Heidi Klum Wins Halloween With Epic Costume at 20th Annual Halloween Party | THR News

– The Queen of Halloween
has killed it again. Heidi Klum stepped out
for her big costume reveal at her much-anticipated 20th
anniversary Halloween party on Thursday night in New York City, channeling a zombie, alien, zombie alien? I’m not entirely sure, but
what I will say is that it was definitely out of this world. The guest of honor
epically entered the party, arriving in the back of a slow-moving, blue-lit glass biohazard truck with blood-streaked glass windows, all while creepy sound effects
played in the background. And she walked the carpet alongside her hubby, Thomas Kaulitz, who seemed to be dressed as
this gory zombie astronaut. Okay, so let’s really
dive into this costume. The prosthetics included silver grills, a glass-encased brain
with these glowing wires that tied into her back, a fake facelift nailed into her head, exposed intestines and muscles, a metal plate over her, um, pubic area, and wires jutting from her nipples. Okay, she went all out, but
I mean, it’s Heidi Klum. What else can we expect? The supermodel revealed that her prosthetics took
about 10 hours to apply, and it was all on full
display since the supermodel showed off the whole process
in front of the glass windowed Amazon store on 34th Street in Manhattan for everyone to see. As for the inspiration behind the look, Klum she was inspired by Tokio Hotel, which is her husband’s band, since, as she puts it,
“They believe in aliens.” Other guests for the big
affair included Mariah Carey, dressed as an ’80s rocker
with a leather bustier, neon green electric guitar,
thigh-high boots, and fishnets, Colombian singer Maluma as
the Phantom of the Opera, and Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van
Ness as a character from Cats, among others. Klum had been hinting about at
her much-anticipated costume in recent weeks on social media, even giving fans a sneak peek
of the rehearsal process, but apparently, no one
was able to figure it out. According to Klum, she and Kaulitz began creating the concept for their costumes last& November, saying, “It always starts like that. “As I take this off tonight, “I start thinking about what
I’ll be for next Halloween.” As for what that’ll be, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. All right, guys. For more on this story, head to THR.com, and until next time for The
Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Neha Joy. (upbeat music)

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