Gruham Official Trailer | Telugu I Siddharth | Andrea Jeremiah | This November

I m going to insert the
this electrode in your brain. You might feel a little ticklish
but you won’t feel any pain. Shall we begin? Now the thing about
deep brain stimulation.. I m Jenny, this is Sarah. We just moved in next door. I need to know what’s happening doc. I was told by the colonel that you are have
some happening that are beyong your control Jenny is definitely not possessed. The round-about goes round
and round to one girl’s name. The ghost that was in that
house is now inside our house.

100 thoughts on “Gruham Official Trailer | Telugu I Siddharth | Andrea Jeremiah | This November

  1. I watched cinema today
    I really scared and this cinema is too fearful cinema

    Pls watch this cinema at your own risk

  2. Ultimate movie super super super super super super super super its maind blowing amazing movie one of the best movie in the year very horror movie…………iam really enjoy this movie no comments its really super Hit movie

  3. why giving so much importance to hollywood hollywood…………….crap bdw teaser is looking great hope the movie reflect the same……..

  4. Movie was really nice.. it's not that much scary but taking of movie was really at higher standard. Siddhartha did a good job .. a lot of interesting scenes were there and interesting twists too . Finally this is a full plate meals holding full satisfaction.

  5. seen d movie.. really awesome, starting nunchi ending varuku full horror n thrilling.??
    beyond conjuring.

  6. Super Sid!..Chala bagundi Gruham…! Hope you will come with more and more movies to entertain us……! Love You lot Siddhu..!

  7. Just watched the movie..intikochi mudu sarlu anjaneyaswamy bottu pettukunna..naa nidra chedagottesina ee movie team ki oka pedda dhannam ra nayana..;-);-)

  8. Awesome movie.Those who want thrilling horror movies it is the best one to watch.No lagging ,awesome visuals,fantastic background music, superb script,excellent actors, everything was fabulous, camera and graphics are mindblowing.Dont wait for it to watch in Television.Please go to theathre and feel the excellence.Goahead and enjoy the movie??

  9. i have seen this mve in theatreand it is terrific and i am waiting for gruham 2 hope it should be more terrif than gruham

  10. Tollywood no. 1horror film ???
    No movie cannot beat this movie
    Waiting for gruham 2 a lot
    It should be in peaks than this remember

  11. E cinima theatre lo choosa na venna unna uncle interval ki mundhe leci vellipotadu Connie sceens ithe heart attack vasthadhi this movie theatre lo choosthe sachipotharu sounds ke

  12. Mamoolaga ledi asalu …….horror movie ante edho idaru comedians ni petti teesestunnaaru but idi ala ledu okko scene okko diamond la undi movie maatram super…

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