23 thoughts on “How to Buy a Winter Coat

  1. how to watch another pointless howcast video.
    1.click on the damn video
    2.watch in boredom
    3.congrats u just learned how to watch a pointless howcast video
    did u know? howcast is the most retarded and pointless youtube channel ever

  2. I bet most people would think these vids are pointless. Well, the next thing you know is when you want to find a winter coat, you remember the tips from howcast and use them.

  3. I personally love howcast…not because their videos are useful…some are just trying to be funny…i see it as a way to pass time no matter how pointless…at least they took the time effort and money to make some videos for our enjoyment. :]

  4. you know, i bet one day someone will want to know how to buy a winter jacket, and they'll be happy someone out there actually gave out some tips

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