How fashion shows are prepared [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.11.10]

After CEO Kim attended our show, she showed up on real-time searches. I’m sure many people tried to contact her. Jang Yoonju said that CEO Kim’s broadcast was too soft. She said it was too packaged. She said that it was exaggerated. Show us your true self. I should start slowly because it’s so shocking. You’re so pretty. – Thank you. / – Are you sucking up again? Who are you talking to? Did you tell Yang Chiseung… – That he was pretty? / – I think so. He looked at his traps… – And said they were pretty. / – That’s right. (Apgujeong, ESteem office) (The new secretary brings her a morning shake) What is the Works team doing this morning? The Works team is the team that got yelled at last time for their drop in revenue. That’s right. Do that again. The way I see it, they’re not thinking at all. The Works team is just in their office. Let me go visit them then. (Boss Kim goes down to surprise the Works team) CEO Choi. – It must be so scary. / – Hello. Hello, everyone. It’s not a good atmosphere. (Shoot, it’s the CEO) Hello. It’s CEO Choi. CEO Choi, the man who says what he wants. Jimin, come inside. (Who is the person being forcefully summoned?) My name is Lee Jimin and I’m responsible for directing the fashion shows in ESteem Works. I feel like she used to be a model. I used to be a model. – She used to be a model. / – I knew it. She’s a winner. You can tell by her aura. I joined the company as a director. She used to perform on the shows but now she directs them? That’s not it. Jimin used to be a very famous model but… Yes. She didn’t have a strong enough disposition to make it in the show business world. Doesn’t it seem like it’d be more comfortable to be a model than to work for CEO Kim? The thing I’m curious about… I think that she needs to be stronger. Ask Jimin one more time. Give her a chance. (I must endure) We’ll use patterns like this. What if we did it in reverse? Have the orange background come to the front and prepare one with this going in the back. Make it so that you can flip through each page. Alright. How far along are the models? We prepared for the auditions today. Today? Yes. Why are you doing auditions without me? We were going to filter through them first. That’s right. Still, I should see them. Oh, she wants to see the first round as well. – You’re coming today? / – Yes. Why are you doing auditions without me? Do you have to see the first round of auditions? What does that matter? I should see them. I’m running the show. (What’s going on?) Oh, I didn’t know the CEO oversaw all that. (Sigh) She usually doesn’t come to auditions. That’s right. I think she’s being more active in it because it’s Miss Gee’s show. (A show that commands attention) (The best designer in Korea, Gee Chunhui) (She took part in 24 different shows) (Miss Gee’s partner, CEO Kim Soyeon) I should go. Why are you doing auditions without me? Do you have to see the first round of auditions? What does that matter? I should see them. I’m running the show. But you’re busy. What do you mean I’m busy? You’re just trying to work half-heartedly. I can tell without even watching. Did you bring all the clothes over? Yes. The clothes… We’ll move them over later. – Alright, then I’ll see you… / – Yes. In an hour. Alright, we’ll see you later. Alright, see you later. (She throws a grenade and leisurely walks away) You prepared everything, right? Alright. (She’s on the verge of crying) CEO Kim is coming to the auditions today. (Shocked) Prepare well, alright? – Don’t give her anything. / – Why do they look like that? Gosh. You must be so picky with them. Speak honestly. She’s picky. She sets the bar and expects it to be done exactly at that level. (A hidden space in the basement) (The model studio where the auditions will take place) No, slightly this way. They have that kind of space. Right, because they always have auditions. – Yes. / – They need to walk. Stand in a line over there. (CEO Choi comes quickly as well) Everyone, on the left side of your hip. Make sure you all have it in the same place. How many auditions do you have in a month? In our company, we have hundreds. We hold different auditions for each show. It’s hard to keep count. (Hundreds of auditions every month) Make sure your numbers don’t fall off. (Expected to have 25 people auditioning today) How many people didn’t show up? 8. What? – They’re late. / – It’s raining too much. (That’s no good) They are all currently active models. – Right? / – Yes. – Because it’s for Miss Gee’s show. / – Yes. Hurry up. (The late arrivals come before CEO Kim arrives) What’s with the tardiness? Why are you late? – He’s bossy. / – Hurry up and change. (CEO Choi is sensitive as well today) It’s justified because they’re late. Right, it’s an audition so they should be on time. – He has a right to yell at them. / – Right. (After the promised hour…) CEO Kim will be here shortly. Oh, she’s here. – Hello. / – Hello. – Hello. / – She came right away. CEO Choi. – Hello. / – They must be so nervous. Is everyone here? – Two of them aren’t here yet. / – Two of them? Why? It’s already past the