Harrington Jacket Review Baracuta G9 : Is It Worth It?

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette
and our series Is It worth it? Today, we discuss whether the Harrington
jacket g9 from Baracuta is worth your money or not. First, let’s start with the
interesting history of the Harrington jacket. Basically, the origins are unclear
because on the one hand, you have John and Isaac Miller who founded the
company Baracuta and claimed to have invented the Harrington jacket in 1937.
The other English company Grenfell claims that they invented the Harrington
jacket as early as 1931. Unfortunately, the records aren’t clear so we’ll never
be able to prove who invented what. That being said, Baracuta has been more
associated with the Harrington jacket and their model number is the g9.
Baracuta made their name with rain wear and John and Isaac Miller were avid
golfers and that helped inspire the design and the qualities of the jacket
because it’s often used on the golf course. Baracuta offers different
jackets such as the g4 or the g10 and I guess in the g9, the G stands for golf. As
you can see, there’s a close relation between golfing and the Harrington
jacket. For example, if you look at the angled flat pockets, they’re ideal to
keep golf balls and the ribs at the hip allow you to freely swing. In the 1930s, golf
was mainly a sport for the wealthy and as such, the Baracuta jacket which
was worn in the golf courses became somewhat of a status symbol. By the 1950s,
Ivy League students made the Baracuta g9 jacket a part of the preppy style. if
you want to learn more about prep style how it came to be and the differences to
for example trad style or Ivy style please check out those videos here. In
the 1950s and 60s, some of Hollywood’s icons wore the Baracuta g9 and some of
the most memorable films of the decade/ For example, in 1955, James Dean wore it in
Rebel without a cause. In 1958, Elvis Presley wore it in King Creole and last
but not least, in 1968, Steve McQueen wore the Baracuta g9 in the
Thomas Crown Affair. He was also known as the king of cool and he even wore it on
the cover of Life magazine. Because of that, Baracuta became synonymous with
cool successful people. Now, Steve McQueen didn’t just wear the Baracuta g9 on the
set but just like Frank Sinatra or Gregory Peck, he also wore it personally
in his spare time. That really helped cement the status of
a cool jacket for the Baracuta g9. So how did they get the name, Harrington
jacket? Actually, that was until 1964. It was a popular TV series by the name of Peyton
Place and the actor Ryan O’Neal starred as Rodney Harrington and because of that,
it got the name Harrington jacket. There was a popular menswear retailer by the
name of John Simmons and he really marketed that name Harrington jacket too.
After the G9’s initial popularity in the 50s and 60s, the interest vanished
a bit but it usually came back into popularity at least once a decade.
Despite all that, the Baracuta G9 Harrington jacket remains one of the
most timeless and stylish iconic jackets that you can have in a casual world.
So other than famous people wearing it, what exactly makes it so special? It
simply is a waist long jacket that is quite fitted and has a pleasing
silhouette. It comes in many different materials but the classic is a cotton
poly blend which is 50% cotton 50% polyester. It’s meant to be water
resistant and weather resistant and therefore, it’s not as soft to the touch
as the inside which is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Baracuta sells the g9
jacket in a range of options including suede leather, regular leather, camouflage,
and teddy bear fabric. Sometimes you can also find them in tweed but frankly, the
classic jacket is always the poly cotton blend which is what we’re reviewing here
today. The classic g9 generally has a solid outside color even though you can
find it with patterns and stuff like camouflage these days.
On the inside, you usually find a plaid or a tartan out of green, red, blue, and
white which is also known as a Fraser tartan. It feels quite soft, breathable,
and comfortable just like the cotton ribs on the end of the sleeves and the waist.
When you walk, you can hear your arms rubbing a bit on the shell but it’s by
no means as loud as the Canada Goose jacket which we reviewed here please
check the video out if you want to learn more about it. The classic g9 version
features angled side pockets with a flap and a button closure, the more modern
interpretations have snap buttons. The size I’m wearing in the video is a 42
which is pretty much true to size. It really isn’t too big such like a Barbour
Beaufort and if you want to learn more about that iconic jacket please check
out this video here. I was positively surprised by the length of the sleeves
in a size 42 which is much better than on all the Barbour waxrd jackets we
reviewed. Just like the iconic Burberry trench coat or the Barbour waxed jackets,
the Baracuta g9 features a Raglan sleeve because it is better to let the
water roll off. The front zipper is a double metal zipper from YKK and it
