Haul or Nothing: Thrift Store Shopping Tessie Style

buddy and welcome to another thrifty
Thursday this is what I got this week at the thrift store it wasn’t so much but I
got some treasures so this thrifty Thursday I’m gonna need your help
because I don’t know what something is but let’s get started
so I’ve been really going through my cookbooks and I donated some of them to
the thrift store because they were short and some books and so I thought I would
donate some ones that I haven’t really had any interest in and in the last year
I’ve been really trying to be more focused on buying books that I actually
know I’m going to use and not that they just look nice but actually I’m going to
use them so this was caught Better Homes and Gardens potluck favorites and I
actually went through the book while I was at the thrift store got a lot of
recipes I’m going to be making a lot of them coming up here in the next couple
of weeks so this cookbook is gonna be our major cookbook that we’re going to
be using it was $2.00 that’s a little high but I thought it’s a book that I’m
really going to use and I can use it to make videos with so not only do you get
to benefit from the $2 cookbook but I can make videos and I earn money so I
earn money on the cookbook and that’s one thing I’ve been really trying to do
whenever I buy something I want to buy something that I can make a video that
you guys can all be blessed by it and then I can actually turn a little bit of
an income from it so $2 is not bad when you can turn that into some income and
then I got to final pillowcases now I really want to thank a friend and she
knows who she is I don’t know if she cares if I say her name but I had a wish
list for two flannel pillowcases about four pillows and so I
really like having different pillowcases because I changed my pillowcases maybe
twice a week three times a week and I wash the bedding once a week but these
were 50 Cent’s and they’re 50 cents each and they hardly ever have flannel
Pelican so between what she gave me and what I
have here and a bed set that I have I have good amount of pillowcases so I got
them and it was a dollar for the two then I got $4 50 I got this and I really
wanted this this is a vintage tin can and it is a measuring cup I really
wanted one of these it’s something that I’ve been wanting for a long time in
fact I can like this used to be on Little House on the Prairie and when
Mama Ingalls would do some baking so I just wanted it and I’ll be using it to
see I used everything I don’t just display it I use it so the last thing is
my rooster or chicken sorry it’s a hen okay so it was 50
Cent’s now I know I think it goes over a basket and I think this is holes that
you can put your hands in to get rolls so is this to put over top of a basket
and then you open this up to get to reach the rolls out of it if I am wrong
could somebody tell me what this is used for you know I like chickens so there’s
my chicken and yeah I don’t know so let me know if you uh if you could tell me
if I’m right so I’m gonna have to try to find a basket that this fits but I
thought it was adorable I assumed it was homemade and it was 50 Cent’s Wow
there you go it’s my thrifty Thursday I’m not sure what’s gonna be in the next
part of this video but I hope you enjoy it I have yet to decide what I’m going
to use for the second half of this video but it’s gonna have something to do with
being thrifty I’m sure so let’s get started on the rest of the video so I
know you’re all gonna laugh at me now but this is the chicken I put my
homemade soup in it so I can so I know it’s not made for that but I’m gonna use
it for now to hide all of my homemade soup or in my dish
a video is coming up where I’m making my soap these are for washing dishes it’s
homemade soup for dishes that’s coming up soon but there you go
so that’s what I’m using it for from now you know me I always come up with the
strangers ideas I know I’m just gonna take a moment to share with you a few
things that I got in my mailbox a lot of people really enjoy seeing the things
that subscribers have made me or have given me I’m just gonna share with you
what I got so let me put the camera down and I’ll
show you I really enjoy your letters and they encouraged me so much and the first
thing I’m going to share with you is I got a card and it’s so beautiful you
guys have so many beautiful cards that you pick out and I really want to thank
you for them this box here comes from a friend of mine who has been a friend of
me for a long time Owen has been on my channel pretty much
since day one many of you know Owen many of you have known Owen through all of
his comments that he gives me Owen has watched every single video that I have
