FraNYC | Family, Friends & Fur Coats?

– It’s the first day of
spring, and it’s snowing. Yay climate change! Here’s what happened this
week in FraNYC. (sniffs) So I’m at my grandfather’s house in Ohio and you have to see this
wallpaper in his bathroom. It’s little naked ladies like, what? When I was a kid, I just
thought that this was the most scandalous thing ever, to see all these naked
ladies in the bathroom. Back in the day things were (whispers) clearly different. – Happy Birthday granddaddy! Were you surprised to see me granddaddy? (women laugh) – Tried to surprise him He’s smart, he heard
people talking about me so he knew I was coming. – [Woman] Somebody had a big mouth. (women laughing) – We won’t say who had the big mouth. But somebody let it slip. Mom was it you that let
it slip that I was coming? ♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear granddaddy ♪ (laughing) ♪ Happy birthday to you! ♪ – [Woman] Say I’m the bomb! – We still look good without eyeliner. This is my cousin Tara, she’s really funny and hilarious. We were up all last night
cracking up about QVC. (women laughing) So we have to do our QVC impression. – You said I was on the camera. (laughing) – I never bought a patent leather bag. – Sue was lying. – Never had a patent leather bag. – Sue was 80 years old. – It’s my first patent leather bag ever. – And I just love it. – Oh Gawd, I love Dooney & Bourke. – She loved it so much that
she got that she got black. (laughing) – This is my cousin Dejean. – Hey! – And he’s working this little beard now. – It’s the only hair I got. (laughs) – There’s nothing left I can
do unless i get a sew in, Some kind of invisible part. – Uh, please do not get a lace front. – Don’t get a lace front? – I will be so embarrassed
if you are rocking a wig. – So what about a lace front beard? They have that in Atlanta now. They glue it on, and then they trim it and then they have a beard. – Please tell me you’re lying. – No. – Lace front beards? – Lace front beard in Atlanta, I think… – You already have one so you don’t have to wear a fake one. – See this is real. (laughs) – No perm, nothing. – Hi! Look it’s the guys from AsapSCIENCE! – How’s it going? – We’re huge fans of
Chescaleigh, we freaked out. – Oh my… – We were coming down
the escalator and like… – This is not… This is not… This is not about plugging me. It’s about plugging you. (unintelligible) (uptempo music) – You are the reason that I… – [Franchesca] Look at your hair! It’s gorgeous! – Oh my gosh I’m blushing right now! (laughs) – Amazing! – I’m so glad I ran into you this is… (laughs) – I’m hanging out with you! – Um… no, it’s the other way around. I’m fangirling you. – No I’m fangirling you. – Just had dinner with Kim
and Brian, my college friends. Ooh! and look, she’s pregnant again! Oh my god, there’s a baby in there! (laughs) Oh my god! (slow saxophone music) – I’m hanging out with Franchesca Ramsey backstage at New School. This is happening! – Uh, suck it Upworthy, just kidding. I just want… (laughs) – I just want all my
coworkers to be jealous. They are gonna be, they are pissed. Like I told them I was
hanging out with you guys. – [man] They didn’t get tickets? – Because I got added when
tickets were already sold out. – [Woman] They sold out in a day, just so you know. – We’re doing Upworthy shout outs Shout out Rebecca – Ohhh Adam! – Shout out Alvin – Oh yeah, Alvin. (unintelligible) – And everybody on the video team that coordinated our
original Hari Kondabolu original Upworthy video which was An amazing first original video. – So much fun, so much fun to do that. – I think that’s it. – Yeah. – Bye! – Everyone say hi. – [Audience] Hi! – Oh my god this is so awesome. So after the panel we
opened it up for Q & A which is customary at panel events. The very first question stands up and goes on this tirade about how ignorant the panelists are because no one mentioned that scientists have
discovered that there is no such thing as race. I think we all thought it was a joke. It was just so weird that
someone would sit through a 90 minute panel to then
say that we were stupid and that there is no such thing as race. Like, he bought a ticket to say this? And we all thought we were being punked. – [Man] You’re talking about
race being a construct? Of course we know race is a construct. No one’s here thinking
there’s absoluteness in this that – are you ready to go? You packing up? (woman, audience laughs) You said your piece so you’re done? Oh come on, man. Let’s get the fuck out of here. (audience yells and applauds) – [Woman] A fucking fur coat! (laughter) – [Woman] Are you serious? – It’s really great that you didn’t really have any interest in what we had to say. White privilege in
action bro so, thank you. (audience yells and applauds) I swear, he looks like a
Scooby Doo villian like, Who are you? So I didn’t get to vlog about this when it was happening yesterday cause yesterday was a little intense and really busy but, um a post that I did about Matt Diaz, My Annoyances got over a million page
views in just 24 hours! (laughs) and, even better, um, Matt put up a fundraiser to get surgery for his excess skin removal cause that’s what the post was about, and he got $20,000 in just 5 hours. Seriously this is so
incredible and overwhelming that I haven’t even had time to like, put my eyebrows on. You are seeing me au naturel at 8 o’clock in the morning because, I can’t believe it. Thank you internet, thank you! So that’s what it’s like in FraNYC not really FraNYC cause there was tons of traveling. It wasn’t a typical week but oddly typical because I’m not here that much. (laughs) It’s a lot, but it’s totally worth it. On top of my day job at Upworthy. So combine all of that traveling with working on the plane and in coffee shops and in cabs and in between auditions. It’s a lot, it’s totally
worth it, and I love it. And I’m really going to try to vlog more. What do you think? Tell me in the comments. And I will see you when I see you. Bye!

