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(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Danielle Gray from
the Style and Beauty Doctor, and the holidays are here. I’m so excited. This is my favorite time of year. There’s tons of parties
to get dressed for. So I put together some head
to toe looks from JC Penny because JC Penny is the place to go to get your fashion and
beauty all in one place. So let’s get started. First up we have the office party outfit. So, for the office party you
wanna go a little bit more than what you would normally wear to work, but it’s not like super, super dressy. Now if you’re someone that, you’re just getting into mixing prints, here’s a really easy way
to kinda get your feet wet. Go with similar colors
and similar size prints. So, I love the buttons
here on this jacket, because it adds some emphasis to the waist and then you can further
accentuate that with a belt, and I love the that these brocade pants go with this metallic leopard jacket, and you’re ready for the
office holiday party. So next up, one of my
favorite types of parties the house party. I love entertaining at home, because you don’t have to
deal with the elements, you can get dressed up, you
don’t have to wear shoes, but you can if you want to. So we have this gorgeous mix of colors. Don’t think just ’cause it’s holiday or just because you’re in the house, that you should wear
something super plain. Play it up with color. So I love this a.n.a.
V-neck, mustard sweater, and then I’m pairing it with this Worthington pleated
leopard print skirt. Now a lot of times you
see leopard in brown, and we could’ve done
something brown with that, but kick things up a notch. It is the holidays. And last but not least,
the New Year’s Eve party. Now, typically on New Year’s
Eve I like to stay in, but if I’m gonna go out, I
wanna wear something super bold. So I love a good red monochromatic look. Perfect holiday color. The tie waist, it gives you
little bit of a accentuation, and I love pairing it
with these red trousers, also from Worthington. So next up, we’re talking
hair with the JC Penny Salon, and we’re gonna get a couple of quick tips on how I got this super
voluminous curly look, that is perfect for the holiday. I love what you did with my hair, and I would love the run
down on what you use. – So, big, bold, beautiful hair
is perfect for the holidays. – Yes. – For your gorgeous coils, I
created a strong foundation. I chose to use one of my favorite product, the Style Refresher Milk – [Danielle] Okay. – [Jaimee] from the
Mizani True Texture line. Today we wanna make sure
you are bold and beautiful. – Yes, ’cause I want hair, big everything. – So using clip-in extensions, – Yes. – So what I did was I chose a texture that’s very close to yours. Okay?
– Okay. – I did what I call the protective style. – Okay.
– Okay? And for that process, I use some of the Mizani 25 Miracle oil. What I wanna do is, I just
wanna go with the root, and I’m just gonna lift. – Mhm. – I’m not pulling all the way through because it disturbs the texture. – Right. – Okay, now we’re not finished. To top off the look, I
created a deep side part, and then I put a cluster
of hair accessories. – It’s the holidays, have fun. – Absolutely. And you can find all of these
products we’ve talked about at JC Penny Salon. So we’re gonna be talking
with the Sephora pro at the Sephora inside JC Penny, to see what’s new for holiday. – We’re gonna talk holiday makeup. – Holiday makeup. – [David] I’ve decided
to go with this pallette. This is the Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde eyeshadow pallette. There’s 18 beautiful shades. So if you struggle with
applying glitter eyeshadows, use your fingers. – I love doing that when I’m at home. I just stick my pinkie
in and boom, boom, boom, and it’s like. – But you get no fallout. – But you get no fallout. – You’re ahead of the game here. – You know. – So you know what’s next. – Okay, my two-in-one favorite. – It’s from Huda Beauty. It’s the Life Liner. The key to this is, – Let’s open ‘er up! – Liquid liner on one side,
– Liquid. it’s just mind blowing, there’s
a pencil on the other side. It’s so good. – Yes, I love how jet black it is. Especially for the bottom waterline. – For me, I think you have
to add a touch of something to the face. So I’m gonna be using the
Sephora Collection face pallette. They’re sheer enough that you can use them like I did on you, as a
blush and a highlight. – That really brings the cheeks out. – And you really accentuate
your own features. So my question is, would you wear a look like
this for the holiday season? – And outside the holidays too. – I love that. We’ve definitely done our job, then. – Yes. (upbeat music) – So that was so much fun and I love that you can get
the fashion, the hair look, and the makeup all inside JC Penny. Now, I want you to do me a favor. Leave me a comment below and let me know what is your ideal holiday look, whether it be for an office
party or for New Year’s Eve? And happy holidays to you and yours. (upbeat music)

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