Home Remodeling: Mudding Drywall : Mudding Drywall: Applying 1st Coat of Joint Compound

Alright, now that we’ve mixed out mud and
we’ve talked about consistency and thickness we are now going to start to apply it. I start
my first coat with a 6 to 8 inch trowel. Go ahead and just use it to fill in bumps and
stuff. Go ahead and get a little bit started here on our edge, come back through with a
swipe, clean everything up. That will get you started on your edges. Now for these body
parts, same thing you just kind of get something started over it. Make sure that when you doing
this you want to really push your mud in to those cracks. You want your mud to fill up
your cracks so that by the end of it everything is pushed in between the pieces of drywall
and the tape and is making a really good nice fill. If you don’t get everything perfect
on the first pass, don’t worry because we’re going to go right back over it again.

16 thoughts on “Home Remodeling: Mudding Drywall : Mudding Drywall: Applying 1st Coat of Joint Compound

  1. There are so many negative comments about this guy and I admit his job is not perfect but but where are your mudding videos bigmouths?

  2. I can't believe he called a knife a trowel. What an idiot. I plaster and mud and tape for a living. They are 2 different trades. I plaster with a trowel and tape with knife. This guy has no clue what the hell he is doing.

  3. wow i cant believe the boss would even let this mofo on the jobsite. this guy is the sloppiest! my 2 year old can spackle better then you buddy, lmao! you bum!

  4. @asifineededaname im a pro, and we always call it mud, every trade calls their mix mud. Plasteres render is called mud, brickies cement is called mud, drywall plaster is called mud…

  5. Either we do things differently in Texas, or everyone commenting in here really is a fucking asstard. Professionals AND Amateurs call it MUD. This guy is doing nothing wrong. There is no right way or wrong way to mud drywall. There are three thousand ways to do this right and about three ways to fuck it up. If at the end of the day you have done the job right, that's all that fucking matters.

  6. The guy who was supposed to make this video probably got sick, found a guy on the street, gave him a bluetooth headset, and poorly walked him through the videos. There is not necessarily a right way to do this, but there definitely is an efficient way, and this is not that way. wow haha.

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