Horrific moment woman in dressing gown is punched as she tackles burglars

These images show the horrific moment a woman
was repeatedly punched in the face by burglars who broke into her home. The 56-year-old woman tackled the burglars
in her dressing gown as they were leaving her house in Kettering. The pair tried to steal two of her family’s
cars after failing to force open a side door of the house. They then went to the rear of the home and
entered through the back door. It was at this point that the woman confronted the two. One of the men punched her in the face six
times before running away without the car keys.

30 thoughts on “Horrific moment woman in dressing gown is punched as she tackles burglars

  1. Too bad she didn't have a gun. She could have defended herself and saved the country the time trouble and money of chasing these cunts down and then giving them free everything for a couple of years as their rewards for being cunts in the UK!

  2. Why is it a lot of pro-gun yanks have come onto this forum to talk about how their gun cult would have prevented this? (no offence to sensible Americans)

    If we had the same situation as you have in the US the woman would possibly be dead. If we had the same GUN CULT (yes I hope that does get to you) then any one of you deranged nutjobs could shoot up a school, post office, cinema if someone says something you don't like. Just another good guy with a gun, right?

    We don't need your gun cult here so PISS OFF

  3. The woman has since been charged with GBH after defense lawyers for the burglars accused her of resisting a non recordable crime statistic.

  4. @MichaEL I think if most people had guns robbers too would have equally good access to them. But then again the robbers would have to hope they could intimidate the victim or be prepared to be killed or kill. But gun accidents and mentally unstable people who wish to kill would be much more dangerous, I don't think I would like to live in such a country.

  5. Wow do brits really think there gun laws saved this women? Tell that to the women that didn't get assaulted by a dude that hits like a bitch! Piers Morgan nut huggers!  

  6. You know,I'm getting a tad pissed off with some Americans telling us how we should  be able to cheerfully wave a gun at another individual.We are perfectly capable of dealing with our issues,thanks all the same.Ok,our laws don't always work,or rather the sentencing guidlines aren't always adequate, but I'll be damned if I'm going to take advice from a country where gun crime is a massive problem & doesn't seem to be getting any better.The day we here start following America's lead on gun legislation is the day I dig a hole & crawl into it.

  7. what was she thinking n" I am super woman you must obey me tremble in fear at my presence,"  call the police u stupid woman 

  8. Hmmm, well, I certainly have no sympathy for burglars who get shot and killed, mainly because they get what they deserve.

    And it's not sensible to confront people coming into your home empty handed because the fact they are intruding into your home in the first place means that they have bad intentions towards you.

    In the UK, you are supposed to just stand aside while people rob you and ride over you roughshod…..Report things like that to the police and they will just ignore you.

    The things is, not everyone is prepared to just stand aside while they are taken advantage of.

    Why should people who are already struggling pay for the drug habits of some degenerate?…You tell me.

  9. Brits dont need weapons thats why and that aint right that seriously made me sick if some tried that with my mum I would do time

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