First Look: WSSU’s Red Graduation Cap and Gowns

(people chatting in background) – So, you got it made!
(people laughing) – I love the new cap and gowns. I think that the red is really bold, and I think that the
white accent on the sleeve is just really personalized to our school. (upbeat rap music) – It was time for a change, but when you think of
Winston-Salem State University, you think of a vibrant red, our band’s name is Red Sea of Sound, so it’s time to change it up, and to embrace something bold. – It’s very, very vibrant,
and I like the fact that they have the
white around the sleeve. – They’re pretty simple,
but they’re also kind of a little bit bold, I like the sash, and the white accent around
it, it’s pretty nice. – WSSU is a very vibrant
and very bold school, so makin’ this step is something
of a big change for us. Going from black, which is pretty basic, to showin’ our true red
colors, just makes it a very vibrant person.

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