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we’re going to begin this haircut out by creating our bald guideline and here
the lever is fully open on the Clipper and we’re going to go up to an inch
this is a high taper by the way here the lever is fully closed and you see me
attacking that that bald guideline and guys if I sound under the weather please excuse me
is getting cold outside and my sinuses are acting up but just try to bear with
me here we have on the one and a half guard and this is the highest guard that
we’ll use for this hair clip the lever is fully open and you see me just
erasing bulk from the area so I have a smooth canvas to blend up now here’s the
zero guard and the lever is fully open notice how I’m holding the Clipper
flush to his head I’m not digging it it’s really just sliding on this on the
shape of his head here you see me drop it down fully closed going up under
there is zero open and here you see me open the lever just
a little bit to go in between that zero open and zero closed okay here we have
on the number one guard and the lever is slightly open to start out because we’re
going right up under that one and a half and then you’ll see me slowly just close
the lever and all we’re doing right now is getting that faint line that you see notice how I’m using the corner of the
blade and you see you’re pulling the skin with my thumb and just like that
it’s at apricot now we’re going to move on to the next a per it’s the same steps
that we just did on the left side for some reason a lot of people get confused
when they get to the back or they say it’s harder and that can’t be true
because of the occipital bone everybody’s hair shaping is different so
you may have to you know use different techniques or strokes here and there but
the steps that you follow are still the same so here I just moved down to the one and
a half guard because I didn’t want to bore you with that same bottom step here
you gonna see me remove the bulk now we have on the zero guard again with the
lever fully open making our strokes with the Clipper flush with the shape of this
here I can’t stress that enough this is so you don’t create this is how
you don’t raise your guideline too high make sure you keep that comb in your
hand too guys ok here we jump down the lever fully
closed going up under that zero open all right
now you see you open the lever about half way to go in between that zero open
is zero closed by the state guys it’s the same steps that I just did on the
other side now all I’m doing now is taking the one go out with the lever
slightly open and I close it also just it is all depends on the spot that I’m
trying to hit but that’s all I’m doing is just nothing there nothing let that
faint line now on this side I’m gonna speed the steps up just a little bit so
this will be the fast version of what it looks like so this is everything coming
together in a sped up version so you will really see how easy it is to do
this guys so just follow along if you can’t and see if you can tell what I’m
gonna do next right here I just went ahead and blended
in the sideburn to save some time whatever you can do to be more efficient
guys I’m all for it there are so many different ways to cut hair it’s just
it’s all about finding what works for you I know I have a lot of subscribers
then they will say oh you did this different in the other video or why
don’t you do this on this side like I said guys there are so many ways to get
the same result you just have to find what works for you as you can see the taper is coming
together and then lastly we’re gonna knock out that faint line that you see simple enough don’t you think
comment below if you think this is a simple and easy method and now here
we’re just gonna move on to the lineup oh and by the way guys comment below
what Clippers you want me guys to get what Clippers you want me to get next
you notice the holiday season and I feel like it’s time for me to switch up my
clipper rotation again so let me know what Clippers you want to see me fail
with next at this point I don’t have a bias is really whatever you guys want to
see so whenever I get the whenever I get the most comments below in the comment
section that’s what I’ll be picking up next and here we just proceed on with
the lineup as you can see I’m not trying to force
anything I’m keeping it natural as possible you want to keep it as tight
around here as you can as you can see he has like corners but we’re not going to
push that I know it’s really tempting to go ahead and you know just take it back
just an extra half a centimeter I have a much easier guy I’m telling you over
time it would really make a difference so unless your client specifically
requests for you to push their line back with nine times out of ten they are not
going to do I would not do it and even if they did tell me to push it back I
would literally tried to convince them otherwise but I’m gonna add hands on his
hairline so it’ll all work out in the this is a great shaving gel it’s oil
based so you don’t need to apply water before you put it on you literally just
open it up put a DAB on your finger and then apply to the skin yes I am
promoting this product but I also use it every day so I’m not just trying to send
you guys something I actually use this every day whenever I’m doing my normal
cuts you guys can get 10% off by using the promo code BARBERSD and if you
guys do shave gel let me know about voting yes or no above in the poll it
only takes two seconds as you can see the shape Jim makes it really easy for
the razor to glide on the skin and one key to give it a sharp and true line on
the beer you have to succumb once you make one pass with the razor comb the
hair so that way you can see the true line because whenever you were razor it
will automatically leave a field as you can see on this side right here it’ll
leave a false line and you’ll see you combing in just a second a lot and this
is no not seen about this but a lot of people will just leave it right there
that one time but then when they go home and wash their hair it won’t be as fresh
so see how I combed it out just then and you make a second pass so making that
second pass will really help that line stick so even if they wash their hair or
even if they rougher their beard up that line will still be sharp and I use it
him I will use enhancements in the second on his front line but I didn’t
use it on his beard as you can see I used the headsman’s on his hairline so
vulnerable yes or no if you want me to keep using attachments in the videos and the key here guys is not to make it look
artificial you want to try to make it look as natural as possible so I’m not
about to paint his hand to where it looks so noticeable I just want to fill
in a couple of spots so let me know what you guys think in
the comments below can’t wait to hear you guys feedback and
I will see you on the next video subscribe if you haven’t already see you
guys later


  1. I would like to see you fade with the following clippers.
    Wahl Pro Elite or the Andis Envy. These are two clippers that are not talked about. Please do a tutorial

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