Ho To Make Detroit Style Pizza Sauce – Recipe

welcome friends if you’ve been watching
our pizza of the week series you’ll know that I mostly use just crushed Tomatoes
instead of using pizza sauce but there are a couple kinds of pizza that pizza
sauce is a necessary evil to me I shouldn’t say evil pizza sauce is
necessary on a couple kinds of pizza and one of them is Detroit deep-dish pizza
and so Jules and I went down to Detroit and we had pizza at both buddy’s and
Louise and both places had slightly different sauces we liked them both but
they we had had slightly different flavor profiles one was chunky one was
smooth but they both were really good so I’ve modeled this pizza sauce on the
sauces that we had at those two places I asked ton of questions while I was
there I went back into the kitchens nobody would tell me much of anything
buddy’s gave me a little bit more information than Louise did and I was
able to piece this together by looking at a bunch of stuff online and seeing
what their secrets are and best I can tell this is sort of what they do
probably close it’s not exact so I’ve got crushed Tomatoes in there and then I
put in a can of whole tomatoes next in dried oregano dried basil hot pepper
flakes sugar I wouldn’t put sugar in personally but
since I’m trying to model this after their sauces I’m gonna put sugar in I
think tomatoes are sweet enough salt onion powder and garlic powder and we’ll
just give that a stir okay we’re just gonna let this simmer for 15 or 20
minutes it’s not a long slow simmered sauce this isn’t something that you
let’s simmer all day long or for days you just kind of bring it up to
temperature simmer it a little bit to thicken it and bring all of those
flavors together now I just add some fresh basil in and I don’t chop it up I
just sort of grab it and rip it up like this throw it in and I use the back
of the spoon to break up those Tomatoes the whole tomatoes that I put in I still
want it chunky but I don’t want them whole you don’t want to put a whole
tomato on your pizza so at this point maybe just another 5 minutes and it will
be good to go and that’s it pull it off the heat and
give it a taste just to make sure that you’re in the right ballpark and it’s
not missing something or you don’t want to add something extra it’s good I might
add a touch more onion powder and maybe a little bit more garlic powder but I
think overall the flavor structure is really nice it’s bright it’s tomatoey
there’s a hit of basil there’s a little bit of heat from from those pepper
flakes this is really good it’s gonna be really great on a pizza
now you can fish it at the basil if you want to or you can leave it in there I’m
gonna leave it in there because I really like basil on my pizzas and you can take
this and I put it in little jars and stick them in the freezer i portion it
out so that I’ve got enough for pizza night I can pull it out of the freezer
and thought and this will last me for months if I put it in the freezer now I
am going to use this on a Detroit deep-dish pizza on pizza of the week so
come on back and check that out thanks for stopping by
see you again soon you

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  1. That sugar is probably there because after cooking the tomatoes, it's going to be a bit sour/acidic. The sugar will remove that without making it sweeter

  2. Can't wait to see your Detroit pizza! I've been interested in them since I saw another video on them. As I'm probably never going to go to Detroit making my own is as close as I'm going to get.

  3. I make a very similar sauce. In fact, ingredient-wise, it's identical except for the crushed red pepper and I add 1 TBSP of olive oil. The only other difference is that I don't cook mine. I'll have to try it cooked and see how the flavor changes. Great video!

  4. I discovered Detroit Pizza a few years ago, ordered brick cheese online etc. Best pizza I have had. The crust is amazing.

  5. I could watch his channel all day …. wait a minute I have watched his channel all day and I love it he is so down to earth and so honest and his wife is like the finishing touch just love them both I’ll keep watching and I will be buying a shirt soon !

  6. Lol! We always put sugar in our pizza/spaghetti sauce. even with our own tomatoes we have cooked down.

  7. I believe that I learned from some one, maybe Gordon Ramsay, that whether people realize it or not, adding sugar it a quick trick to make your tomatoes taste less acidic without having to simmer them for a long time

  8. Your guys' channel is like a cheatsheet. I spend years of testing and failing and learning to come to certain things, and here you are with a 4 minute video. Thanks.

  9. I use a fairly basic pizza sauce recipe for years now. A can of chopped tomatoes, salt, pinch of black pepper, crushed garlic. Reduce the sauce down to thicken it up and I use a potato masher in the pot while it's cooking to get rid of the big lumps. For the last few minutes I throw in a pinch of oregano then let it cool before using it on my pizza.

  10. One of the reasons I love this channel is that I know for certain that Glen got the real brick cheese and the steel Detroit pizza pan. There’s no half measures with this guy. Keep up the great work.

  11. Next trip to Detroit, try Cloverleaf and The Green Lantern. You did it right by going to Buddy's and Louie's though.

  12. I was always told by my mam and nana to put a pinch of sugar into any sauces made with tinned tomatoes, counteracts the tinny'ness if that makes sense.

  13. This is great, I was talking with a friend yesterday about pizza sauce and them making their own. I just shot them the link to this video so they can consider making this.

