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hi guys welcome back to my channel I have another haul video hope you guys really like these haul videos if you do please give me a thumbs up let your girl know cuz I definitely like making these videos so give me a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe I had placed an order at Hollister so I got an email from Wallace terracing 20% off your whole order and I did not expect to like a lot of things on there so I did spend my total come up to 444 and ABC since I haven't tried any of the items yet so I'm hoping that everything fits good so let's get into ok so this is the first together the jeans they're very comfortable and you said yeah I feel like you can size down because like look at how much space like this the waist is stretchy like these buttons I guess you can open but you don't need to because this is just so you can just pull them on uh-huh I think this look this is cute detailing here they're comfortable but they stuff it like I'm not used to my jeans being this loose mm-hm I really do like these jeans the top is just the cami it has like this detailing what is it called I think it's smoked like a smock top yeah and it's it is a crop so kind of stuff here and I was like this bottom here these jeans are 5 and top is a small let's see this nice this next bit I know that how are you sure it isn't long sleeve shirt don't know so this shirt I actually got from the clearance section on their website it was seven dollars so I really liked it on the model and I think I think it's a really nice he said I want the material it's soft and stretchy and it has like this 89 here so it's not so like basic I really do like this this top the top I've gotten s mom these shorts I like them they're like super high raised and they comment way up from the belly button and they're comfortable you know and they are pretty short like this it like right below my my cheek on the shirts I got them in a size 5 that's back pockets to really like this guy's this is cute okay so this bitch so the jeans I do buy I just saw the link I did get these enough right size 5 short so even even getting it as a short I feel like it's so too long on my leg I have it also rolled up on this one to show life I would prefer this kind of mine but I wouldn't want to rule them up just because they do have that detailing at the bottom which is what I might mentioned on the model so I'm gonna loose about that everything else about the jeans I do like their ultra high rise I think yeah they're ultra high rise so they feel like weight higher I really do like this crocheted top I feel like I should have quality size up because if it's a little bit tight here I come this area and I got this in a small session in rpm this is how the back looks I think it's very pretty next this thing the pants I do like they are a low-rise boyfriend if it was high-rise like I would prefer a little bit more higher but I don't mind that it's Loras I just wouldn't pair it with a shirt that shows my stomach just because I'm not comfortable with that so you know I get that sit or pack jeans do fit loose like like they have this punching here but I feel because it is a boyfriend and it's kind of expected so the jeans might they could feel super comfortable and I do like the length of it I did get a 5 short so I'm very pleased a blank the shirt I would I would return just because I don't like this whole like fixing thing you know like it's just it's cute but it's annoying okay so this next the jeans I don't feel like they're very flattering on me I don't know I just feel like this style just is not very flattering it has these ribs I feel like it's a little tight on this right here and the pockets then big they're not real pockets they don't open here this is the bag I did choose most of the jeans without the design because I'm not really a fan of the pocket designs that they have actually do like this topic and it looks really cute I was like this stretchy band here so it's nice and comfortable it's not it's not tight from up here so that's nice I just type in a small this one is with the rice jeans which I do prefer them better than the high res if you like the high risk are not very flattering on my body because I don't have like like the hips for it so I feel like the bigger I spit butters be more I really do like this this one is a super skinny I guess like the other ones we're like little legging so these are more of a jean feel but they're so stretchy and they pick that at the waist these ones do have real pockets and the bag is nice I do like these jeans let's hook up this dress um I feel like the dress is not very flattering my body but I think the color is really nice it is like oh then is it material but I feel like them but the material looks a little like washed out if you wash it and they just look like old kind of this dress does have like a nominally here at the bottom which it's nice it's pretty cute you know I just feel like it's not fun yeah so this next dress I come in because I was trying to tie the back the back has this double tie you're like and I was like two bolts I don't know but I would just prefer like one I do feel like this dress does flatter the body then earned because it gives you like that waist like it's separation here from the waist and then if flares out so it's not like you know like straight here I do like this dress I feel like the print is really nice and it's good for the spring and summer good this rubbery super cute I did do an anxious mom but I think I should have size up because it is fitting a little bit tight here but this is also has a tie-up of that here but it's only one I don't know how I feel about the length because like my cheek it's literally right there like I feel like it's like been it was definitely like already at this point here you see my cheek in the nerd so it does have pockets here so I was jacket on line because it's a little different from the other gene etiquettes it doesn't have like any pockets like usually the gene I because I see has like these buckets here so this one doesn't have any of that and it's like it kind of like an acid wash like it gives it like that old Semmelweis like this this being here too I feel like it just looks like it's cute okay so that's it for my Hollister haul and I hope you guys enjoyed it and please subscribe and give me a thumbs up I liked most of these items like I feel like they're really true to size except for a few items I probably two items I would probably size up but other than that I like most of the things that came in that I ordered I do plan on doing another Old Navy jeans only ha I don't know if you guys have seen my other old leaves my first Old Navy haul I'll link it here if you haven't seen it but I really did like the jeans that I tried on in that hall and I decided to order more online so the package has already came in so I'm planning on doing a video on trying on the jeans that I I ordered so I'll see you guys on the next video bang off all ordered all off of your

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  1. Wow me and you have similar body shapes like my hips don’t extend either and you showing the the high rise then the mid rise 🙌🏾 I totally see and you’re right! Thanks for your help!

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