100 thoughts on “How high-fashion designers come up with ideas

  1. Omg, so what your telling me is, if I cut up my old pairs of jeans into a waist belt I’d look rich? ITS TIME

  2. I used to spend so many sleepless nights wondering if I could ever have a adult denim nappy and now my dreams have finally come true, for the super affordable price of $315/£250 😭

  3. Fashion designer: you know how women want pockets in their pants. Let's just sell the pockets without the pants

  4. Are asymmetrical jeans/pants a thing? Like one side is a long pant leg and the other side are shorts pant leg.

  5. Actually, I would totally wear out those "landing strip" cutoffs from the thumbnail. But I wouldn't pay anybody hundreds of dollars to cut them for me.

  6. you know… I never know whether to be mad at them for making it. or mad that theres actually people that will buy it. it's hard to pin point my emotions on this.

  7. Hi Annika, as always, excellent video. I was just wondering where you got your glasses from? I wanted to get a pair myself but was struggling to find them. Thanks 🙂

  8. Omg if they can sell a tiny piece of pants for like 400$ then I could get rich by cutting up my clothes and selling them 😂

  9. $405?!!!!! For a cut up piece of denim, by brands that aren't probably paying enough to their workers😑

  10. the things people are actually buying into scare me lol always thrift people!! you could even make that garbage at home if you really wanted to lol

  11. Me @ 0:32: "ok this is exagerated, nobody would do this"
    Me @ 0:33: the gasp/cackle that left my body startled my dog, thank you for the laugh!

  12. Okay, I found that funny xD

    The thing that kinda holds me back its if this denim belt has some kind of meaning or explanation (maybe reusing pants that would go to waste? Idk). Basically because a Graphic designer's work (I'm a graphic designer myself) sometimes get reduced to random lines in the eyes of the viewer, but it could be so much more

    Granted, if the viewer cannot get the meaning of the design that means that it's art and not design, and I believe that that is the case with the denim belt xD


  13. My friend got a “gucci” slippers for her borthday from her friends. They are plain white, both for left foot and they wrote “guči” as that is how do we pronounce it in my language. It was hilarious 😂

  14. Image on the left of the thumbnail is what happens when a game designer applies the jeans texture to the underwear model by mistake

  15. Hey all!
    Apologies for being annoying buuuutttt I recently started my own sewing channel! It would be awesome if you could check it out!
    THANKS!!!! 😀

  16. Honestly I've never heard of the inverted jeans but I think I actually came up with a much cooler idea without even trying. It probably helps that it's a shirt instead lol

  17. Tbh i kinda like the jeans belt but fir 400$ its a massive nope for me. Ill just cut up some thrifted jeans

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