys, welcome back to Hampton Your House. My name is
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We really needed a new coffee table because our old one was falling apart, so
we went to our local buy and sell page and we picked up this beauty for only
$10 – total bargain! Getting secondhand furniture is a great idea if you’re wanting
to create the Hamptons look in your house, because it’s such a classic style,
you can find some beautiful classic looking pieces really cheaply and then
update them with paint and new hardware to suit the exact look you’re going for.
So here comes the fun part – it’s time to give this coffee table a Hamptons Style
makeover! I’ve decided to go with the look of
staining the top of the table and painting the rest white so we need to
sand the top really well. Luckily I’ve just had my birthday and my awesome
hubby and kids got me this amazing random orbital sander. It’s so much more
fun than sanding everything by hand which I did in my last project, and I’ll
link that for you below. The random part of the orbital sander just means that
it has two different types of movement and because of that it doesn’t leave any
scratches or sanding marks. It’s a worthwhile investment if you love doing
this sort of thing. Always remember to wear your safety glasses and dust masks
when you’re sanding, and you’ll also need to remove the old hardware. With the
sides and legs it’s important to get rid of any old varnish that might be about
to flake off and sanding also helps to prepare the surface for the new paint. I
can do a bit with the sander but I need to finish off all the hard-to-reach
angles by hand. I thought this would take ages but it was actually surprisingly
quick, even with all the tricky angles and corners. When you’re done make sure you wipe off
all the dust. A slightly damp cloth works well for this. Get some wood putty and putty up any
gaps or holes. Because I’m also going to replace the handle on the drawer and it’s
not the same size as the old one, I’m also puttying up the old screw holes. Give the putty a few hours to dry then
sand off the excess. Wipe off all the dust and you’re ready to paint. I’m using a Wattyl Colourwood oil-based
wood stain and varnish combination in the colour Walnut. When you’re choosing
your stain and/or varnish, just make sure you check whether the one you have is
water-based or oil-based. If it’s oil-based, you’ll need turps to clean the
brushes with, and water-based, you just need water. You’ll want to do at least
two coats of this to get a nice finish and give it a quick sand in between
coats. Once your stain and varnish is dry it’s
time to paint the base. I’m using the same white I used for my IKEA Billy
Bookcase unit – there’s a link to that video in the description box below.
You’ll need at least two coats of this too, depending on the level of coverage
you want to achieve. Before you’ve done your final coat, make sure you mark out
where your new drawer handle is going to go and drill the holes. That way you can
paint over any possible mishaps. I’m using one of the Hampton Cup Pulls from
Bunnings. These are actually quite tricky to install, but they come with a mounting
template to help you get the holes in the right places. After you’ve finished painting everything,
get some very fine sandpaper like 280 grit, and very lightly sand the surface.
This will give it a silky smooth finish. Use separate pieces of sandpaper for
each paint colour so you don’t end up with any marks on your new paint. Time to
put the new handle on, and then we’re all done! Here’s the before, and after! This was such a fun project, I love
seeing a good furniture makeover come to life. In the end I wasn’t 100% happy with
the colour of the top – it came out a lot more red than I was expecting, but I
still think it made for a stunning transformation. What do you guys think?
Leave a comment below – should I go for a more of a grey wash top next time, or all
white, or do you like the colour of the top? Well if you’ve enjoyed seeing the
transformation of this gorgeous $10 coffee table, please give this
video a thumbs up, and don’t forget to subscribe and check out my other videos.
I have lots of great projects coming up for you soon, and I’ll see you again in
the next one. Bye guys!

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