How A Jacket Turns Into A Skirt | THRIFT FLIP #01

I bought this old-fashioned jacket for 3 €. I like to transform it into a skirt with the metal zipper as an eyecatcher. Since the jacket is lined, I will line the skirt too. First, I rip out the zipper. I’m really surprised by the good quality. It’s heavy and slides like butter. Next, I remove the push buttons. Unfortunately, this is a job for the pliers. After I’ve ripped out the lining, I disassemble the hole jacket into parts. I don’t need the pockets any more, so I rip off the flaps. I close the slits by ironing Vilene H200 on the wrong side of the fabric. As pattern I chose New Look 6209. This is a dress consisting of several panels. For my skirt, I only use the lower part. I lay out the pattern pieces on the fabric pieces and cut the skirt panels out. Because I had not enough fabric pieces which were big enough for the last two panels, I had to assable three farbic parts into one panel. For the skirt front I pin both front panels and one side front panel together. For the skirt back I pin both back panels together and mark the zipper end. Then I add both back side panels and the remaining side front panel. Now I stitch the panels together. Then I insert the invisible zipper. How I do this, I already showed in another video. You find the link in the right corner. Now it’s time to install the metal zipper. To make sure that the fabric doesn’t curl in this area, I reinforce the edges with Vilene H250. I press the seam allowances inwards, pin the zipper and stitch it on. I made the lining the same way as the skirt. Only mirrored, because of the zipper slit. Now I stitch the lining to the top of the skirt. For the waistband, I stitched together two fabric pieces of about the same width. Now I will iron on a piece of Vilene H250, which I habe previously measured, according to my waist size. For me, it’s convenient, because I only need to cut around the Vilene piece. Then I press the waistband the way you see here. I pin the waistband to the skirt, right sides together and join them along the seam allowance. When I reach the metal zipper, I continue stitching with the hand wheel. So I don’t run into danger to break my needle. If the needle hits a piece of metal, I lift the foot and push the fabric a little further, till it hits fabric again. I fold the waistband right sides together and close the edge. I fold the waistband around the open edge and sew it to the lining of the skirt. I do this by hand, but it’s also possible to stitch in the ditch with the sewing machine from the right side. The former pocket openings I hide under the fringe band. With the fringe band I also finish the skirt hem. I stitch on the fringe band with zig-zag stitches, so you hardly see the border. Then I finish the lining hem and sew on the hook and eye. That’s the final result. How do you like it? Write it in the comments and like this video. If you don’t want to miss my future videos, just push the subscribe button and ring the bell.

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