100 thoughts on “French Yellow Jacket Uprising Is a WARNING Against the Neoliberal Order

  1. Remember they are the descendants of the French Revolution of 1789. They did it before they are doing it again. History has repeated its self.

  2. This is what the governor of Puerto Rico is doing, but when we protested we were made to look like bad guys who were leftist and hairy hippies, when we were protesting all the austerity measures the new government and the fiscal board the US Congress imposed on us to pay shark bond holders who got those bonds without PR having the way to pay back, now they’ve closed schools over 400, most of the professionals have left the island and people are desperate, people need a better governor and a better president

  3. This whole "punch a nazi" movement is getting old. Leave it to far-left idiots, like Hasan Piker, to find a way to turn nazis into victims. Hating on nazis should be as obvious as the sky is blue but because you have ill-tempered morons who dont have the brain cells to verbally reck a horrible ideology like fascism; instead using violence against non-violent people and becoming the bad guy. No people, you dont use fascism to combat fascism. Especially when one is the non aggressor and is outnumbered.

  4. Hilarious google is being so obvious about this; yeah, I tried to downvote -how come, google? I'm sure it's just a temporary outage.

  5. Reported for promoting political violence. You should too.
    6:08. "i want to end this on a positive note. Boom boom boom. Down goes the fascist. So much for the tolerant left, am I right. Exactly how you're supposed to deal with Nazis"

  6. I'm all for a higher Gss Tax in France. It will help protect the climate and pay for the road transportation networks that in France, like in much of the world, are heavily subsidized by the government. But any economist with half a brain could point out that a high Gas Tax is going to disproportionately affect the rural working poor- who are already struggling to survive, and are the very group rioting here. So a SMART and FAIR French government would have combined the Gas Tax with measures that disproportionately HELP the rural poor- like Rural Development Grants, or a Universal Basic Income (because the Cost of Living is lower in rural areas, a UBI tends to disproportionately help the rural poor…)

  7. They are flagging conservatives, who are reporting about this without twisting reality to suit their narrative, so flagging this horse5hit seems fair to me.

    Also, zero downvotes? That's cute.

  8. This is all a staged protest, howany Protesters are going to go out and Buy ayellow jackets, No this is so he Government knows not to shoot there boys Inciting the Protest. Just like in Mexico a planned aprogest they were carring flags why, because the paid Protesters would be identified and not be hurt or arrested. This is a global moving around of the Natins and the World learrs inculding Trump is in with them the Elite. They are playing their own citizens and people right into the New World Order. It's All an act. They must Al look like the are against each other to keep You from knowing what they are doing. People Wake Up. See through the Deception.

  9. @hasanpiker you pretend this protest has nothing to do with high taxes in general and that billions of this tax money used for welfare that benefits 3rd world immigrants isn't building resentment among the middle class in France. You're using this opportunity to push your socialist agenda the same as the right has done, using that same main stream media scare tactic "the nazi's are coming"

  10. Everyone here Europe knows this is about immigration not just taxes.. BTW if you guys claim to be against violence, why do you always get a hard on when a so called "Nazi " gets punched? Doesn't seem very consistent there "buddy boy " ?

  11. Clear out all Youtube cookies from your browser to fix the dislikes. So far it looks like they changed their layout again and old cookies mess with the ratings somehow.

  12. This is by far the best english-speaking analysis of the Yellow Jacket movement i heard. Thumbs up man, you perfectly understood what was at stake here.

    From a french yellow-jacket.

  13. lmao – mouth breathers are freaking out that there are no more ways they can show their disapproval.

    My question – Why even comment? Do you think people care about your bleak opinion on not liking a VIDEO. Especially with the last couple of comments really reaching for that low ball comment. So much hate and so much freedom.

  14. >video has 1.1K likes. 0 dislikes.
    >goes on socialblade to see if it true
    >4k ratings on socialblade

  15. Piss off tyt !!! You understand jack sh… about Europe. Essaie même pas de récupérer ce mouvement Gilets Jaunes, FDP. Grosse daube cette chaîne pourrie. Va sucer ton banquier.

  16. TYT is such a joke. The yellow vests didn't chant "we want trump", but the movement while not right or left, is a largely nationalist movement. The YVs are anti-macron, anti-globalism, and anti-EU, largely. You comparing them to Antifa is straight propaganda. It's funny to watch you criticize Trump when you are just as bad. On top of that, this comment section is full of people calling out your propaganda-filled channel all while there are 0 dislikes. Hmm, it's almost like you know who your base is and realize how naive and stupid they are to actually think this video is 100% upvoted.

  17. Merci man VIVE le peuple de france comme tous …aider nous partager protester envers le peuple le plus revolutionnaire de notre histoire et frere avant tous.amen

  18. You muppet, this started as a protest against the fuel tax but has evolved into a sort of pro-nationalist and anti-globalist protest.

  19. "Its about class conflict" Like you socdem hacks would know anything about class conflict. The only way class will ever become equal is through socialism, something you will never understand.

  20. In france, "yellow jacket" means a bright yellow jacket worn for visibility.
    In america, a yellow jacket is a species of stinging insect.
    We need more yellow jackets !

  21. Analysis of the regressive nature of taxes in France is correct, however, it is worth pointing out that while the French are already very highly taxed, their budget deficit is still well above the EU stability and growth pact (designed to safeguard Europe against financial instability and crisis). Those who criticise the tax need to come up with alternative ways of closing the budget deficit and tackling the important issue of climate change. The wealth tax was not effective in tackling inequality or gaining revenue and it was right to scrap it. All of this is within the context of a very closed labour market in France where laws and unions exclude newcomers while protecting a class of unionised workers (leading to higher unemployment) and a closed society more generally with people reported more negative views of migrants when compared to European neighbours.
    For context, I'm an Economics student at the University of Leeds with special interest in wealth inequality, social mobility and European affairs.

