Heirloom Christening Gowns Created From Wedding Gown

trust Fairy Godmother Creations to convert your wedding dress into an heirloom christening or baptismal gown for your children or grandchildren we start with a couple style options.
Christening gowns. Boys rompers. Ceremonial robes. And unisex ensembles. However every final output is uniquely designed
and crafted to best use materials you send us our custom christening are made using as much usable fabric from your wedding dress as possible a full modern length christening gown takes quite a bit of fabric so if you want the entire gown made only from your garment it needs to be a full length wedding dress if you don’t mind us augmenting your fabric with some of our own supplies of quality fabrics and matching trims we can work with smaller dresses we also make a number of accessories. From bibs to booties everything
is designed as a complete outfit we offer simple embroidery. We can embroider the family name on a bib or the child’s name and baptism date on a label that is attached to the inside of the garment. We also have a small collection of embroidery patterns for crosses and shamrocks. Ordering is easy. when you’re ready to order just print off the order form from our website Fill it in and enclose it along with your deposit check in a box with your wedding gown. If your gown has an underslip of netting to give it fullness you might want to go ahead and just cut that netting off. It is usually to scratchy to use for an infant and you can cut down on your shipping costs. We have been helping people convert their wedding dresses into christening gowns for years now we’ve received a member wonderful thank
you notes and even some lovely photos you can see some them on our website. If you have any questions feel free to give me a
call. I always love chatting with people about their upcoming christening and I’m thrilled to help make it a truly
special event. Your child’s christening is one of the most important days in his
or her life. At Fairy Godmother Creations we take
our commitment to this special day very seriously we look forward to creating an heirloom
outfit for your upcoming christening and all of your family’s future joyous and memorable christenings

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