Glowing 3D Printed Coat Buttons

Bundle up this winter by replacing your coat’s
buttons with 3D printed NeoPixel buttons, powered by GEMMA, Adafruit’s tiny wearable
electronics platform. Grab the parts and download the 3D file, you
can find everything you need at the link in the description below. Print the buttons in using PLA filament for
great light diffusion, and stitch the base pieces to your coat using regular thread. Then, starting from the pocket, stitch power,
signal, and ground connections between GEMMA and the chainable RGB NeoPixels using conductive
thread. Don’t sew them so tightly that you can’t fasten the button, but not so loosely
that the button can twist and short any connections. To power the circuit, stitch a lipoly or alkaline
battery pack into the coat’s pockets. Code up your own unique color patterns and share
your project with us on the weekly show and tell. Thanks for watching, and subscribe for
more 3D printed wearables from Adafruit.

7 thoughts on “Glowing 3D Printed Coat Buttons

  1. This is SO AWESOME! I totally HAVE TO DO THIS. Biggest problem will be to make the buttons without owning a 3D printer :/

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