works quite well. I also like the fact of double zippers that you can always open
them depending on how hot you are or close them to your desired position. It
basically features a straight collar that can be flapped over if you want to
for a different look. If you look at the back of the jacket, it has a very
interesting yoke that was inspired by an umbrella and the idea is that water can
roll up your jacket very conveniently without getting you wet. Ingeniously, they
also added vent holes in there. That way, you don’t overheat very easily. Modern
Baracuta g9 jackets are made of a shell fabric called Coolmax which is
supposed to be very breathable and also water repellent.
Today, the jackets are made in England but that wasn’t always the case. There
was a time it was outsourced to Asia and other countries but they brought it back
to England for good measure. Looking at the seams, they all have a
very high stitch density, they’re straight and sewn very close to the edge so the
workmanship, overall, is very good. Overall, the garment feels very well made even
though the YKK zippers are not the best ones on the market. Baracuta also pays
attention to details, for example, if you look at the buttons, you can see the engraving
Baracuta g9 and 1937 which was the year it was designed. Now, it also has a shank
which makes sense for the thickness of the fabric but the buttons are plastic
and not horn. After all, it is a factory made garment but it is well made. You can
tell by looking at the buttonholes, they were cut first and then sewn with a
machine. Cheaper buttonholes are sewn first and then cut leaving you with more
residual threads. So now the big question, is the Baracuta g9 Harrington jacket
worth it? Well, it retails for $390 in the US, 349 euros in Europe, and I think 295
British pounds. As I said before, I would stick with a classic cotton polyblend
one simply because that’s the iconic jacket and it’s the least expensive one.
While $390 are not a bargain for a casual jacket that you will mostly wear during
spring or fall season, I still think there is a place for it in your wardrobe.
First of all, it comes in a really large range of colors but it also has a very
pleasing slim modern cut, even though it was
designed in 1937, Frankly, before I bought one, I didn’t anticipate liking it as
much as I do now. Of course, the fact that James Dean and Steve McQueen wore it is
certainly not detracting from it. At the same time, I’m more focused on the
materials themselves and I’m really pleased with the length of the sleeves
which is often something I find challenging because I have above-average
long arms. Personally, I’m also a big fan of the 1930s and having items that are
originally from the time period or at least inspired by it are always a plus
in my book. On top of that, it’s very functional jacket; I can wear it when
it’s raining outside when I need to pick up some groceries or drop off my daughter
somewhere, Of course, you can also use it playing golf or you could even wear it
shooting. Although, I think a waxed cotton jacket such as the Barbour jacket is
better suited for that. If you consider the price per wear and you just wear it
ten times during the spring and ten times during the fall for just ten
years, that breaks down to a dollar and ninety five per wear which I think is
totally worth it. If $390 is still too much for you as initial
investment, keep your eyes open because with a bit of luck, you can find them
reduced up to fifty percent or more at which point they’re a
no-brainer and you should just go for them.
Honestly, you won’t find deals that good on a Baracuta website because they have
a huge selection of everything but sometimes smaller retailers they may
discontinue the line or they just have a small range of sizes left and then it’s
really the time for you to buy. Of course, you can also get the jackets used on
places such as eBay but really understand what you’re buying and who
you’re buying from and make sure you can return a jacket because there are lots of
fakes on ebay especially the ones sold from Eastern Europe, so buyer beware. So
in conclusion, I think the Baracuta g9 Harrington jacket is worth its money
even at the retail price level for almost any man out there interested in
classic men’s clothing and even more casual clothing because it is a more
casual jacket. in today’s video you can see me wearing a size 42 Baracuta g9
jacket in British racing green and in navy I’m combining it with a gray knit
polo from Uniqlo as well as jeans from Tommy Hilfiger my shoes are chukka
boots and my socks are shadow striped socks in navy and blue from Fort
Belvedere which you can find in our shop here just like the different driving
gloves which are a really good accessory to pair with a Baracuta g9
they just scream cool I guess the only thing that’s missing now are the
Persol sunglasses Steve McQueen wore but I just lost my pair the other month

100 thoughts on “Harrington Jacket Review Baracuta G9 : Is It Worth It?

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