How To Clean And Protect Wheels – Chemical Guys Wheel Guard Max Coat

Hey guys! Welcome back to the Detail Garage. Today i’m going to be showing you how to protect your wheels on this Ferrari Testarossa. So first, you can see the rim is clean, but i’m going to wipe off any debris using Chemical Guys EcoSmart. You simply shake it up and then spray it on the surface. Then using a clean microfiber towel, i’m just going to wipe down the face, buffing off any wax or an excess product that I have sprayed all over the wheel. Getting inside these spokes here. You can see the wheel looks clean but it actually is pretty dirty with brake dust and road debris. Which is why it’s important to get that all off before you put your protective coating on. So this rim was fairly clean when it came in, but in most cases, rims are going to be exposed to more elements. A lot more brake dust which might need a deeper clean, using chemicals such as Diablo Wheel Gel or any kind of wheel cleaner. But in this cases since it was fairly clean, I just used EcoSmart. Now as for the wheel protectant i’ll be using, i’m going with Max Coat Wheel Guard. Max Coat Wheel Guard is going to put a nice protective coating over the rim which is going to, in the long run, give it nice protection against the elements, brake dust, road debris, things like that. It’s also giving it a nice shine. The applicator i’ll be using is our Wheel Wedge here. Which in this case, is going to make it a lot easier to get in between these spoke here and even this lip that goes around the rim. So simply take off the cap See this bright green polish we have here. Now with my applicator, get a little on the tip here, spread it out over the rim, and then just kinda work it in as you go. Now you may notice that the Wheel Wedge is double sided. One side has this mesh on it and the other side has this soft microfiber material. This is the side for applying, this side is more for like deep cleaning and scrubbing. Which is not necessary for a rim like this. So now that the rim is coated. I’m going to let this sit for about 15 minutes and then i’m gonna come back and wipe it off with a clean microfiber towel. So now it’s time to buff it off. I’ll be using a clean gray microfiber towel. With anything, you now, just buff it off. Gently wiping the surface. Straight lines, no circles, to avoid avoid putting any scratches or anything in the paint. I’m using the grey towel because we have ours color coordinated by the different areas that you would be working on, like the grey would be something with metal, such as rims. Green, exterior paintwork. Blue for windows. Yellow for interior. Tan is for your leather. Just color coordination. So the reason why we color coordinate our towels is because you wouldn’t want to use a dirty towel such as this rim towel on the interior. So when you want to clean your leather you don’t want to use a dirty towel like this. So now this rim has a high shine; a durable protection against the elements, brake dust, road debris, things like that. So if you want to learn more about these products, check them out on our website. If you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up. Also don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you next time.

16 thoughts on “How To Clean And Protect Wheels – Chemical Guys Wheel Guard Max Coat

  1. Thoughts on cleaning and protecting the wheels off the vehicle so you can also get the inside of the barrel? 🙂

  2. Come on serious I'm a detailer how bout using a real dirty wheel lol this is pathetic

  3. Hey chemical guys, what kinds of test have you done with this wheel protectant to show that wheels/rims have less damage when this is applied?

  4. You don't need any of those wheel cleaners you listed. If you wash your car at least once a week, soap and water should be really all you need.


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