  22. 42% of yellow vests protesters who voted on last presidential elections voted for nationalist Marine Le Pen on first round (twice the national average). Another 16 voted for conservative François Fillon, 9% for socialist Benoit Hamon, 5% for neoliberal Emmanuel Macron (a fifth of the national average). And finally leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon got 20% (the same as the national average). Those who didn't vote for someone, the apolitical people you may say, probably represent 25% of the total.

    Yes it's about class, no doubt about that. But what you guys at TYT fail to see is that the main polical group within the YV are for drastic measures against immigration. They are overwhelmingly white europeans, they live in rural and periurban areas, they are from the working and lower-middle classes and they still make enough efforts to be less unemployed than big-citydwellers.

    What you also fail to see is that the reputation the YL have among the Macron-voting upper classes is that they are seen a bunch of deplorables ("beauf" in french). They were called racist and nazis, they were called homophobic, they were called lazy and dumb and uneducated. Macron supporters called for their replacement, for police violence against them, for more taxes targetting them and who cares if they can't feed and dress their kids properly.

    They were treated just like YOU treat Trump's america. They suffered the same comments as the ones I could read many many times in TYT comment's section.

  23. They only allowed 44 dislikes when there are thousands who tried to dislike this video. They kept this video at 0 dislikes for weeks. They are manipulating your perception of what the people think. Stay away from the YOUNG TURKS

  24. I'll tell you whats going to happen. First it's going to beCrance and the Eoropean nations. Than its going to be UK. After that its going to be Canada. The US will than try but will fail because they screwed all their allies by destabilizing them. Australia is pussies. US will try to invade China or Russia and find themselves being pushed out by many countries who lost trust in them. Than the world ends. ???

  25. Disliked. – Like this comment to show that u disliked this video. Obviously TYT allows free speech n wont restrict this post or call this hate comment

  26. French here, it's impressive to see how well the troll campaign works on the american part of youtube. I see that in the french part of the web as well but it seems much more amateur than what's going on here. Keep up you work TYT so much hatred must mean you're doing your job right.

  27. Yeah no. Typical TYT lies and spin. If it was all a class struggle that has nothing to do with mass migration the yellow vest movement wouldn't have made the demands that they did. Return ALL that do not meet sanctuary requirements to their respective countries mandatory French language civics and history class' for all immigrants with certification at the end. I seem to remember there were one or two more demands as well. That sounds like people are pissed about more than just the fuel tax that Macron has already caved on.

  28. Here, in France, The movement has already gained momentum on a few dates but they are now talking about a general strike. Ours claims are absed on the fuel taxe. Then, in view of the silence of the president , it has changed in demand on the purchasing power, the lobbies, the laws put in place without the people being aware….. So now the claim is the RIC citizen initiative referendum. This one would give the voice to the people and we can stop the government is these fraudulent acts.

  29. If you think this has nothing to do with immigration your the real moron it’s not the only thing but it is a reason my mother was born and lived in France for 20 years and I have family in Paris so I have a real life insight not an opinion

  30. hmm, cut taxes for the rich and then raise taxes for the poor? sounds like the exact same thing happening over here, except trump has conned so many republican idiots that they're not rioting.

  31. Anti Fascist sounds so classy. Anti-Fa A U.S. terrorist group composed of child molesters and college professors (Ou that rhymes; take note); sponsored (paid for) by Alexander Soros.

  32. The world neo-liberal does not fit in this title.. Neo Liberal is actually a regular or JFK liberal… A regular liberal… So called liberals now a days are just the straight up party of come-satan.. I Rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus Christ…

  33. Young Turks you're a bunch of dumbasses that have no understanding of the intricacies of a financial Republic ! If you like socialism why don't you all move to France dumbasses.

  34. I thought I would get a fresh perspective coming here, but of course you got a tight with Trump. It has nothing to do with Trump, it has nothing to do with Nazis, and what kind of classical liberal condones violence in the marketplace of ideas? Isn't the whole idea of egalitarian ism that we flush out our differences through free speech and not violence? The Young Turks actually condones hitting someone because of what they think. Yeah, having Neo-Nazi ideas is deplorable, but what happened to the idea of free speech. what if I have an opinion that somebody doesn't like? Is it all of a sudden okay to punch me? The Young Turks, you're f**** stupid

  35. Hey everyone! This is just a friendly reminder of why you SHOULDN'T take TYT's political advice…. ON ANYTHING!
    Macron Started A New Party, Is Now President Of France
    ~The Young Turks

  36. i m french all what you said is true.don t listen fake news made by trumptards they are a bunch of pricks totally out of reality.we want the RIC

  37. The general populous are angry, nationalists and communists protesting side by side It's beautiful, and dangerous as history has shown.

  38. Thumbs up vs thumbs down, shows that the ones trolling this video are missing the point of democracy! Keep living in your World of lies. France is a rich country that sees there is no future for the overall well being of it's population by staying in the present system. Their is no more argument between left and right being the same. They believe in the people to take their responsibility by being each a political actor. There is no better way to make the changes, avoid racism, war and save the planet. But maybe you think people are stupid and only higher society can rule the world, that's your choice 😉

  39. It’s literally about a fuel tax increase. But sure, push your narrative. Looks like not much has changed with your Jazmine Barnes mishap.

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