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  1. fur coat guy!!  OMG!!!  This event was literally the best!!  I laughed throughout the whole thing!!  You guys gave me all the life!  Thank you….Seriously!

  2. I love you girl! You are so effing great!! By the way, will you be making another broad city appearance soon! You were awesome in that!

  3. You have a tattoo on your left bicep? Wow never knew. You mention your chest piercing. You did you get inked? Yes my eyes are huge enough to see atoms.

  4. Why… Why am I just now coming across you and your channel? And your fellow panelists? Your family is so lovely, your awesome and gorgeous, love NY, saxophonist on a subway platform, gahh, etc.

  5. Hey. I'm in Ohio too! Visiting Cleveland…. Had I known u were coming we coulda gone out for drinks with the girls.

  6. Love the video, miss you vlogging more often and I'm enjoying last name basis!!!! Question for next episode: what have you noticed has changed since being married (relationship wise), and what advice can you give folks who are planning to marry soon?
    Sorry. I know this is random in the comments, but I love you and Patrick!!

  7. You said he looks like a scooby- Doo villain LOL I was thinking "Penguin" from Batman XD Of course a White Man would say " Race doesn't exist" smh Glad he walked his troll ass out of there

  8. Grandaddy's bathroom,doe! Your family's funny! Cute cousin (um, the beardy one – just for clarification, lol). Weird fur coat guy, doe!! #troll

  9. Bravo. Love the positivity, encouragement, & appreciation that everyone had for each other throughout the vlog. Yes, Granddaddy you are the bomb. I saw you while I  was in NYC last October/November. You were interviewing someone in the park. You are a true beauty. xx from Montreal 

  10. Yes, please vlog when ever your able too. Keep up the amazing job you, and i appreciate you.

  11. Is that Scooby-Doo villain real life?!

    Any chance that panel will be available online sometime?
    Happy birthday to your grandpa!! 🙂

  12. The fur coat guy was interesting. I love that you call your dad Grand Daddy. My family calls my great grand father "Daddy".

  13. I would definitely love more vlogs. I really like knowing what people are up to as adulthood looms closer and I'm still unsure how to manage time do/what to do with myself after college. There's just so many paths I could potentially take.

