How to Choose a Life Jacket by AquaMobile – Home Swim Lessons

Hello, My name is Diana Goodwin and I am the president and founder of AquaMobile A swim school that specializes in sending swim instructors to teach private lessons at your home and condo pool Today I would like to review some things you should look for when buying a life jacket for your child and until your child knows how to swim independently I highly recommend a life jacket one of the things you should look for first of all is you should purchase a life jacket in highly visible color such as this one So this one here is yellow, a couple other highly visible colors are red and orange this one is also great because it has a couple reflective strips on the neck which makes your child even more visible another important thing to do is to look and make sure inside the life jacket that it matches your child’s correct weight too often parents will try and buy one life jacket that will kind of fit both children so they will get a life jacket that is a bit too big for one child and a bit too small for the other child and thats actually a very dangerous thing to do it’s important that each child has a well fit life jacket While it’s not always possible to try a life jacket in, try it on in the store rather there are some places that will let you do that and will help you get a proper fit some tips for yourself it should fit snugly around the torso when all of the straps are done up and it should also have a strap, like this one that goes between the legs this will stop the life jacket from riding up on your child Another good rule of thumb is, definitely bring the child with you to the store and have them try it on for size there and you want to make sure when you pull up on this collar here that there is no more than three inches between the top of the life jacket and your child’s shoulders A couple other important features to keep in mind, this one here is great because it come with its own whistle attached to it this is especially important if your child is going to be boating but in general even if they are at home and something happens and they are trying to get your attention this is really important to have attached to the life jacket as in this case Another thing when looking for life jackets there are so many that are out there on the stores It’s important to make sure that it is certified by the department of transportation or by the coast guard So as you can see this one here it even has a department of transportation approved symbol on it Just a few tips on where you could find a life jacket for your child Walmart has a great selection, as does Dick’s Sporting Goods Store and for our Canadian viewers, Canadian Tire has a great selection there and all of these stores, really easy return policies in case the jacket does not fit your child So there, hope those tips help keep your child safe in the water and in a life jacket One more thing, a life jacket is no substitute for proper adult supervision So always keep that in mind, please keep your child close to you and keep them safe around water Thank you!

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