starting time. (I’m wondering the same thing…) I’ll call them again. – Let’s start without the two. / – Let’s do this quick. Yes. – Please start. / – Yes. When are they coming? When? – They might kill me. / – Tell them to hurry up. (They’re in a state of emergency) – Did you prepare all the music? / – Yes. We prepared the music from last season and the clothes are on the hangers. What is that? – What’s wrong? / – They’re Miss Gee’s clothes. Who prepared them? What’s wrong with the hangers? – Is there a problem with the hangers? / – Is there? What’s wrong with the hangers? Why are they all different shapes? The shapes of the hangers? Oh, they need to use the same hangers. (A second emergency erupts) Is this how you prepare for auditions? (That’s not it…) Can’t they just be a bit more relaxed since it’s an audition? What’s wrong with using different hangers? They’re works of art. The hangers are the frames for the works. But it’s an audition. Still, we’re bringing the works of art and making the models wear them. If the models were to look at those clothes, we’d be giving them an excuse to just think of those clothes as clothes from the prior season. She’s so detailed. That’s unacceptable to me. The height and shapes are all different. I’m sorry. (Jimin is struggling from the start) Why didn’t you yell at her about this? That’s what you should be yelling about. Alright. After listening to you, I agree, CEO Kim. (She struggles as she sees her boss getting yelled at) The hangers. – We tried our best. / – Yes. It seems like they’re grumbling a lot. We put thought into the hangers but the sizes and colors weren’t matching. (She slowly transitions into her workaholic mode) She changes once she puts on her glasses. – That’s right. / – Yes. (They become wary again) Isn’t the color of the stage sky blue? Yes. The background as well, right? Can you check how the models will look with a sky blue background if the audition is held with a grey background? She wants her to change the floor to sky blue? How? Is this how you always conduct your auditions? Yes. (The sharp remarks are directed toward CEO Choi) I’m sure you’re busy and we have auditions every day, but you should install something so that you’re able to distinguish it. There’s a reason behind that as well. What is it? As directors of the show, we need to be able to advise the designer on who should go to which show and who fits well for what show. Yes. But we have those auditions every day, every hour. Will we be able to tell the difference? – Probably not. / – Because you can’t… They should at least put a cloth of the stage’s color so that they can compare it with the clothes and see which models fit well for which show in a more detailed manner. (Completely understands) There are 25 models. There are models with experience and new models as well. Please take a good look at the new models. We inspect the models first before bringing them to the designer. We check their walking and their attitude during the auditions. How many models do you pick? From 25? 15 models in total. There are fixed top models. Yes. There are about 10 of them. We pick about 12 to 13 new models. So half of them get disqualified? Yes, they do. (Nervous) They’ll try again next time. – Yes. / – They should be nervous. (As CEO Kim puts on her glasses…) She put her glasses on. Her eyesight has improved. – They should feed her a breadstick. / – We’ll begin. (The audition finally begins) – They didn’t lay out breadsticks. / – They should’ve. (They walk in as a group) The models are so cool. They must be so nervous. How cool. That’s amazing. (The first group consists of the top models) (Lee Seonjeong, 26 years old, 179cm) – 179. / – Wow, 179. Seonjeong, can you tie your hair? Can you tie your hair? (Criticizing her hairstyle in the middle of the audition) How cool. (She looks much brighter) How cool. (That’s what I was looking for) If she looks happy like that, the model should get nervous. Seonjeong always takes good care of herself. – Oh, you must be acquainted with her. / – Yes. All these models are very active. They’re models that I’m familiar with. She’s so pretty. She doesn’t tell her to tie her hair. (She doesn’t say anything this time) Why didn’t you tell her to tie her hair? Is she running a hair salon? Why would she tell her to tie her hair? She’s just trying to get a feel for them. What a pity. (This time, the five of them walk together) She looks much cooler with her hair tied. Your hair is too dark. What? – Even the tone of their hair color. / – It’s for S/S. What is S/S? Season sale? What do you mean, season sale? Season sale. He sounds like my mom. It’s the spring and summer season. Oh, spring and summer. – Her hair doesn’t feel bright. / – It feels hot. It feels frustrating and hot. It gives off too much of a winter vibe. (Boss Kim is concerned with their black hair) Spend some time and put some color in your hair. (On the other hand, in the waiting room…) (Noisy) Why aren’t you telling them to be quiet? How charismatic. (Surprising) She’s charismatic. – How cool. / – She has a charismatic side to her. She should since she’s the director. Why aren’t you telling them to be