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– Good morning Food Stylist Versus fans, we are at our local Starbucks and what a better way to start
a day of food styling lattes, than to get our caffeine fix and our inspiration for the day. What I want to achieve today is the images that you see
behind me on their menu board. We have the toppings here,
now this is the milk foam. I also hope to achieve that,
maybe a little more solid, and less of these larger bubbles. I want it to almost blend in
with this whipped cream topping that’s so thick and creamy and white. All right you guys, we are
pumped full of caffeine, and definitely ready to
head back to the studio. And I’m going to show you how I food style Starbucks holiday lattes. – I’m a food stylist. Consider
me a make-up artist for food. I take boring, everyday, average food, and make it look amazing. I’m going to show you how I
style Starbucks holiday lattes. So the first step for making our lattes is to make the coffee. Instead of making espresso
the way the baristas do it, I’m using instant espresso powder. This is just a really simple
way to make coffee or espresso for photography, without having
to go through all the steps of brewing your own coffee. Whenever you see like a cup
of coffee alongside an image it’s probably just made with
instant espresso powder. That way it’s really accessible
for the food stylist to use, they can reheat it as they need to, and you’re not wasting a really
nicely brewed cup of coffee that’s gonna just sit
on set for a long time. All right so to get the
lattee looking the way that we want it, that
creamy rich consistency, I have a couple of ingredients over here. So were definitely going to
add milk to our coffee base. This is just room temperature
milk, it has not been heated, but it’s definitely not cold. And that looks really nice,
it’s a little bit darker than what you would see a
latte color being necessarily. Lattes can sometimes be
a little bit more creamy. But we’re working on a
mocha latte, so that one is going to have a richer
chocolatey look to it. I’m adding a little bit of heavy cream, also room temperature,
it is not been heated. That just gives the coffee base a little bit of a richer consistency. So to me this looks great,
the color is perfect, so now I’m going to add my chocolate. This is just a chocolate
syrup, it obviously is meant to incorporate into liquids,
vs. if you just melt chocolate. When you style a latte
for food photography, for advertisements, and
Starbucks in particular has done this, they’ve put their lattes in a clear glass coffee mug so that way you can see the coffee itself, and the individual layers
that your latte provides. It’s very attractive it makes
the consumer want to buy that cup of coffee and
drink that cup of coffee. So when I’m making my
coffee base, I’m looking for those exact colors that
Starbucks uses for their lattes. Look, so much chocolate, so delicious. I have my base for my mocha made. Now I’m going to work on my
other two coffee drink bases. So we’re making all these the same way, the only difference is the
color of the latte itself. With the mocha, obviously
we were looking for a really rich chocolatey color. For the next one it’s
a creme brulee latte. So we’re actually looking
for a more caramel color. This is my dulce de leche product. It’s a delicious caramel which
is going to give this coffee a really lovely golden brown color. So it’s really important to note that everything that I’m using
today is completely edible and realistic. All of the ingredients
can be actually drank, drunk, drank, ingested. However, when you are making something for food styling, it is
about the way it looks. So what I’m trying to
do is take the color of the product, and match
it to the picture that Im trying to replicate today. And last but not least
we are going to work on this third latte, which I’m
really not even sure what it is, but it’s much lighter than the other two, which is great because we want
them all to look different. I don’t think I’m going
to have to add any extra add-in to this one, we’re just
going to do coffee and milk. So this is a frother that
you froth, that you would froth warm milk with. But it also helps when you like, just need to stir something. So now that we’ve made
our bases for our lattes, they look great, we’re
going to work on the foam for our lattes. In the image that we’re
referencing from Starbucks, it has a really thick layer
of foam on top of the latte. Definitely, a trick to
achieve, even when you have a barista set up, and your
foaming your milk with the cup, and the wand,
and the whole thing, it’s you know, really intimidating
because it hisses at you. Like (hissing sound). So today, I’m going to
show you a little trick that I have for making foam for lattes for food styling. I have an electric milk frother. It heats up your milk, and also froths it at the same time with this
little whisk attachment. And then to add to my milk
I have a shelf stable, powdered, whip-cream product,
that normally you would just add cold milk and vanilla to, and beat it to make a whipped topping. But today its going to
act as a stabilizer for our latte foam. Hopefully, hopefully,
disclaimer, it will give us a thick, rich, creamy, foam
topping for our lattes. And I’m just gonna add about a tablespoon, and now I’m just gonna turn that on and let it do it’s magic. The bubbles on this frothed
milk are really tight, which makes it look like a
really thick head of milk foam. It’s exactly what we want it to look like. Now, it’s time to build our lattes. We have our prop glasses
that we’re going to use for our photo setup. I have a funnel to help
the liquid go straight into the glass without
messing up the glasses that we cleaned and shined. I’m going to leave about
an inch at the top, for our milk foam. Consistency is key here. Okay, these are beautiful. So now I’m going to take my frothed milk. It has held up very nicely. It’s thick, it’s white,
it looks delicious. I have to tell you, I’m using
things that I’ve done before things that I have
experience working with, but I’ve never actually done this before. (laughter) So I have my lattes in the cups. One thing that really sticks
out to me in their ad, there are these beautiful tones on the top of the lattes. So I took a little bit of our mocha base, with milk foam that I
already had mixed up. And I was just gonna
add, like, a little layer to the top here, just around the edge. I think I might add like a
little bit on this caramel latte. So I added a little bit
of white back into that, so it , like, fills that space in. And then I think I’ll just
take my spoon and sort of, like, blend those two
togEther a little bit, so it looks a little bit more natural. And then the same with
this last one too, I think I’ll add a little bit of color. I’m just going back over
and I’m adding a little bit more of the white milk foam, just filling in a couple spaces. Making sure the height
of the foam is where I want it to be. These drinks are looking
really, really nice. I think they’re going to hold, however they’re not going to last forever. So the quicker we can get
our beauty shot of these gorgeous lattes, the better off we are. Because I don’t want
to have to remake them. All right, all you
Starbucks junkies out there. This is our version of the
Starbucks holiday lattes advertising photo. That looks great! One thing I’d like to point
out, is my latte glasses are a little mirrored compared
to our reference photo, because I didn’t build my
lattes to face that way. I have a couple of larger
bubbles in these latte glasses. So, I have this… I’m
just going to call this my, my poking tool. They use them at the dentist. I’m just going to take
that, and kind of get these larger bubbles, and then
take a little bit more fresh foam, to put on top. So I’m going to add my whipped
topping to each of them, if you’ve seen the photo,
they’re each a little different. I’m not going to be able to replicate those whipped creams swirls exactly like they are in
that particular photo. But, I’m going to try my best and at least make them look really pretty. It looks good. Well, before everything goes
to hell in a handbasket, we’re going to add our garnishes. So we have beautiful chocolate curls, that I’m going to add to the mocha. And then you’ll notice
in the reference photo that there are some that are just so beautifully, yet
haphazardly on the surface, so we’re also going to do that. And this beautiful gold sanding sugar, to go on top of the creme brulee latte. And then last but not least
we have this beautiful, whatever it is latte back here. We’re going to do some red sanding sugar, and then have these white pearls. All right guys, we’re finished. I think this turned out great. They don’t look exactly
like the Starbucks photo, but considering it was the first time that I’ve styled a latte, I
think they look really good. I’m going to get out of the
way, and let our photographer take a couple final beauty shots. Comment below and let
me know what you thought about this episode. And if you have any tips on
how to food style coffee, share that with me, I’d love to see. Make sure you like, comment, subscribe, and follow Well Done on
Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Thanks-a-latte! (jaunty, up-beat music)

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