  14. @mstambourinegirrl funny that you'd leave a comment agreeing there's "no such thing as race" and yet, disable the ability for anyone to reply to you. wonder why that is? …. Yes, race is a social construct and there are no genetic markers that make a black person different from a white person or asian person, latin person etc etc and vice versa. BUT, the fact that race is not genetic DOES NOT CHANGE the fact that there is a social structure that mistreats and oppresses others BASED ON RACE. "No such thing as race" doesn't mean racism doesn't exist. "We're all part of the human race" is derailing bullshit used to end conversations about racism. No one is denying we're all human, but you're living in a dream world if you fail to acknowledge that POC are treated as less than BECAUSE OF THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN. Yes, race is a social construct, one created by white people to categorize themselves as better than oppress non-white folks that continues to oppress and marginalize people to this very day. 

  15. Please vlog more. This was cool and just the right length. It was so great to see you meet someone that was influenced by your style and beauty. Love you, Jay Smooth and Aamer with his sexy smart self….lol

  16. Your vlogs are the bomb, must have got that from your grandad! Also is that a tattoo on your arm around 7:09 ?

  17. I have missed you!!!! Keep doing your vlogs so we can see what you're up to!!!

    Ps-let us know if you're coming to Chicagoland anytime soon!!!

  18. Yes, vlog more! Just these week/event round-ups once in a while is fine?? – your energy is great, I love to see these videos 🙂 so if you like it/feel inspired don't hold them back 🙂

  19. I just want you to know that I am very inspired by you. You're funny and fearless and I really like how you live out your feminism and are super cool with your educating. xx

    (Also it was super fun to see your sweet family.)

  20. Yes, more vlogs please. Your family seems awesome, I love your mom. I would have a fan girl moment if I ever met you too. All the best.

  21. 1. um, your grandpa seems awesome… can he be my friend in my head?
    2. your (male) cousin is kinda fahn haha
    3. LMAOOO at that dude at the panel… Scooby Doo villain is SPOT ON

  22. Your family is so welcoming and full of love! Happy birthday to your grandad 🙂 according to my grandma 90 is pretty good!

  23. I don't mean to me disrespectful, but are we failing to see the irony here?  We are debasing this mans opinion, thoughts and question based on his outward appearance – he's wearing a fur coat – so what?  Does that mean his question had less value or was less valid? Maybe he wears it to keep himself warm.  And if it's a matter of animal rights, are we all wearing canvas shoes and going sans make-up?  If it's a matter of a fashion decision, should we then disregard someone's opinion because he/she wears, hmmm, cornrows for example.  The derision just seems somewhat high-schoolish.  I would have expected better from a panel discussing such an important and timely issue.

  24. your grandpa is basically the cutest, very happy birthday to him. and the wallpaper is the bathroom actually reminds me of these scandalous bathroom joke books that we have, that used to below to my great grandpa lol lots of inappropriate jokes and scantily clad ladies.
    also, wtf fur coat guy. as if his argument didn't make him sound dumb enough, he had to go and wear that outfit…

  25. I love love the FraNYC's. Also – I just obsessively check to see if you have put up content, so really anything is like a polished gem stone to me. Whatever works best for you, love to see your impact either way.

  26. ugh of course he wore a fur coat. he probably thinks animals don't feel pain either. only he, the sensitive and smart white male, has any feelings and only he has (correct) opinions. god i woulda punched him. lol

  27. Kudos to your bright spirit and energy!  Thank you for sharing.  Sending encouraging hugs and many smiles from Brooklyn.

  28. Amazing as always! You should totally coming to the UK… when I say the UK, I mean Birmingham. I have to do a talk tomorrow about representation for Women's Aid and you're my first stop for knowledge! So thank you for being so epic and inspiring 😉

  29. Three things:
    1. Your grandpa is adorable.
    2. OMG, that guy in the fur coat. I think I'd probably wonder if it was some sort of joke as well.
    3. Yes, please vlog more.

  30. I'm willing to bet that FurMan tuned out anything that was being said at the panel and only waited to say his bit of dialogue and then tuned everything out again and left. Like he was feeling too intellectual and euphoric and thought that he was saying the greatest speech ever but ended up looking like a bizarre 50's movie villain with no passion or humanity.

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