86 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes You Can Make From Your Closet!

  1. I’m being Veronica Sawyer this year and the costume isn’t spot on but I don’t have to go out and buy anything. I’m wearing a blue denim button down and a grey and black striped tight mini skirt. Just need the blue hair tie

  2. I love that most of these costumes are just you Disney Bounding. These would be so great to run around Disneyland with!

  3. I just made a Toni Topaz costume out of stuff from my closet and I’m legit super happy with it. Really love the Donna Sheridan costume🙌🏻

  4. just wanted to say thank you so much for all your encouraging words and you have helped me grow more confident in my own skin❤️❤️

  5. That was amazing !!! Super awesome ideas !! I’m a mom of 3 and my kids always ask me what I am gonna be and me don’t want to spend money for any costumes 😂 this would work great! Thanks girl 🤗♥️💖

  6. Mean girls one was my fav lol
    Now that its colder weather can you do a video on how to style knee high boots/great boots for curvy girl with bigger calves.

  7. Such great ideas! I gotta say I love the kuzco costume! Emperor's new Grove has always been one of my favorites 💕

  8. ahh this is amazing! it's funny, my friends and I are going to our theatre halloween party as young donna and the dynamos!

  9. I’m trying to get my YouTube channel going and man is it hard! I love fashion and I have a very curvy body, you truly inspired me to start making YouTube videos again! Your confidence makes me confident. I hope one day I can inspire young girls too.

  10. Okay this video should be for younger people because adults have to tooken advantage of Halloween the purpose of it is made for kids just saying ily Sierra 😂🖤

  11. Hey girl! Im basically coming on to YouTube at this time of morning to tell you specifically that you're amazing! You are killing this youtube thing and I'm so happy you're doing what you love! God bless you and Stephen!

  12. I love this video (and all of your videos)! 😍 Anyway I know you're obsessed with planning and color coding and things like that. Do you have a bullet journal? Or have you ever considered getting one?

  13. I’m a guy why am I here. I’ll admit girl videos are satisfying.

    If your wondering yes I watched the whole video and I am being a greaser. Thanks Sierra!

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