Great Gatsby Inspired Fashions

I just saw it yesterday, it is so fabulous,
the highly anticipated Great Gatsby doesn’t hit theaters till May 10th, but it is already
releasing frenzy for 1920’s fashion. Here with some tips is fabulous fashion expert,
Alsion Deyette, good to see you. Don’t you want to just shimmy? You want to
see your man in a fabulous because Leo looks so good. I was just saying, no one can wear a tux like
him. So tell us about the 1920’s it’s all about the clothes, the style- It’s all about the sparkles, feathers, decadence,
rich and refined. This is not clubbing looks; it is more like the man has me on his arm.
Katelyn is wearing a dress from Sue Wong who quite frankly has been creating these decadent
designs for years and you can find her dresses in Saks Fifth Ave or Neiman Marcus and this
the epitome with the beautiful beading and feathers at the bottom. It’s gorgeous. This
dress is 568 dollars at Saks and of course let’s take a look at Peter in his gorgeous
charcoal tuxedo, the black trim, white shirt and silk bow tie. This is from Klein Epstein
and Parker, an amazing store here in LA that does custom but custom affordably for 890
dollars. I will say that the film’s style translates
easily today because it’s very fitted and in style. Let’s bring these two, all though
I will give a man credit for breaking out the tails. Usually we only see this at a wedding but
why not walk the red carpet or go to some event in the tails? First we got this gorgeous
platinum rose dress also from Sue Wong, beaded, empire waist, column floor. Art-deco, beading
work with metallic heels is beautiful. On Rob we have the beautiful tailed tuxedo, just
under 1300 from Epstein
and Parker, it’s amazing. Up next, this dress you can wear to a multitude of events and
it doesn’t feel too trendy. Beautiful, going to the party or for Halloween as Great Gatsby.
The vest and hat on the guy were huge in the 20’s, great for Fall or Spring and great white
tuxedo pants, ready to wear shirt and adding a bow tie or tie is great. These are the kind
of separates that a guy probably has, its just a matter of putting them together properly
to look chic for spring. I love all these looks, we’d like to thank
Sue Wong for all these dresses. For more information go to and a big thank you to Klein
Epstein & Parker, visit their site for more information and also visit Alison Deyette’s
website for more information, thank you so much, this was fun!

4 thoughts on “Great Gatsby Inspired Fashions

  1. The reason why the men doesn't nail the look is much because of that the trousers today are cutted terribly. Back then they where higher waisted and with a generous amount of fabric which brings more natural proportions. Today's trousers are cutted more like jeans since jeans have been popular for the last 40 years now. Could be fine if you have the right body type for it but nevertheless it doesn't work for a Gatsby look.

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