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good morning me Familia strawberry kiss so for today's video I'm going to divulge in all of my shopping spree finds from the garage door for the summer but before we begin if you are new to our channel don't forget to hit that subscribe button and click that notification bell so you know when I post new videos also if you would like to see more of your mama mia when I'm not posting videos you can follow me on my Instagram page which is just my name Emilia Panesar and without further ado let's get into all of the goodies a huge bag full of goodies here guys I ain't playing around go big or go home Emma right I'm so totally right the first item on the list is a grey washed crewneck chopped boyfriend tee this is what it looks like right here it's pretty simple it just has a cute little pocket on the front on the left hand side and then it has like the chopped bottom look you could someone already tell on screen but it has a loose fit and it's super comfortable and the absolute softest then I got a light blue weekend tee this is just a regular length t-shirt and it has a scroop front neck v-line this too also has a relaxed fit which I also recommend getting a size up because then it's more comfortable and loose-fitting and you can tie up the front into a little bow to give it more of a unique look I personally think it looms well with sweatpants a pair of jeans or leggings and just like the other one it's super soft okay next I got a pair of green utility shorts now I personally did not think that these were going to be flattering when I saw them in this store but I gave them a try and I am so thankful that I did because these are absolutely adorable on unfortunately the only con that I do find with these pants is that when I have them on I kind of have like this weird flap thing going on at the top of the behind big booty problems but aside from that I think that these are super / adorable it's all about that military trend with these utility shorts I also in Sallee felt like I was about to trek through the jungle of Jumanji with Kevin Hart and Jack Black but that's neither here nor there then I got a pair of extreme high rise short shorts the girl at the store said that these are garages highest high rise shorts that they've had yet but I wanted to have a few pairs of jean shorts to wear throughout the summer so I got these now do we see a pattern here I live for high-rise shorts I liked these ones specifically because they are super super comfy on and they have a unique multi waistband detailing which I thought was different then I got a white ribbed halter top to be completely honest I just got this for riding my motorcycle specifically I am NOT a squid I will wear complete full gear every time I ride no matter how hot it is outside you will see me in my leather jacket with my two pairs of jeans or my leather riding pants with my boots on and my gloves of a helmet the whole shebang is on me regardless of it being 30 plus degrees outside I don't mess around with not wearing the proper gear just for the slide not the ride but like I said in summertime the weather can go up to 30 plus degrees outside so I don't necessarily want to be dying of heat exhaustion mid riding my bike so I thought I would get a simple tank top type of design that I can wear under my leather jacket so I'm not too hot when I'm riding so that's why I went with this super soft halter top but I also love it because it is obviously versatile you can also wear it with a really cute pair of shorts as you guys can see it has a halter v-neck neckline and it's mini length so it goes right at to the waistline it's both retro classic and a trendy must-have so I had to add it to my cart sis the next item that I'm going to be showing you guys I have already worn so that's why you're gonna see a lot of dog hair on it apologies in advance but I had a dress that is exactly in the same style as this top that I was absolutely obsessed with all of last year but you can't necessarily go walking around in a dress everywhere you want so when I saw this one I just had to grab it and go it's just a simple button front tank top it just has super cute faux buttons right down the middle of the top and this one is also crop length so it will sit right at your belly button now this next item I was a little bit skeptical about because I find two tops to kind of be like unnecessary annoyances throughout the day because you have to constantly keep like lifting them up because they constantly ride down on you but this one was a fairly decent length so I figured it wasn't too bad compared to other ones that I've seen that are like literally smaller than a bra sometimes but when I tried it on in the change room I felt like it didn't sag as much and I genuinely just loved the fuchsia coloring I think that it does wonders for my skin tone not to be biased next I got a pair of ultra high rise jeggings in the color white now I know what you're thinking wow she is risque for buying a pair of all white jeans however that's very bold of you to think that I could handle wearing white jeans without completely destroying them and that is why I got another pair know I love wearing white pants but my clumsiness says otherwise I'm pretty sure I have to get a new pair of white jeans every single season because I completely destroy every pair that I get with stains yea klutziness and white don't really clash together nicely but you know what cheers to trying so this year's contestant for Amelia's white jeans that will or will not be destroyed are these lovely pair right here they're ultra high rise ultra fitted and ultra awesome I also love how it is buttoned down the middle part I think that it gives a nice little extra pizzazz to your everyday pair of jeans and yeah they're pretty cute may the odds be ever in your favor little guy let me know in the comments down below if you guys are just as klutzy with white clothing because I'd love to know that I'm not the only one that destroys anything that is white and then I got a chopped boyfriend tea it's supersoft cropped length and it has a relaxed fit like the other t-shirts that I got on the front of it it has a print of baby angels which kind of remind me of Raphael's angels from the Sistine Madonna daydreamin cherubs and it also says get off my cloud on the front because you ain't on my level child child you ain't on my level I also really liked this shirt because it kind of reminded me of a painting that my mom and dad had of two hands about to touch that they claimed were their hands about to touch and we believe them but evidently we found out as we got older that it was a replica of the creation of Adam which for those of you who don't know it is a fresco painting by the Italian beloved artist Michelangelo I just hit my hand that Loki hurt learn something new every day folks getting back on topic I have a short sleeve wrapped he in white I don't even know how to like hold this properly I've probably been holding everything so poorly so I apologize for that but it just has this faux wrap front with a plunging neckline I just thought it was cute soft and comfy so I had to add it to my shopping cart and then I just got myself a halter bralette I honestly think that I'm going to be wearing this underneath my motorcycle jacket as well or I'll just wear this with my Ultra high-rise button-down jean shorts and just wear them on like a super hot day to just be chill I really loved the nude pinkish color of this top I think that it goes really well with my skin tone and I honestly would wear this as a top outside not necessarily as a bralette but versatility my friends free the nipple and last but certainly not least I got myself a pair of oval sunglasses I've had my eyes on a pair of similar sunglasses by Ray band but I already have like three pairs of sunglasses from Raymond I want to say I just couldn't justify spending 200 plus dollars on a pair of sunglasses yet again but then I saw this pair right before I was about to check out and they have an uncanny resemblance to the ones that I saw Raven so your girl left in style it's all about the vintage vibes folks so those are all the items that I got for myself from garage for the summer season coming up I'm super duper pumped regardless of the fact that for the next week in Canada it's supposed to be pouring rain and cold I'm a believer that it is going to get super nice and sunny soon enough and the weather is wrong please Lord I just want summer weather so badly so I hope that you guys enjoyed this video please give it a huge thumbs up if you did thank you so much for watching and if you guys have any recommended videos that you would like me to film please don't be shy and leaving them in the comment section down below I can't wait to see you guys in my next video bye

7 thoughts on “Garage Summer Clothing Haul | emiliapanesar

  1. Ouuu maybe a video/ vlog about a day on what’s it’s like being a biker girl ☺️ and a ouu 🤭 🤣

  2. Loved the buttoned tank top, so cute! btw .. make more car related videos. I'd like to see more of Stella 🙂

  3. You’re so effing COOL, sexy motorcycle rider chick 😉 love love love garage, and yesssss that fuchsia will look ravishing on your skin tone!! I’d love a get ready with me! Or anything to do with makeup! Or hair, your hair is to die for!

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