20 thoughts on “Genie | Halloween Costume

  1. Doing my own spin on the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland!
    All stemmed from a dress I was looking at for my sister's wedding we in my family have aptly named, the teacup dress!

  2. I can’t wait for this years costume. I don’t know if ill dress up but If i do it will be as a nerd. Sorta inspired by your “for nerd” series from back in the day. I know you have talked about the reasons why you don’t do vlog style videos anymore but have you considered doing comedy sketches? I would love to see more content from you.

  3. Im excited to see it! I just love how you go with it and even incorporate it, its inspiring really ❤! youve had some great ideas, cant wait to see whats next!

  4. What's that black thing on the left hand side by the tree? I don't recall you wearing that before.

    My guess for this year – Not so baby shark!

  5. Okokok, this is gonna be too cute
    So, my partner is horrendously afraid of dying, right? Like, he likes talking abt his fears bc they're interesting and have intriguing roots. But that's his #1 fear, death.
    And I'm going as the grim reaper this Halloween. Bc he's also told me, "if death were as adorable as you, I don't think I'd mind it."
    strangled screaming noises bc that's so adorable

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