  14. From my Pizza Hut days where fast and repeatable sauce was the norm, I recall tomato paste was used, a Spice Packet (no doubt containing sugar) and no cooking what so ever. Paste was no doubt to give richness without cooking and reducing for hours, and sugar to ensure sweetness.

  15. My sauce is almost similar but I use fresh finely chopped garlic and onion, not powder slightly sauteed in a bit of oil along with the basil, oregano and the chili so that the oil will help carry some of the flavor throughout the Tomato's. I also add tomato paste to enrich the tomato flavor an smooth it out a bit. The sugar helps to rid the slight bitter after taste that can sometimes occur with cooked Tomato's. I've seen some recipes dissolve a couple of anchovies in their's instead of using salt, but I don't because I prefer my anchovies on the pizza itself.

  16. I heard about a New Mexico Style Pizza made with Salsa Verde.  Is that really a thing or just a one-off offered at one restaurant?

  17. Aside from the difference in texture and if you use the same seasonings, is there any real difference in flavor between crushed tomatoes and a pizza sauce? I would heat the crushed tomatoes with my seasonings as a personal preference.

  18. Thank you Glen for the effort you take in the quality of the food you prepare, the production values you instill into every video and the feeling you give us that you are inviting us into your home to share your recipes with us.

  19. Thank you for the style of video you produce. I don’t know squat about the filming and editing processes. I do know that the now-popular style of “jumpy” editing that includes frequent cuts /close-ups/ from multiple angles is very, very distracting. I think it is tailored to an audience that requires constant stimulation. Your videos make it seem like the audience is sitting across the counter from you, with only the few, necessary, closeups. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  20. I wonder how this would taste after a longer low heat simmer, say 1hr or so, and how well would this transpose into red sauce pasta sauce?

  21. I just want to point out that sugar (or sometimes honey) is traditionally used to cut through the usually little unpleasant acidic punch the tomato has, not for sweetness. In short, to reduce the acidity. Also, I would always advise putting garlic powder in the end (not garlic, just garlic powder), as it's main oils will evaporate quickly under the high temperature otherwise and the taste will be less present and sometimes slightly bitter. But it is a matter of taste. Love the video, btw, but then again, I love them all 🙂

  22. Glen, if you want solid Detroit pizza, please visit Pie Sci on Trumbull. It's a really fantastic little establishment that does some really wild things with food and makes truly incredible pizza.

  23. Canned tomatoes need at least a pinch of sugar for balance, my sauce is always off if I forget it.

    Fresh tomatoes are another beast. In my experience, pink and red tomatoes need sugar if you're canning them. Yellow do not, but they do need additional acid like lemon or vinegar. No fresh tomato sauce should be cooked, merely warmed through. Not that any of that has to do with your video today…

  24. Good pizza is all about the sauce. Forget the dough, forget the cheese. If you don't have a good sauce, you might as well just order dominoes.

  25. If you're looking for a different type of pizza sauce that is also Canadian, look into Pictou County Pizza (as it is generally called) from Nova Scotia. The sauce is brown and locals there feel it is the best pizza in the world.

  26. just to let you know sugar is an ingredient that is added after the sauce is made to help neutralize the acidity of the tomatoes … if the tomatoes are sweet then less or no sugar added if they are acidic add some sugar , again only to neutralize the acid ….

  27. Ok…you need a shirt that looks like a dictionary entry that says “Basil (bah-zal): what the civilized world calls bay-zil.

    Sounds so weird to hear it said your way…and shal-lots instead of shall-utz

  28. Grew up in Detroit. Moved away years ago. When did they start calling pan pizza "Detroit deep dish pizza"? I know Chicago has a casserole they like to call "deep dish pizza".

  29. buddy's is the best, getting the cheese and bacon fries and then gorging yourself on pizza is a good ass night.

  30. Every try a bit of crushed roasted fennel seeds Glen? I love the taste it brings to the sauce (I know you are a strickly crushed tomato type though.

  31. Hey Glen, I was a food service truck driver in Detroit that delivered ingredients to a few of the Buddy's locations a few years ago. As far as I remember, I only delivered diced tomatoes to them and I believe they used a food mill to grind them. Things may have changed since, but that's what I remember!

  32. The sugar isn't for sweetness. It's to help cut the acidity. My grandma always added a touch of sugar when canning tomatoes. You'd notice it not there.

  33. Every pizza lover needs a good idea for the tomato sauce. Thanks! I like fresh basil (I grow it) in pizza sauce, too.

  34. Love your channel. I'm interested to see how you do the Detroit style pizza, I believe the trick is not only in the sauce & dough but the pan itself. I'm sure you heard the story of how the blue steel pan were orginally used in the auto plants.

  35. Great pizza choices from my hometown area. One of the very few good things about Metro Detroit. Glad you got to enjoy it Glenn. Next time you're through get a tour of the Bettermade Chip Factory on Gratiot in Detroit.

  36. Manufacturing plant closings, unemployment, crime, and government corruption – ALL not necessary for this recipe.

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