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Both: Hey guys! Veronica: Hey guys, I’m Veronica. Vanessa: I’m Vanessa. Veronica: I had a little too much coffee Vanessa: You did. Veronica: Alright, well, so Sony invited us to a special screening of the movie Hotel Veronica: Transylvania 2. And we got to see a screening of the film before it’s in theatres on September 25th. Veronica: And we wanted to dress up as Mavis because she’s so cool and stylish. Vanessa: So we’re going to show you guys how to do a Both: DIY Vanessa: Of the character Both: Mavis! Vanessa: From the movie. Veronica: So let’s get started. Veronica: This is a picture of Mavis. Vanessa: And what she looks like, she’s very cute. Actually Selena Gomez plays her character. Veronica: And Selena Gomez is Veronica: Amazing so – Vanessa: Amazing as always. Veronica: Yes! *Laughs* Veronica: So her outfit’s very simple. She’s just wearing a black little dress with some striped Veronica: What are these called.. tights! *Laughs* Vanessa: And we got these at just a Both: Halloween store. Vanessa: They have like a ton of tights. Veronica: They have like all these colors, so Vanessa: She also wears red shoes, Vanessa: In the movie they’re, uh Veronica: I think they’re converse. Vanessa: Red high-tops, maybe? Vanessa: They’re tennis shoes. Vanessa: But we decided, well we might as well look cute because these are the only red shoes we have. Vanessa: And so for me since we don’t have another red pair of shoes Vanessa: I’m going to wear these ones. Veronica: And also if you guys haven’t noticed, for some reason she already put her fangs in. Vanessa: I wanted to see how they worked! Veronica: Look how real they look. *Hiss* Vanessa: *Hiss* Veronica: Gosh! Veronica: Don’t do that! Vanessa: Sorry, Vanessa: I didn’t mean to. Veronica: No me gusta! Alright. Vanessa: Well, okay, these we also got at the Halloween store they cost about $19… it’s kind of expensive compared to one’s you can buy like $1 dollar fangs, but these are like mold into your teeth. Veronica: So like – Vanessa: And they stay and you can reuse them. Veronica: Yeah. But the dollar ones work just as well Veronica: They’re great too, and so we’re going to show you how to put these in, Veronica: And how the process goes, cause I have no idea how she did this. Vanessa: I will show you guys how to do it. Veronica: Also, the makeup on her is very simple, you can just do whatever you want Veronica: But she does have Both: A dark lip. Vanessa: And heavy eyeliner. Veronica: So now we’re going to change into our costume. Both: *snap fingers* Veronica: All right Veronica: I’m not sure if that worked, we were trying to be cool and fancy but now we’re in our costume. Vanessa: So we got on our red tights. Vanessa: Got them in – oh! You got your shoes on. Veronica Bam! So do you! Vanessa: Oh. She also has her nails painted black, so that’s up to you if you paint your nails black, Vanessa: I already did mine. Veronica: And she has these little sheer things on, so we got some sheer gloves. Veronica: That you can put on like this. Vanessa: Or you could get lace gloves like these. See, lace gloves. Veronica: Just anything that’s like, on the arm like this. Veronica: So now, let’s show you what we’re gonna do Veronica: For the makeup. Obviously she has a dark lipstick, her’s is actually black, but we’re gonna go – Vanessa: We don’t have black. Veronica: We’re gonna go with a dark, dark color. Um, she’s gonna – these are Nyx Liquid Suede Veronica: Lip glosses, so they turn, matte when you apply it on. Veronica: So let’s get our little mirror! *laughs* A toy mirror! *Laughs* Veronica: So now that we’ve got our lip gloss on, now Veronica: Were going to put in the teeth. Vanessa: So you have- Veronica: So here’s my teethy’s. Vanessa: We open up the capsule and put it in the little – put it in this. Vanessa: So how to open it is you basically twist it. And it comes with this liquid stuff. Vanessa: And you put about four or – four drops and then an extra one. Maybe depending on if it’s like Vanessa: Good or not. Veronica: Uno, dos, tres, cuatro. Vanessa: Two, three, four – I’m going to do another one, okay. Vanessa: So you mix it until it kind of hardens like toothpaste. Vanessa: So you put – Veronica: Oh, i’m nervous now. Vanessa: Put it on… Vanessa: This. You put it – put the paste like on Vanessa: The sides of the tooth and put it on one of your teeth. Vanessa: And you gotta hold it there, Vanessa: For five minutes! Veronica: Huh?! Vanessa: *laughs* Vanessa: So that’s how you put the teeth in, also remember, there are other ones that are easier to put in – Veronica: And their cheaper. Veronica: Oh, this is the first time I’m talking with them in. Wait, wait. How do I do it? Veronica: Do, do I just talk – *laughs*. Vanessa You have to learn how to talk normal. Talk normal. Veronica: Hi my name is Veronica. Vanessa: So for hair, she has short hair with some bangs Vanessa: And we didn’t go buy a wig, because we couldn’t find a wig like that. So – Veronica: So we’re just gonna leave our hair down. Vanessa: Yeah, we’re just gonna leave our hair down and if you have bangs, perfect! You just, you know make it in the middle Vanessa: But for us, we’re just going to Both: Part it down the middle. Vanessa: Leave it straight. Vanessa: And this is the complete look. It was very simple, very easy Vanessa: It’s not a lot of trouble to get the costume. Veronica: Nope. Vanessa: And it was fun. Veronica: It was fun. *Laughs* Veronica: I can’t talk in these, how have you been able to do it this whole time? Vanessa: I don’t know. I think I just kind of like – Veronica: I think you are – Veronica: I think those are real, and you are actually a vampire. Vanessa: I am. Vanessa: *Hiss* Veronica: *Hiss* Vanessa: I am a real vampire. Dun, dun dun! Veronica: So, that is Mavis and – Vanessa: *laughs* Vanessa: So that is Mavis, the character. Veronica: Yes, that is Mavis, the character. *Laughs* Veronica: How are you able to talk?! Vanessa: Just talk normal! Veronica: I’m trying to talk normal! It’s just weird. Vanessa: All right, well you guys need to check out the movie Hotel Transylvania Vanessa: 2 on Both: September 25th. Vanessa: It’s a good movie. It’s really cute. You guys will love it. Veronica: Yes. *Laughs* Vanessa: If you guys saw the first one you’ll love it even more. Vanessa: Uh, yeah so – Veronica: And if you copy this look, let us know like tweet us a picture or instagram a picture and tag us. We’d love to Veronica: See, and I’d love it to see you guys making a video yourself talking with fangs in. Veronica: Cause these are really difficult. Oh my gosh! I’m getting used to them now. I still have like a lisp though. Vanessa: Yeah, you need work on your lisp. Both: Thanks for watching! Veronica: If you liked this video give it a thumbs up and make sure to subscribe to our channel. *Laughs* Vanessa: Like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram and Twitter and add us on snapchat Vanessa: And like I said don’t forget to check out the movie. It comes out on September 25th Vanessa: And – Veronica: Check out some of the other videos we’ve done and we’ll see you guys next time. Both: Bye!

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  2. I think in one video Vanessa should dress up as a vampire and a woman should not and Vanessa should try to keep her vampire instincts away Can you please do that I Love your videos.๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’˜

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