100 thoughts on “Forgotten Rusty Oil Lamp – Restoration

  1. A lot of people are asking the same questions, so i'm going to answer them right here.
    1. Why use paint stripper first when you sandblast it anyway? Simply because you don't want to have all that paint in your sandblaster.
    2. You forgot to paint "WALO" back on! That was just the name of the construction company who once owned that lamp. As this was not there originally, i decided to not put it back on.
    3. What are you doing with these items after you restored them? I keep them for display and i use some. As you can see i'm using the air die grinder in this video, the one i restored in my first video.
    4. Why use oil spray, when you sandblast it after? Between the oil spray and the sandblasting were a few days, so it would rust a lot in that time.
    You can find a lot more info in the description.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. If you listen carefully… off in California a liberal millenial is at his chromebook in mommy's basement freaking out screaming LEAD PAINT!!!! HE DIDNT TEST FOR LEAD PAINT!!!! AND PAINT GOOP DOWN THE DRA….passes out from being deeply triggered

  3. I find your resto projects quite soothing. Come home from work. Lay back in the recliner and watch about an hour of your vids.

  4. I appreciate the slow and precise way you do things. We can see how much you care about restoring delicate items and not rushing to do the job! It’s so satisfying to watch. Keep it up!

  5. Подскажите что за щётку и пасту используете для полировки металла?

  6. I usually can’t watch any video until the end, I click forward a lot of times. But after lots of videos, this is the first I watch from the very beginning to the end. Thank you so much for just putting some text, some tools sounds and no voice.

    I take my hat off for you!

  7. You do such beautiful work. The restorations are amazing. But they are often so deep that the pieces can look more like reproductions. I find myself both impressed as heck by the work and sad at the loss of the beautiful patinas. Nevertheless, I LOVE watching you work and the videos are very well produced. Thank you for sharing your passion with us!

  8. I see you uploaded this video some time ago, but that oil lamp reminds me of the old railroad lamps the were used by Santa Fe. I have a newer model of that kind of lamp, but updated.

  9. That turned out awsome like everything you restore. I restore carburetors and some of the things your doing for polishing might be new to you but are rather old school ways I use too ,keep up the awsome work DennisCarb

  10. This video brought back memories of seeing lamps exactly like this, though with red lenses all round, hung around roadworks and the like to warn motorists of obstructions at night. I vividly remember seeing the last guy off site going round filling and lighting the lamps before knocking off.

  11. Ik weet nog wel dat dit soort lampen werden gebruikt bij wegafzettingen. Ze hingen gewoon aan een stalen beugel en ze werden niet eens gejat!

  12. Оставлю тебе свое скромное мнение 🙂 Между ремонтом (просто сохранением и восстановлением работоспособности предмета) и реставрацией (восстановлением оригинального облика предмета) существует тонкая грань, и тебе удивительно удается ее сохранять. Пример: Видел какой-то видео про реставрацию ножа, так мастер разломал хорошую еще годную оригинальную ручку, чтоб сделать новую, причем топорную и ужасно некрасивую – вот это очень плохо. У тебя все получается супер. Главное в реставрации (у меня самого специальность скульптор-реставратор) это напрочь гнать самодеятельность и воображение (когда оно лишнее)

  13. I remember when our local council used them around road works & as a teenager they started to use plastic ones that run on batteries .

  14. 40 to 45 years ago people use in their house because you've had lots of power cuts but there's lots of house fires in the old days

  15. I have two requests…. one) probably to me the most satisfying part. A Sand blasting, sanding, and polishing compilation. Two) before and after (with functionality check) compilation. I’d watch those all day. So freakin satisfying.

  16. "Why use paint stripper first when you sandblast it anyway? Simply because you don't want to have all that paint in your sandblaster."

    Instead, let's wash it down the sink.

  17. Vous êtes un génie, un magicien, quel beau travail, quelle ingéniosité, quelle précision, quelle beauté dans les gestes ! Au temps du tout jetable, de l'éphémère, redonner une vie d'une telle splendeur à des objets que certains jettent à la poubelle sans les regarder est une démarche d'une grande valeur. Cela tranche terriblement avec la médiocrité (et c'est un euphémisme), la bêtise crasse, la nullité, la vacuité du monde qui nous entoure actuellement. J'espère que vous ferez des émules. Merci pour votre travail et votre immense talent.

  18. Ever sit back and think about how this piece was manufactured decades ago, what it's seen, and how many hands have touched it?

  19. The vinegar / flour /salt mix that you use… Will that clean up ANY brass… Or only soot?
    I have a few brass objects and I could do with a cheap and easy method to clean them!

  20. It bothered me like hell at the beginning when there was still old paint etc. on the metal. But then came the dear sandblast ❤️

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