How To Choose A Backpacking Jacket

Backpacking: It’s one of nature’s greatest
vacations. With some trail mix, a great pair of shoes
and the right gear, you’re all set to trade in the stress and noise of everyday life with
the quiet and beauty of Mother Nature’s big backyard. But first – you’ve got to find the right backpacking
jacket for the job. Choosing the right jacket is KEY to maximizing
your comfort and safety out on the trail. The three factors that you’ll want to consider
when you’re shopping for a jacket include weight and bulk, packability, and functionality. Let’s start with key factor number one: weight
and bulk. Before you beeline for the top-of-the-line,
“everything-but-the-kitchen sink” model, remember that “minimal” is the name of the game when
choosing a jacket, and that every extra bell and whistle adds weight. For a basic backpacking jacket, you’re looking
to keep the extra features minimal. Look for a jacket that’s lightweight, low
profile and equipped with just the basics: You may want to consider a jacket with a hood
that’s non helmet-compatible. This will just ensure that it fits a little
bit better when you’re out on the trails. Next you’ll want to consider a jacket with
pockets that are able to be closed up nice and securely, whether that’s with a zipper
or a touch-fasten closure. Lastly you’ll want to make sure that the jacket
is made out of a flexible material that’s easy to move around in. Now that we’ve narrowed it down to lightweight,
low-bulk designs, let’s explore factor two, which is packability. As anyone who’s spent some time on the trails
can attest, the weather changes quickly out there. A packable jacket goes straight off your back
and into your pack without compromising internal storage space – that’s why we consider packability
to be one of the most important features to consider. Some jackets even pack into their own pocket,
which is a really nice feature to look for as you shop. We’ve now talked about the importance of low
weight and high packability when shopping for a backpacking jacket; let’s move on to
the final, and easily the most important point to consider, which is functionality. Wen we talk functionality, the climate really
comes into play. Obviously, a backpacker in California isn’t
going to be looking for the same functionality as one heading out in Wyoming. No matter the climate, you can’t go wrong
with a waterproof jacket. Whether it comes in the form of Gore-Tex — the
gold standard — or a brand-specific technology — like Columbia Sportswear’s Omni-Tech — Waterproof
Fabrics and waterproof breathable membranes are your best insurance against the weather. Well, there you have it: Those are our three
factors to consider in order to find your ideal backpacking jacket for your next trip. To shop our full line of jackets, go ahead
and click on that shop button, and to see more about waterproof breathable jackets,
click right here on this video.

4 thoughts on “How To Choose A Backpacking Jacket

  1. "waterproof breathable"
    No such thing.
    Get a jacket with insulation and a separate shell for wet weather.
    Do NOT combine these two features.

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