made that is over 1100 videos this is what Owen got me he always has a sweet
little card now I don’t know what all he got me i just opened the top of the box
Owen knows that I love vintage linens and so Owen has lived in his home I
think most of his life and he takes care of his mother who is in her 90s and he
has all these linens for me so sweet of him because he knows that I
really use them so what I really want to thank you so much for the beautiful
fabric Wow isn’t that so pretty no one knows
that I like brown and I think I would probably knows more about me than most
people do oh and thank you so much oh look at
these aren’t they bright and cheery that is adorable Owens sends me a box every once in a
while over the course of a year Owen lives near the beach and so he
wanted to give me something from the beach oh they are so precious look at
the seashells thank you so much Owen Owen also knows me because he knows
I love jars and he saves all of these jelly jars for me as you know and all of
my videos I’ll just show one but look how he paints they can leap wraps every
single thing so he gives me these jars and he always packs the lid separate thank you so much I want to really like
this rug this is me I love that rug I’m gonna actually use that right away put
it in my kitchen these are unique I cannot believe these I’m they’re so
neat for candles which I’ll be doing next week I don’t know where he got him
I don’t know what they were for but they are amazing I don’t know if he had him
or keep all of them but thank you so much Owen I will be making candles this
for me too I need that I need that in a candy garage so Owen thank you so much
for everything but most of all Owen I really want to thank you for your
friendship your friendship means a lot to me you have been with me through a
lot here on YouTube and I really want to thank you I also
received this gift and it is beeswax this was actually my wish list thank you
so much I really want to thank you want to thank you Alice thank you so much as
you know I will be a good steward of this and as you know I will bless others
by sharing it in my videos so thank you so much Alice alright and I got two
boxes I don’t know what they are so I’m gonna open them up I don’t know Linda you did it again
Linda thank you so much did you notice that I didn’t have one for every tray
and uh you should have done that so Linda got me these that go with my
dehydrator somehow she must have noticed that I didn’t have one for every tray
and I don’t thank you so much a subscriber her dehydrator broke and so
she just gave me the trays for it and I didn’t have these Linda I had no idea
thank you so much Linda for these thank you so much that really is kind of you
really then I have one over the box from Deborah it’s a heavy box so I don’t know
what it is but I’m guessing it could be bucks I don’t know but I’m gonna open it
up here let me open it off the camera here I don’t want nobody seeing
addresses boy Deborah you had this really Pete I love you guys just like tapes it pops
up horn my guess was right oh my goodness well I do believe that
somebody is a book lover like me Lancaster County cookbooks the Betty Crocker picture one oh my word
you have no clue Deborah grandma Fanny had one of these and I don’t have it I
don’t have this one and this is the one she had how did you know this is what I
wanted oh my word this is just unreal unreal the other Betty Crocker one oh my
word vintage magazine taste a home I don’t have any of these I have none of
these he’s very Pat Pillsbury kitchens family cookbook thank you so much Deborah I didn’t have
any of these what an amazing thing but thank you so much for the card Wow
how am I gonna get my work done now when I have these new books to look at oh we
were so neat thank you guys so much it’s just it’s just been so amazing and so
much fun and all of these older and vintage things and all your love and
support and kindness you know it just reaffirms to me there’s so much good in
this world so much kindness and it brings me back to a time when the first
month that I started my youtube channel my very first mean comment was that
there’s no such things as friends on the internet friends aren’t really friends
unless you see them in person boy are they ever wrong you can have a
friend on the Internet in fact you can have a friend that sticketh closer than
the brother from the internet take care of one god bless you I’ll see you guys
tomorrow from the diary of my grandma Fanny we
are on October the 31st 1943 and Fanny writes today I helped mrs. Bernhardt to
cook at hoppers wedding dinner Martin groves were here in the evening
for supper

