How these fashion guns helped carve an active wear niche

You’re the trend setter. Am I a trend setter? I don’t know. My name is Brogan, I am the digital content manager at P.E Nation. My name’s Chris and I am a designer at P.E Nation. I studied Branded Fashion at Billy Blue I did the Bachelor of Applied Design and Branded Fashion. You were the star child. You know how you would always have example assessments, Chris’ was always the one that was up on the board. It actually was. Yeah, it was embarrassing. I guess I am more kind of, back end actual product whereas Brogan kind of gets the product and then sells it, and does quite well with it. Well, it’s my responsibility to correctly communicate the brand and the product through online and through social media. I think the one thing the girls have done really well with P.E is like, stay kind of true to their aesthetic. It’s such a saturated market now, especially with activewear as well. We’re kind of filling a gap in the market that hasn’t been filled before. I think it’s quite easy at the moment to see everything instantly that everyone’s doing. It’s kind of like the traditional rules of fashion are just kind of not really relevant anymore. Yeah, it encourages brands to kind of stick to their own DNA and not follow trends so much because technology these days allows a trend to gain momentum so quickly and it’s kind of over before you know it. It’s a risk, trends are always a risk. You’ve got to do your research. You’ve got your kind of formulaic pieces in your range that you know are going to work but I think a lot of it is just throwing things out there that maybe aren’t going to sell as much and you know they’re not, but they’re super cool and they look good for the brand. Buy into a trend when you’re seeing it around sparsely, when not every influencer and blogger has it on their blog. Probably avoid it when it’s saturating your local Westfield, and you’ve got bootleg Gucci tees popping up everywhere. Wearing what you feel comfortable in and finding your own kind of niche. I really like P.E Nation in the way that they have kind of carved their own space in the market. Activewear is one of the fastest growing components of apparel at the moment. Keep your brand DNA through the masses because you know, it is so saturated online now. You really have to kind of, you know, shine through.

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