quiet? Please be quiet. You’re talking along with them. She’s so cool. Guys. Make sure the five of you time it correctly. – She’s their senior by a lot. / – She is. She’s their senior. The current senior. Okay, we’re done. Take a look and go wait outside. We’ll see you again if we can. – Alright. / – Alright. (The first group’s audition ends) (Cue the music) – How charismatic. / – Let’s go. – She’s so cool. / – This time… Bright-colored hair group. – Oh, they’re fitting of S/S. / – S/S. They’re fitting of S/S. – This side… / – These girls…. (Their hairstyles qualify) (Suk Ilmyeong, 24 years old, 177cm) She got better after coming back from the U.S. After she came back. – She looks much better with short hair. / – Yes. (Lee Yujin, 25 years old, 176cm) Yujin walks with her feet rolling inward. She needs to fix that. (CEO Choi takes notes instead of Jimin) (The second audition also ends well) You all took good care of yourselves and everything is good but… – Yujin, you need to… / – Yes. Change your walking a bit. You’re walking too cutely right now. At your level… What is she doing? – Is she going to show them? / – She’s going to walk? I’m going to press this for now. (All the hosts press the button) I think you’re meddling too much. You could’ve asked Jimin. Did you use to be a model as well? For three months. Did you go to a model academy for three months? I tried to be a model for three months but my head was too big so I couldn’t. Because your head was too big? Yes, my head was very big. You all saw the other models like Yoonju. – They have small heads. / – Hyunyi as well. – It’s this small. / – Your head is small too. Stop lying. – Stop it. / – Her head is smaller than yours. (Boss Kim is the embarrassed one) This is how you walk. – She’s bow-legged. / – You know what I mean, right? You graze this area. It doesn’t look refreshing and instead just looks cute. It’s been a while since she saw an audition so she seemed very excited. – I couldn’t interrupt. / – She’s having fun. That’s why she wanted to see the first round. I think if you fix it, it’ll add value. (She returns after giving the lesson) As for everyone else, you all have very good styles. Great job. – Thank you. / – Thank you. It’s a good atmosphere. (The other team is very nervous) Their hair is too black. They don’t give off an S/S vibe. (Stiff) I feel like my heart’s going to explode. (The team which Jimin cheers for is?) Let’s go. – New models? / – They’re completely new. – They’re teenagers. / – It’s a different atmosphere. – They’re teenagers. / – They’re high school students. (Lee Hyeonji, 17 years old, 178cm) She’s the one that said she was nervous. – She’s shaking. / – They’re different. – She’s walking quickly. / – Her walking is a problem. (An Nagyeong, 19 years old, 181cm) She’s pretty too. – Her walking… / – Yes, her walking. All their walking… (Suddenly) Clunky. They’re young so they’re not… – Experienced. / – Yes, they’re still young. (The rising stars finish their audition) – Hyeonji, how old are you? / – How old are you? I’m 17 years old. 17 years old? – You’re a freshman in high school? / – She’s a baby. Oh, you’re a baby. Hyeonji, I want you to walk again. Like this. (She stands up again) (The hosts press their buttons once more) I’m not sure, honestly. (What’s wrong with my walking?) You have Jimin. Pretend like you’re walking on an “X.” An “X.” This is how you’re walking now. Pretend like you’re pushing your feet in toward the middle. Walk slowly. – More. Like that. / – Her walking looks better. Straighten out your back. Put strength in your abs. You’re much better even with these small changes. You’re young so you’re easily malleable. – Just focus. / – It’s the first time seeing her so warm… Without eating twisted breadsticks. She’s smiling too. (They finish the first round of their auditions) Let’s take a look at them again after they change their shoes. – After they change their shoes? / – And the clothes. There are no heels this season so please change into your flats. You all have your sneakers, right? All the shoes you wore here are flat, right? Change into them. (They wear sneakers instead of flat shoes) We’re going to have you walk again with them on. (Some models don’t have sneakers) You don’t have sneakers? I wore these here. – Who wore shoes with heels? / – During auditions… Is it a necessity to bring sneakers? Or is it possible that they don’t bring them? It’s not the models’ responsibility. Oh, really? They should be prepared by the employees. (The employees are unprepared) Can’t they just walk barefoot? It’s different. – It is. / – From wearing shoes? Yes. Who wore shoes with heels? How many people are there? (A swarm) Then… Borrow the shoes from the person before you… – Without CEO Kim noticing. / – He’s witty. “Without CEO Kim noticing.” (Will CEO Choi get away with it?) The shoes probably won’t fit them. (Her eyes go directly to…) Were the colors mismatched? (They’re wearing sneakers instead of flats) – She told them to wear flats. / – They’re not flats. What’s wrong with your shoes? (We got caught) (We’re screwed) They should wear flats. Are you kidding? (Stiffens up) You should’ve prepared flats. I’m