Flotte kjoler ved dronning Margrethes gallamiddag

“Billedbladet” The Danish Royal Magazine The Danish Royal Life Guards is walking up and preparering. Todays is the gala dinner at Christiansborg Palace, were the royal couple has invited the Folketing (danish goverment), and 13 EU-parliamentarians to gala. and can i get one more? Were did you buy your gown? It’s quite fantastic! I actually bought it when i was holidaying in Tukey I am also wearing my new order for the first time Which i received for my efforts as a minister And it is a great privilege and honour to be able to wear it. It looks very stylish on you Thank you! And it has been so nice to have some time, to rejoice going to the Queens gala Now there were time to… Well you certainly look very dazzling! Have a great time! Sofie, can i just ask: Who made your gown? Stacia did Who made your gown? Jesper Høvring Who made your beautiful gown? Sabroe, a dressmaker from Næstved *The Princess Benedikte of Denmark* (sister of The Queen) *Prince Joachim of Denmark (second son of The Queen) and his wife Princess Marie of Denmark* *Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and his wife Crown Princess Mary of Denmark* Good evening! Ready! Stand at ease! *Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and her husband Prince Consort Henrik of Denmark* Now the last guest are arriving in the banqueting hall of Christiansborg Palace Were the 45 tables are beautifully laid out While the guest stands at the tables and natter. Then it is the nights host-couple we are awaiting Namely, the Danish Royal Family with Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik leading the way. And they are arriving to the banqueting hall within few minutes. Thereafter, the guest go in to dinner, while The Royal Life Guards musical corps play under the dinner. *Stars playing* signalling the Royal family’s arriving Here sounds the fanfare, which means that Her Majesty The Queen and the Prince Consort are arriving to the Great Hall. They go down amidst the guest and greet them Behind them comes the Crown Prince and Princess Thereafter, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie At the back they are followed by The Hofmarskal (Lord Chamberlain); Ove Ullerup The Royal, as the guest, are not going to be seated with their partners. So they part with them in the central aisle. They will then be seated amongst the guest, so they can conversate with them The Crown Prince shall sit with, among others, Margrethe Vestager at the table Crown Princess Mary is sitting with, among others; Morten Løkkegaard, who is an EU-parliamentarian. And Princess Marie is sitting besides the minister of justice; Morten Bødskov Her Majesty The Queen sits at the table with Martin Lidegaard and Bertel Haarder Now that everyone has sat down, you can hear that the talk already has started. It promises to be a great gala here in the banqueting hall of Christiansborg Palace “Billedbladet” The Danish Royal Magazine

14 thoughts on “Flotte kjoler ved dronning Margrethes gallamiddag

  1. The person who was filming from the balcony should have all photographic equipment taken away immediately!! The image blurred completely every other second, and it’s so annoying! Seriously, if a person has that much difficulty, there’s this handy-dandy little feature called AUTOFOCUS !!!

  2. This wonderful old girl knows what she must do and what she is doing every moment. She is never less than regal. She carries on for her remarkable father and mother in making Denmark a shining nation.

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