Frankie Stein Monster High Doll Costume Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

Emma: Hi, my name is Emma, and today I’m going to do a Monster High Frankie Stein makeup tutorial I’m not going to match it exactly but pretty close. So the first thing I’m going to do is make
my skin color like, the greenish color. I’m going to get some of this whitish cream in here. Some of this, and maybe a little bit of this. So that’s what I’m going to use. We will start with the white, and cover your
whole face. Now I’m finished with the white face, so I’m
going to use the Monster High makeup that I got for my birthday. I’m going to use it
for my face. I’m going to do my whole entire face, blend
it with that. I’m using a foundation brush. Just do this all over like, a lot. There, finished with that, and now I’m going
to use… (Coughs) Now I’m going to use this green right here. In my Sugar Pill palette, I will use that.
With the same exact brush. I’m going to blend it into the color because
it’s kind of blue. This will add more green-ish. There. I am going to be using this blue in the Sugar
Pill palette. I’m going to be using this one. This white cream makes it harder to do. Now I’m going to do the lighter blue, that’s
in this huge palette. Right above the darker blue. Now I’m finished. Now, I’m going to do the mascara. I’m going to take this dark color, dark brown
color, and put it on my eyebrows to make it look like her eyebrows. See? Now I’m going to do my L.A Colors lipstick.
It’s cherry red. I mean literally! Look at that! Cherry red! Yea, lets wipe this off and try again. So lets try this again. Ahhhh! So, now I’m finished with that lipstick.
Now I’m going to do that little thingy, that she has on her cheek here. Boooooom! Thank you for watching! Subscribe, follow
us on tweeter, comment, and thumbs up! Oh, and this looks good!!! Bye YouTubie!

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