HOW TO AFFORD HIGH END CLOTHING (+Selling Supreme, Balenciaga, Undercover, Bape)

what's up you guys own here hope you guys are all doing well so for today's video which will hopefully go on Sunday if not Monday I've decided to talk about something that's been talked about by Jacob Wallace before which is basically getting closed for free which is basically just like a hack to keep building your closet and keep getting new pieces keep making money basically just keep recycling clothes into stuff that you want and stuff that you can sell I just had to do my own little take on it because he went through the same thing I think you sold a few pieces I'm gonna be selling a huge chunk of my closet I'll explain why I'm selling things and then why it's important to kind of build your closet in a way where you can keep recycling stuff and keep selling it so hopefully you guys enjoy this video so basically when you start to get into this field when you started to get into fashion and street wear I think one of the most important things is to buy items that hold value over time so basically if you buy a t-shirt for $80 you want to be able to sell it for more than what you got it for and then use that money to reinvest it into a different piece and then hopefully sell that piece for more later on down the line basically just getting profit over time it might be a slow process but you know the more pieces that you have one super where them you can sell them for more and then basically get more pieces keep getting new items and keep recycling giving old items new homes and you want to make sure that you get your wear out of it of course keep in mind whether or not it'll hold its value in maybe like a year maybe six months because eventually you probably get tired of it and eventually you'll grow out of it and then you'll want to sell it make sure that you can get a return or even more money than what you originally spent for me the most important thing is to document myself wearing it I didn't get a picture of it on Instagram or to the feature in like a YouTube video like this hopefully next week or two weeks from now when things have sold and I have some available funds I'm gonna kind of like documenting me purchasing new items and then hopefully showing you guys those items I have my eye on a lot of pieces so I decided that instead of just spending money on those pieces I said it might be a smart idea to sell some of my old things just have to recycle in new clothes if that makes sense now I have some really really cool pieces to show off for you guys and that could be sure you guys every single piece that I'm selling just the more rare and more valuable pieces because if I have showed every single piece to take way too long yeah I think you guys will be really interested in some of these pieces because I get a lot of messages every single day about people who want to buy something that I wore in a video or an Instagram post so I'm giving you guys the opportunity to get your hands on them first if not then hopefully somebody else will buy them so yeah I'm just me showing off some of my favorite pieces that I'm selling and then hopefully if you guys find something you like just head down the description and check out my grill and we'll be up there as you're watching this all the items I'm selling will be on my grill and they'll be available so you can feel free to send offers tell me that you're subscribed or maybe I'll cut you a little bit of a deal we'll see how that goes yeah let's head into the first item so up first I'm selling this supreme 2011 eyes button up this is definitely one of the more desirable supreme button ups out there this is from 2011 I think there's a few different colorways of this but the white is by far my favorite color weight should look so clean and has like really nice contrasting but this is the original eyes button-up they did one with CDG a couple of years ago maybe was like one year ago this is definitely my favorite graphic out of the two it's super nice this is a size large they've had this for a while there's no discoloration if only one like once or twice I decided to give it a new home hopefully one of you guys will be interested in this piece that is kind of rare believe there's only a couple listings that I've seen so yeah let's move on to the next item so the next item I'm selling is this undercover three-and-a-half collar Tiger Cambodia kit this jacket is actually an M 65 model which is the main reason why I'm selling this this is actually one of my very first like street wear kind of fatbike high fashion pieces and I've had it for so long I just decided it's fun times let go of it I'm actually not a huge fan of the M 65 model I just don't think it looks very good on me personally but on some people obviously it looks really good this jacket is completely patchwork on the inside you can see all the stitching from all the different jackets but it actually has three and a half collars on it has one color here one color down here which actually has a size tag and it has one color on the back there's a half color somewhere else I can't really find it has pockets all around it has like false pockets I think sometimes and has little straps the shag is absolutely insane especially if you're a fan of patchwork um yeah this will be on my grilled as well next up I'm selling this Balenciaga embroidered cop hoodie so I don't if you guys could tell but on the cuff right there it says a Balenciaga and embroidery and then it also has this ready cropped boxy fit this is a size large has a length of a medium but then the arms of a large and the width of like an extra-large so it's a really interesting fit but I think is like the perfect fit for me in my opinion the color is absolutely insane they have a few different colorways with this but the blue just like stands out so much it's like a really really perfect blue I'll let it go for a cheap price too next up I'm gonna move on to some pants to them selling one of my favorites is this pair of xander joe rainbow stripe track pants I'm sure a lot of you guys have actually seen this piece already in different colorways I believe there's a white and a black this is something that sir that was really popular during like the revenge storm campaign these are a size 46 which