100 thoughts on “Haul or Nothing: Thrift Store Shopping Tessie Style

  1. Hi Tessie sis!

    Love the adorable red chicken basket cover! 🐔

    Wonderful gifts from our dear sweet Owen! 💙

    So nice to get the dehydrator trays and all of the books. Love to see how excited you get when you open these things up. Love it when you giggle. Love you. 💜

  2. Tessie I love the chicken, so cute for the soap. you were blessed with so many beautiful treasures. yes you can have friends on the internet, I met a very dear lady on the internet and before you know it we became very close friends, I count her as one of my treasured blessings, a friend and a sister,I thank God for her every day,Thank you Owen,Debra and Linda for blessing our Tessie with the beautiful gifts.

  3. Awesome seeing smiles when watching what you share of y'all's world thanks for sharing. Blessings to you and your family

  4. I love the pretty jars Owen sent you with the cheerful checker prints and the vintage pillow cases I collect those too along with the thin towels with the pretty flower prints when I can find them. Deborah sent nice cookbooks winter is coming you'll have some time to sit down and look through them as the snow is flying. I like those dehdyrator trays I saw you using them in one of your videos and I've never seen that kind before very cool. Anna In Ohio.

  5. Keep smiling Tessie, I love when you smile and giggle with excitement. You are a great friend to have.😃😀😄

  6. you are absolutely right about the hen being a biscuitroll keeper over a basket. She sits on the eggs. ;o; I have two of those tin measuring cups. I have always enjoyed and loved them. I'm looking forward to all the wonderful recipes you will be sharing this winter from the "Potluck cookbook.

  7. Oh my goodness! The box from Owen… Brought tears to my eyes! What a BLESSING 💖☺️🙏 ALL of them! Awesome! Tessie, you look so happy today and you are glowing from the INSIDE out! 😉
    Love always,
    Your sister from the Great Northwest,
    Heidi 💖🤗

  8. God bless you Tessie.
    If anyone ever trys to say you cant have a friend on the internet again, send them my way! I consider you a wonderful friend. I'll school them lol.

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  10. You can earn money and the $2 is an income tax deduction. Way to go Tessie!

    I have my grandma’s tin cup

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  17. Hello Tessie. I'm new to your channel and I'm loving it!! You are absolutely beautiful. Your bubbly personality keeps a smile on my face. I have depression and PTSD but watching your videos keeps my mind off things. You are a true blessing.

  18. Hi sister Tessie😊 im so happy to see you smile😊 i know its been a rough couple of weeks with ceria being sick 😞 .. ( im doing good my self) i had my nose surgery about 2weeks ago.. it was a slow recovery but im finily getting back to my old self. Well hope you have a good day. Lots of love😍😍

  19. Hi Tessie love everything you got at thrift n gifts in mail. Such nice things. That tin cup my grandma had n I drank out of it as a little girl. Haven’t seen one in years. Love the red hen n yes I think it’s for rolls but love you using for your soaps. God bless you n your family. ❤️🤗🙏

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  23. My mom way back when would use a tin can measuring cup my mom had one and put it over her toaster! Thank you so much for your video!

  24. Yes Tessie. It goes on a basket and you put your warm rolls in it and it keeps them warm. I love your chicken.Love your idea for it though. I'm still lookng for one myself. Love your Thrifty Thursdays. I haven't been to the thrift store for a while so I have a little bit to spend. Take care <3<3<3

  25. Hi, Tessie, yes, you found friends in the Internet! Such a treasure of empathy and love came out of those packages and from the cards ♥️! It felt like I’m unboxing, too😂. Owen is a treasure himself, right? I love to read cook books like other people read crime stories… and I’ve already found some through your videos! Some days ago SARAH'S SEASONS arrived and I love it. Like you I love vintage fabric and the biggest gift my husband brought from one of his competition travels were some handmade ones from Kasachstan, Russia, he bought from very old ladies, who were so happy for his interest, they talked (he’s a Russian teacher) and he got to know how poor their life is. I wish he’d noted their addresses, I want to thank them them personally and when I use them, I always think of them and send them my gratitude for all their 1000 little stitches. About your hen: we had this kind of hen in our canteen at Court! There were hard boiled eggs for breakfast, the hen was keeping them warm. Once I saw a hen like this with eggs in a hotel, too. Have fun and inspiration with all of your treasures and thank you for sharing! Love, Monika❣️

  26. Thank you guys for all the things that you sent our sweet girl! Owen you are a dear man. Tessie you are my friend and always will be.