sorry. (Sigh) It’d be funny if someone came in with twisted breadsticks. (Playing around, embarrassed) Instead of flats. (Twisted breadsticks are best when she’s mad) (Not pleased) – You need to check this. / – Alright. What are you doing, just sitting down with me? You should take a look around. (CEO Choi is pouting) – She’s saying that in front of the models. / – Yes. Hurry up. Let’s go. (They resume the audition with the designer clothes) Look at those shoes. It does look weird. (Uncomfortable) (It’s all my fault) (Sneakers here, sneakers there) (Furious) (Hyeonji, who received a one on one lesson) She adjusted right away. She already picked up on the walking. Yes. (Thanks to the models who did well…) Okay, we’re done. (They safely finish the second round of the audition) Alright, the models are done. Ask them to change and you can send them home. (What will the results be?) Come here. I’m going to send all these models to Miss Gee… – Four new models from our team? / – Yes, four. We’re going to send all of them. Let’s make sure these four get the job. Make them practice their walking starting now. Make sure they straighten their backs to a point where a blind man opens his eyes. She used to be a model. What an artistic expression. Make sure you fix everything. If not, you’ll be responsible. (Shocked) The models have been chosen. Did the 9 of them get picked? They got picked even with sneakers on. They did. In the fitness world, the trend is to have thin waists and… – Big butts. / – Tight butts. What are the standards for models? They need to be thin as paper. Even their butts? Looking from the side? Their butts and their breasts. – Everything. / – Everything needs to be flat? Women buy women’s clothes. Yes. Most women dream of being skinny. – Still? / – Everyone. If you go to a fashion show, you’ll attract attention. (Instructor Yang has a voluptuous body) Will he ever be able to model for a fashion show? – Will he ever? / – He needs to just drink water… Lie down and get rid of his muscles. (I worked so hard for these muscles) He needs to just stay lying down? I love doing that. If he moves, he’ll get muscles. How long do I have to lie down for? How long do I have to lie down for at home? About a year and a half. That sounds like torture. (Where are they headed after the audition?) – Hello. / – Hello. I didn’t think there was a cafeteria at a model agency. – What? / – It’s a buffet. (Today’s lunch menu…) (Sweet and spicy stir-fried pork) (CEO Kim, who worked hard, eats up) That looks really good. (The same amount of meat as rice) (Who’s the owner of this meager dish?) What is that? Isn’t that the Jimin’s? Is it CEO Kim’s? (Director Jimin) Jimin. (She even has to eat with her bosses) (She has no appetite) She’s managing her body. Looks good. (Compared to her, CEO Kim is excited) (♪ Make a wrap ♪) Is that a cabbage wrap? Yes. I love cabbage wraps. I really like them. – I love them. / – I eat that for every meal. (It’s really good) Did you tie the girls to the wall? Yes, I tied them before coming here. (It almost sounds like a kidnapping conversation) In terms of Jimin… (What is she going to say this time?) After working with her for a bit, I realized that she has an eye for this. For this work. I think she works even better… – Because she used to be a model. / – Yes. There are lots of people that work hard but it’s hard to find people with this sense. That’s important in our industry. So from now on… – CEO Choi, teach her well. / – Yes. What are you going to say this time? – Upgrade her skills. / – What’s she saying? We need to think about giving her a promotion. (What’s happening?) – Promotion. / – And consider raising… – Her salary as well. / – Her salary? (Nice!) Her salary? There are still two months left. (Two months left until salary negotiations) Alright. – I’ll work hard. / – Her salary. (Why did you suddenly talk about her salary?) I wanted Jimin to feel that she’s acknowledged for her work and feel secure about herself. I was basically baiting her to convince her to work hard. – Bait. / – She took the bait. (She swallowed the bait whole) CEO Kim, I’ll raise my own salary. Do what you think is best. I don’t care about your salary, I care about mine. How do we raise the CEO’s salary? You need to accomplish your revenue goals to raise my salary. (He puts down his chopsticks) He might get indigestion. You should know from experience, CEO Kim. Don’t bother them when they’re eating. She wants him to get indigestion. You probably digest everything well, CEO Kim… – But you shouldn’t do that. / – She digests well. I lost my appetite. I understand. My appetite disappeared. Right, we need to accomplish our goals. You need to accomplish your goals so that your salary goes up and my salary goes up as well. Jimin. Everything is all tied together. (Our shoulders suddenly feel so heavy) You should eat all of that at least. I will eat all of this. Why are you eating so little? (Whose fault do you think it is?) She doesn’t eat much to begin with, but she made it so that she’d eat even less. – Right? / – Yes. (Sigh) (It was only a fun lunch for CEO Kim)

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