100 thoughts on “FUNNY FAMiLY COSTUMES!! random runway show on our green screen with Niko and Adley!

  1. That moment when Shonduras is literally your hero but you know that you'll never get to meet him so you watch his videos and it feels like your there but you aren't actually and then you're sad cause you will never get to meet him in person…

  2. Hi shawn that was me that you met there at universal. My name is Christopher and I can't believe I met you. I am from San Diego and never thought I would ever meet you, I have watched your vlogs for the past 5 years every single day they are amazing. Have the best day ever!

  3. We love y’all my sister is three red hair blue eyes this is her in my profile photo she loves y’all love Olivia and Kendall

  4. If y’all opened those boxes, I swear. Those aren’t supposed to be opened, they could cost hundreds of millions of dollars one day in the near future

  5. We had one of those popcorn makers and never used it ever and had it for a long time, for that reason we threw it out.

  6. My daughter loves to watch you guys and Adley. It's fun watching you because your family is so much like ours. Great work guys!

  7. Very awesome. That is like you and Jenny's game of games. My wife and I play Gin and that is why I try to keep a pack of cards on me when we go out. Such a fun video. Best day & Best wishes to you & yours.

  8. 😅😌🙂🌸🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🌺🌺🕥🇨🇾lweryyhbo

  9. This is the song of baby shark baby shark dooooooooooo baby shark mommy shark dooooooooooo daddy shark dooooooooooo gramma shark dooooooooooo grampa shark doooooooo let's go hunt dooooooooo let's go hunt let's run doooooooooooo let's run let's say that last dooooooooo let's say that last doooooooooo

  10. Hey guys, my daughter has been watching Adley videos for a while now, so that means, I do too!! I just wanted to ask, where can I find the treats stand like the one in her first birthday video?

  11. Does the little vacuum actually work I’m a big fan and are roommates My cat sneaks up on me and looks at the videos

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