Firstgear Kathmandu ADV/Dual Sport Motorcycle Jacket

What’s up, guys? This is Chase over here at
Rocky Mountain ATV/MC and this is our product spotlight on the Kathmandu jacket from Firstgear.
All right, so the Kathmandu from Firstgear. Now Firstgear has been around a long time.
They continue to make really good adventure gear that we love here at Rocky Mountain.
So, I got Zach here with me today. Zach is 5 foot 9, 215 lbs and he has a 43 inch chest.
Zach is wearing a size large in this jacket, definitely an American cut. So Zach has plenty
of room in the chest and the torso, plenty of length at the hips. So if you’re a guy,
if you like to wear a lot of base layers, this jacket is going to give you plenty of
room to work with. So, if we start with the outside and work
our way in, you’re gonna have a 300 high density denier in the shell and then up here on the
shoulder area, if I have Zack turn here a little bit, you’re gonna have a 420 denier
rip-stop material on those high abrasion areas. So the nice thing on this stitch pattern,
the way it works with this 420 denier, if you do tear it, the stitching prevents it
from tearing even further. That’s a great feature to really give longevity to this jacket.
So Zach, turn back for me. So you’re getting that 420 rip stop material
throughout the entire jacket in those high abrasion zones. Now you are getting molecular
armor CE rated with this jacket. So if we look at it, I brought some out here, this
is a shoulder piece that goes here. So how it works, it’s molecular armor so as your
body warms up, this is going to become more flexible and it’s really going to fit the
form of your body extremely well. But how molecular armor works is the harder you hit
it, the more the molecules inside bind to each other and it becomes more dense and it
disperses energy extremely well on those higher impacts. So that’s molecular armor. It’s a
d3o T5. That’s what this has inside on the shoulders and elbows. You do have an EVA dense
foam pad in the back. It’s not CE rated. However if you do want to, you can upgrade that to
this D30 T5 molecular armor. Now, going back to it, a lot of reflective
piping on this jacket so you’re gonna light up like a Christmas tree if a car shines its
lights on you. You’re going to have that reflective piping throughout the entire jacket and you
are going to have a lot of adjustability with this jacket. Looking at it, on each arm you’re
gonna have a bicep and a forearm strap. It’s gonna make sure you can really cinch this
jacket down and you do have these stretch panels right here at the elbow to make sure
you get really good range of motion with this jacket. Down here at the wrist, on this cuff, you’re
gonna have Velcro closure. So really they’ve made it so you can cinch this jacket down
well. Here, on the torso of Zach, you have these adjustment straps here as well so Zach
is gonna really make sure he can cinch this down. You don’t want any extra material flapping
around in the wind while you’re out riding. Now if we look at the ventilation on this,
they’ve done a great job making sure this jacket’s gonna ventilate extremely well. So
here on the chest, you have two very large 8 inch vertical chest vents on the front.
They are gonna be waterproof zippers and the nice thing is they have these nice zipper
garages here at the top so if water does get on there, it’s just gonna run off and go over
the zipper. If I have Zach lift up his right up arm for
me, or his right arm up, so, looking here, you do have these big 9 inch vertical vents
underneath the arm as well. So like I said, when your arms are up, when you’re riding
on the handlebars, this jacket’s gonna breathe extremely well. You can put that down for
me. Now, pocket-wise on the front, you’re gonna have four external pockets on the front.
One right here, it’s gonna be a water-proof zipper. It’s all YKK zippers on this jacket
so all your zippers are gonna be very durable, water-proof pocket right here on the inside.
You’re gonna have that on both side of the chest and down here at the bottom, you are
gonna have these big cargo pockets as well. They have these big storm flaps so water is
gonna be able to run off of those if it is raining. So Zach, can I have you turn around
for me? Now here on the back, you are gonna have reflective
piping on each shoulder so it’s really gonna make sure you light up like a Christmas tree
if a car’s headlights do hit you. You are gonna have this removable hydration pack.
I like that Firstgear is doing this. The water bladder and the sip tube come included. If
you don’t want to have it on there, you can just completely take that off. So that’s a
nice feature from Firstgear. You do have these large vent panels here on the back of these
vent zips. That’s gonna allow this jacket to breathe and really get any heat out of
this jacket while you’re out riding. Down here at the bottom, you are gonna have a very
large 14 inch rabbit pouch. That is going to have a waterproof zipper, so that’s a really
great storage place if you have any accessories while you’re out riding. Now up here at the
top, one quick thing I do want to point out is they’ve actually included a hidden hood
that folds up on itself. So, what you’re gonna do if it is raining, if you get caught in
a rainstorm, you can take this out, you can wear it under your helmet, that is absolutely
gonna make sure that you don’t get any water inside your jacket. So, Zach, turn it back
around for me. Now we’ll look at the collar…I do want to
point out, they’ve made sure that if you’re a bigger guy or a smaller guy, they want this
jacket to have a custom fit for you. So up here on the collar, if we zoom in on this,
you can see you actually have a sliding snap right here. So if you want to, you can slide
that open, you can slide it shut. That’s gonna make sure you’re gonna have that custom fit
around the neck so you don’t feel like you’re either getting choked or if you have too much
space there. They do have a nice microfiber lining around the inside here with those Neoprene
up top and for added measure, you have Neoprene right here to go around your Adam’s apple.
So really, you’re gonna be able to ride with this jacket all day and have a lot of great
comfort. So that’s really great, they’ve really paid attention to detail with this jacket
to make sure it’s comfortable. So now we’re gonna open this thing up and
we’re gonna look at what’s on the inside. Here on the inside, you are gonna have a pocket
right here that is gonna be waterproof. So if you wanna stash anything in there, you
can. Now here’s your thermal quilted lining that’s gonna be zip-in. It is removable so
on those hot or warm or those warm or hot days, you can unzip this and take it out and
wear just the shell. You are gonna have a couple of pockets as well, no surprises there.
Now the nice thing about this jacket is if you take that thermal quilted lining out,
the shell on this jacket is what has a HyperTex waterproof membrane on the inside. So even
if you don’t have that thermal liner, you still have a waterproof jacket while you’re
out riding. We’ve all been there, it’s a warm day, you can still get caught in the rain
so that’s gonna allow you to wear this jacket on those warmer climates, but still be protected
from Mother Nature. So that’s the Kathmandu from Firstgear. Now
remember, Zach is wearing the matching pant that goes with this jacket. So go to our website
at where you can see the full list of details on this jacket and
the pant as well. Now if you do have any questions about fitment, use the sizing guide on our
website so you know what size you’re gonna order. We know some of you are concerned about
fit so make sure…We have our fit guarantee. If you get a jacket or a pant and you’re not
happy with the sizing, send it back to us and we will make sure you get the right size
in that first exchange free of charge. Now the last thing I need you to do before I let
you go is click and subscribe to our YouTube channel, leave us your thoughts and comments
on this gear if you already own the Kathmandu jacket. Tell us what you think about it. We’d
love to hear your thoughts and reactions on it. I’m Chase with Rocky Mountain and we’ll
see you on the trails.

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