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  29. I really like the fact that people send you useful things and know full well that you will put them to good use! Have a happy Friday

  30. Friends on the internet, possible! You are our relatively new friend, it's AWESOME! 🙂 Blessings and continued prayers for you and your family! from ours! 🙂 Dawn @ Rich & Dawn (it's so cute, my hubby will come home and ask "what's that Tessie up to today! 🙂

  31. Your chicken cover looks great over your soaps. It’s pretty sitting on your counter. Owen sent some nice treasures, I like the brown star fabric he sent. Is it a panel to be made into a table topper? And you are so right about finding friends on the internet. I have had several great friends through the years that were internet friends! Kindred spirits, we are!

  32. Great idea about using the Hen for the soaps. Looks very country there. Good thinking, Tess. By the way, I have a daughter in law and her name is Tess, that is her birth name, not nick name. I have been meaning to tell you that for some time. We call her Tess or Tessie. Yes, the thrift finds are best, I love going to those kinds of stores, it gives me such a lift to my day. God Bless you, Tessie, I enjoy all the videos and your wonderful personality. Take Care.

  33. Tessie watching this again it really gives me such joy in my heart to watch you open my box and your graciousness and happiness warms my heart:) Watching you open the other boxes too you are truly blessed with wonderful friends:) I enjoyed every minute of this video seeing what others sent to you you have wonderful friends:)

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    I wore mine out washing weekly..😢….I like the idea soaps..candles…wax warmers….

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  39. Good Morning Tessie, In regards to your chicken cover, I've seen them placed over bowls, (or even over a round metal bowl as metal keeps the breads warmer longer), that the rolls are in to keep them warm. You just reach inside to get the roll or other bread out of..Blessings to you and your husband and family..

  40. That chicken is a biscuit cover😀but I love what you used it for! There's nothing wrong with thinking of different ways to use things. And this way, you get to use it every day! Your friend Owen is so generous… those linens were fantastic! As much as I love my modern lifestyle, I love certain older things(cloth napkins, for example. And handkerchiefs!) You are very blessed to have friends like that 😀❤😀

  41. I have that same measuring cup and I love it. I think I've had it since the 60's. 😀 Well of course, the chicken openings are to reach in and seal her eggs. 🤣 Owen is such a sweetie. 💚 Alice, Linda, and Deborah, your gifts were so thoughtful 😃💛 Thank you, Tessie for always making us smile. Love & Hugs.🧡🍂🍁

  42. Is the bottom of the chicken cover elastic…maybe it IS for over a flat basket or bowl or plate to keep things warm…probably as you say…rolls. That makes sense to me. It sure is cute. If nothing else, it might fit over a toaster as a toaster cover too if you don't use it for the rolls.

  43. Boy are you going to have fun reading all those lovely books. I probably WOULDN"T get my work done because I would be busy looking through all those books. We are kindred spirits about books and looks like the person who gifted you with them is too!!

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  45. If you are on the right places at the internet you can meet awesome people. And I guess this is the place to be 🙂 And sometimes it is good to be friends on just the internet. Imagine that we meet eachother at a random place, you were talking PA Dutch and I in my dialect, the chances are high that we understand eachother, but others would call some folks from the funnyfarm and put us away. So better safe than sorry, and let us be good friends on the internet 🙂

  46. That was a nice package Owen sent. So many great items. The chicken looks cute standing on the counter covering the soaps. I wonder if it is meant to go over basket of eggs? Whatever…it is real cute.

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  48. God bless you Owen. I took care of my mom until she passed at age 91. I consider it the great privilege of my life to be the one to have cared for her. Great gifts. I beg my sisters to save me their jars. Sometimes they do, often they don't. Lovely gifts. You're a good friend and Tessie is blessed to have you.

  49. Hi Tessie! It's definitely a basket cover to keep rolls/bread warm. If it were an appliance cover it wouldn't need the holes.I have one almost identical to it that I bought at a thrift store. I bought it for the same reason as you – it's a chicken!!!

  50. I agree Tessie…I've made some wonderful friends on the internet, and even though we haven't met in person, they are very caring people (including YOU!). How awesome you've gotten all those wonderful gifts from you friends who care about you. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs from Ohio 🙂

  51. I have one of those metallic measuring cups – its been in the family generations!!! My grandmere never used it though. She used her “eyeballing” to hand technique (best way I can describe how she measures) and I find myself doing the same. You are so happy in those videos getting presents….I think its wonderful.

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