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  1. Similar to The Wizard Of Oz, the historically innacurate Viking costume is inspired by the costumes worn by Shieldmaidens in a cycle of four German musical dramas collectively called “Der Ring Des Nibelungen.”

  2. First of all those Halloween costumes look like cheap children costumes that an adult is trying to pull off but can't.

    I was expecting something completely different from this. I mean we obviously know that are Halloween costumes are not the real versions of them but I was expecting something like actual done up costumes that someone put an effort in compared to the real life version of the "characters".

    These Halloween costumes have no effort put in. If you were going to do something like this actually put in the effort to dress up in the costumes not just put a cheap fake toy dress and call it a Halloween costume. That's something I would expect from a child not an adult.

    The title should have been crappy store-bought costumes versus history.

  3. They cant even afford words anymore?…. probably because their business model revolves around alien conspiracies…. "history"….

    Also the History Channel: Puts Ancient Aliens on tv

  5. Currently having to study "The Crucible" for my theatre exam and if I hear about the Salem witch trials one more time I'm going to pull a John Proctor.

  6. Witches did use pointy hats as they where tried by many horrible punishments. A hat with a point is accurate as it symbolizes a connection to God. The polity hat is influenced from a real origin, it was simply modified.

  7. Wow, History Channel, glad you dug deep and exposed the fact that Halloween costumes aren't historically accurate. This riveting revelation ranks right up there with your other scholarly efforts such as Ice Road Truckers and Pawn Stars

  8. When they showed the incorrect Vikings costume I thought to correct it they'd bring some one who had Lagertha's hairstyle and clothes. LoL

  9. Yes, because as we all know, historical accuracy is everybody's primary concern when dressing up for Halloween.

  10. Their interpretation of the viking one was also typically wrong. Here they showed what outfit a villager would wear on their "this is right" thing. Women that proved themselves to be good in a fight would fight battles among the men equally, wearing leather armour and wielding often a shield. Hence the name shieldmaidens.

  11. Did the History Channel run out of things to do?

    Nobody believes their costumes are historically accurate.
    Few could afford them if they were
    It's for Halloween; nobody cares
    What's the historically accurate version of a corporate "Karen"?

  12. Alright so I guess I would’ve been considered a witch due to my “fits” aka my epilepsy… burn me now you guys 🤷‍♀️

  13. The purpose of the costumes is not period accuracy. They're fancy party dresses and an excuse to dress skimpily to attract a mate.

  14. This one is a big fail. Fudge off history channel . Which is owned by Disney. Keep blowing it Disney and take away all the fun. Then watch your stocks plummet as they did thanks to your abhorrent dealings with the Star Wars franchise.

  15. This is a joke, right? Next you’ll tell us that real nurses don’t actually wear mini dresses & thigh highs. 🙄

  16. Pro tip to my friends at the History Channel: research is kind of important when you’re claiming to be “accurate” :))))

  17. I appreciate this video, however I seriously doubt anyone would believe those Halloween costumes are historically accurate.

  18. Anyone else think this is a really stupid and pointless video? Like…. Hardly anyone tries to look accurate on Halloween. We all just having fun.
    Also, I could be wrong about this, but I've been told the popularized image of a witch was based off of female brewsters. The fairytale version of the witch outfit (boiling coldron, hat, and broom included) was based off of women who made beer for a living. Men used the term witch and made them villainous because they didn't like them for whatever reason

  19. The reason why people thought Vikings had horned helmets were because such helmets were unearthed years and years ago, but were later found to have predated the Vikings. Ancient greeks and romans had helmets with horns amongst a wide variety of other things. I think it got really popular in the late 1800s when an opera costume designer created it for the Viking characters. And corsets originated from Greece and were worn by the Minoan people. (sorry for my English)

  20. Uhm isn't that the reason why these are called costumes in the first place?? They dont mean to match the historical origin but to get as creative as they can as they interpret these themselves. If everyone were historically accurate for Halloween costumes, it would be too difficult to join the party lmao

  21. What If I want to be historically accurate, but not a girl? I know you're working with womans rights, but I just want different information. It's great and all that you respect woman, but dont leave guys in the dust. You should (in my opinion) make a video like this one where it is both men AND woman. If I am uninformed do tell, and this comment was made with no disrespect towards woman, though I do wish one day I won't have to say that and we can just accept each others opinion. P.s. in case you haven't noticed, I am a boy.

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