Halloween: Don’t Judge My Costume!

We want to thank CuriosityStream for
sponsoring a portion of this video. So this was three years ago when I was
in the fourth grade. It was Halloween time and I was gonna get my costume. I
already knew what I was gonna be for Halloween. I wanted to be Abraham Lincoln. We were studying American history at that time in my class. We were studying all
the presidents, you know, and I was just, like, fascinated by Abraham Lincoln. I
drew him, I, like, imagined him. I don’t know, I just liked Abraham Lincoln and
what he did for our country. So I was like, “I’m gonna be Abraham Lincoln, I
wanna have a beard and everything.” My brother, he’s like, “You can’t be Abe.”
And I’m like, “Why?” He’s like, “You’re a girl.” And I’m just like, “Whatever, like, girls
can be boys, too.” So my brother wants to be, like, a zombie – very basic. So my mom, my brother and I, we go to the Halloween costume shop thing. We’re looking around,
and I find his awesome Abe Lincoln costume. So I get that and my brother
gets his zombie costume. And my mom, I think she got, like, a Star Wars costume –
she was , like, Princess Leia. So yeah. We go up to the register and the lady starts,
like, scanning our things, and she just, like, holds up the Abe Lincoln costume.
And then she like looks me up and down and she’s like, “You’re gonna be Abe?” And
I’m like, “Yeah.” She just gives me a really weird reaction. She’s like, “That’s weird.”
And I’m like, “Why, like, it’s a costume, I can be whatever I want.” She just, like,
starts staring at me, watching as she scans the rest of our things and, you know, I
just shrug it off. I’m like, whatever some people are gonna hate. So she gives us
our bag and we just walk out of there. And immediately after that, like, my mom is
just like, “Mariam, are you okay, like, none of what she said is true.” And I’m just
like, “Yeah, yeah mom, I know.” Halloween rolls around. I put on my costume and I’m
just, like, nervous because of everyone, you know, judging me for who I wanted to
be. And I’m just nervous that if I go out there and trick-or-treat, everyone’s
gonna laugh at me and be like, “Haha, she’s Abe.”
I don’t really feel like going trick-or-treating now. I tell my mom and
she’s like, “Honey, there are people in this world that are like that, you just have
to ignore them.” So I actually have a lot of fun that Halloween because I didn’t
pay attention to everyone looking at my costume.
Not everyone in the world is gonna like you, but you shouldn’t pay attention to
that. So everyone likes my costume,
some people were just staring at me, but that’s okay, because I can be whoever I
want, and you should be whatever you want for Halloween. Don’t let anyone or
anything stop you. Thank you again to CuriosityStream for
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100 thoughts on “Halloween: Don’t Judge My Costume!

  1. Story booth: real stories
    Other channels: My baby daughter is actually my grandmother that has taken drugs to protect unicorns from the water

  2. Storybooth: real stories

    Other channels: My sister is my pet hamster that ate my cat who is my dad but my mom was pregnant with his grandma that was a horse who ate a donkey and my uncle who was my sister.

  3. Other stories be like

    I was born in 1066 an survived In ww2 and got the hero of the soviet union the iron cross and the medal of honour

  4. I actually don't like Abraham Lincoln because, yeah he freed the slaves, but he only freed them whenever all the soldiers that were fighting in the Civil War were dying ….

  5. Abraham Lincoln sounds like a pretty good idea for a Halloween costume, considering the fact that I'm literally a history dork.

  6. I think people was more surprised that a kid wanted to Lincoln because most kids (that I've seen) would either be something scary, a meme or a slutty costume.

  7. Another thing to add, you are NEVER too old to Trick or Treat! Be what you want, and do what you want! Fuck what others have to say. You rule your own world! You Rock!

  8. I'm a girl and I dressed up as Slash from Guns N Roses for Halloween and back in 5th grade I dressed up as Michael Jackson

  9. Brother: You can't be Abram Lincoln your a girl
    Me: Trying to choose between Chat Noir or Draco Malfoy for next Halloween

  10. I was a U.S. Marine last Halloween and I wore a real U.S. Marine uniform, everyone in my school was like" why are you being a Marine, you're not in the military!" I said" My dad was in the Marines Corp and I just want to be like my dad." Im going to join ether the Navy,Air Force or Marines when I graduate high school.

  11. Don’t worry because I was eleven for Halloween and I had the wig on and people were like you look weird and even my best friend said i look weird and then I was like I don’t care about what you said and I just ignored them

  12. Dude screw those people, ur supposed to b who u want and wild out on Halloween not worry bout what people think of u. And y do they even care what u r ur something unexpected and they’re just a basic cat or skeleton, so they should judge their own decision and creativity bcuz their costumes ain’t any better sweetie

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