I think it quits like a small this is pretty short I think it's like a 29 to 28 inch inseam I'm a pretty tall person which is the main reason why I'm selling these they are a little too short on me I've also just kind of grown out of them I don't know if you can tell but this material is actually insane it's not like a regular track pant material it's actually made as really really fuzzy like blanket material it's kind of hard to explain and then has the Zander Joe logo right there and yes move on to the next item okay next up is something that I've gotten tons and tons and tons of messages about I get notifications every single day on my phone of people who want me to relist these unground and I think it's finally time these are the comme des Garcons own plus Rolling Stones trousers these are insanely insanely rare there's a few different versions of these but this is by far my favorite version where it has this crazy patchwork pattern on the front and then on the back it just has this polka dot pattern it's kind of hard to tell but each pattern is completely patchworked they're they're different panels going all around the pants the back isn't patchwork which makes it really really unique the colors are insane these are actually really good condition for hold their art they are I believe they're from 2006 or 2005 so they're crazy old these do fit like Dickies in my opinion do have like the same clasp system in the front for the fly they have adjustable straps on the side so if you want to make them a different size you can these RSI is small which are Cuesta's like a waist like 32 31 in my opinion they do have a kind of like a cropped fit these do have an inseam of 30 so they do fit a little bit cropped on me but back when I got these like a year ago I was really into this whole like crazy color thing but I'm kind of getting out of it a little bit so I've decided it's finally time to give these a new home these are all my grilled right now please check them out let's move on to the next item so for the last piece of clothing I do have some accessories but this is the last piece of clothing these are the needles maroon track pants these are like the slim straight fit so I don't know if you can tell but these are not the skinny tapered version these are slim straight which is in my opinion the best fit this is a size medium but these are just way too cropped on me they're too short I don't really stack at all these guys sit and hover over my shoes which is like the worst possible fit for me it's sad to let go of these but you know just don't fit me right I think the color is really really nice I feel like a lot of Neil's track pants they have really nice colors but this is by far my favorites it's tough to let go hopefully one of you guys will get it so next a bit I think is something that a lot of you guys wouldn't really really like to hone it is a pair of supreme motive sunglasses in the red colorway but these are actually ian conners pair I got these from him I believe this is Supremes take on like the Gucci moto sunglasses but you know these are absolutely insane they have the gold detailing right there on either side and then it has the box look on the inside the only reason why I'm selling these is Pez they don't really fit my head very well they're a little too big for me one of the most like rare supreme sunglasses are out there I know they've produced a lot of sunglasses but these are definitely the most sought-after ian's worn these a ton of his Instagram I don't know if that means anything to you guys be it's tough to let go of these but I think it's time to give him a new home I haven't really got a ton of wear out of these I do not have the original packaging or the the pouch or whatever so I'll just ship them in a random sunglass box so the last item them talking about this video which is not the last item selling on my grilled it is this Bape Swarovski trucker hat this has super super hold but you know it's in great condition I think the reason why I'm saying it is because it doesn't really fit my head very well it's a little too big I kind of have like a small head so hats don't really fit me too too well so it's kind of hard to find a hat that fits me perfectly I've had this for probably like six months now I haven't really got to know we're out of it it's a snapback so it is adjustable there's no like size to it you can just adjust it to any size it's just a little too wide for my head yeah so all those items will be on my grill right now there'll be a link in the description and we'll have it on screen for you guys if you haven't already please subscribe to my channel I really appreciate it give this video a like it helps me out a lot if you could follow me on Instagram I'd really appreciate it as well it's at own to the world I post some really cool outfits on there and depending on how fast these items sell I'll check back with you guys maybe one or two weeks and do the pick ups video which will be me just buying the new items and rebuilding my wardrobe up a little bit with items that I enjoy right now I really hope you guys enjoy this type of video I probably doing this often just because it's kind of a one-off thing but you guys want to see more discussion tent videos like this I can definitely do that in the future and yeah I'll see you guys in my next video peace

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  1. Bruh I've been wearing the same 3 shirts for the past 2 years , the same 3 pairs of jeans and pants for the last 2 years and thru the last month (December 2018). I was wearing the same hoodie and jeans the whole month , so I guess clothes won't bore me 😂

  2. Hey man, great video as usual 😉

    You have made a video about your experience with fashion (working with Ian etc.) but how do we get involved with fashion and maybe some tips to making our brand and being noticed in the industry.

  3. hey man another nice video.
    also, what happened to other videos? they were as enjoyable.
    anyways, love the content. hope to see more

  4. Dope video just as always. I woul like to see more videos like this. If you want to you could also make videos about your collection. Like a "all my tee's, shoes etc". Just to give us an overview.

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