First Aid Tips : How to Treat a Yellow Jacket Sting

You know throughout everyday life in the course
of being outdoors, most of us if not all of us are going to encounter a sting from some
type of insect such as a bee, wasp, hornet or yellow jacket. Hi I’m Captain Joe Bruni.
And what I’m going to talk discuss and talk about is how to treat the common yellow jacket
sting. The yellow jacket will leave some type of stinger in place after it delivers its
toxic venom. The yellow jacket stinger should not be squeezed when trying to remove it by
using fingertips or tweezers as there will be some type of venom sac at the end of that
stinger. Something such as a stiff piece of material like a credit card or drivers license
should be used to scrape the area to remove that stinger. Once the stinger is removed
the site should be cleaned with some type of antiseptic, soap and water or other type
of disinfecting type of material. After the area is cleaned you can apply ice for a short
period of time, no longer then about ten to fifteen minutes to reduce swelling and pain.
After application of ice, some type of aloe vera gel or other type of antiseptic ointment
can be applied to help disinfect and cool that stinging sensation. Once the gel or disinfectant
is applied you can then move on to applying some type of home remedy paste made out of
a few drops of water and meat tenderizer mixed together or even baking soda and a few drops
of water. Once the paste is made it can be applied to the site to help reduce swelling
and pain. I’m Captain Joe Bruni, stay safe and we’ll see you next time.

50 thoughts on “First Aid Tips : How to Treat a Yellow Jacket Sting

  1. i just got stung by a yellow jack that had a hive under my out side chair it stung me in my love handle area and it went from a tiny dots to a quarter coin sized round spot it still hurts after -_- i dont know if im light headed cuse i just woke up ………..

  2. You are a good man and I appreciate your service as a firefighter. The previous comment by wellington is correct,yellow jackets stingers remain win their body. Please check with your local pest control extension services through the agricultural department to verify and you will find he is correct. Thanks that is the only reason I gave thumbs down.

  3. Yellow Jackets hurt worse than ANY OTHER KIND OF STING! Apply a paste of baking soda or moistened tobacco to it like I just had to. They are BAD in the South and nest anywhere it's warm, yet cool and damp (like my flower bed I just weeded and got popped twice by a nest I did not know was there) Alabama ones are real vicious bastids!

  4. I was recently stung by a Yellow Jacket and I didn't know about the meat tenderizer or baking soda remedy. It has now been a full 32+ hours since my sting and the venom has left my thumb (sting site) sore. I will start treating this immediately because I didnt know. All I did was apply ice to the sting area right after getting stung. Thanks for posting this!

  5. I just got stung….took an antihistamine pill, applied ice, and then a paste of meat tenderizer.  It never swelled up, was a little red but the dang thing would hurt every few minutes for about 5 hours….pain finally gone but feels a bit 'numb' around the area.  I am not anaphylactic to these….luckily….

  6. Yellow jackets are the worst. Got stung over the weekend. That's my fifth! Hate these little fuckers! It got my finger as I went to wring out water from a hat in the pool. For some reason this one was the most painful. Now my fingers swollen and itchy, can barely move it to give someone the finger.

  7. I got stunk by a yellow jacket but it didn't leave the stinger behind the yellow jacket was stuck to my foot for a while and violently kept trying to get off my foot and then flew off stinger in tact

  8. I think that the poster is confused.  Yellowjackets are wasps and don't leave stingers behind.  Unlike bees, they can sting again and again.  In the summer, where I live, in the Pacific Northwest, they're vicious and protein-hungry–and the do draw blood.  It's not unusual to see them all over roadkill, ripping bits of flesh off a carcass and carrying them back to the nest.  You don't have to disturb a nest to get stung–just being around a hungry wasp can be sufficient.

    I've seen yellowjackets attacking bald-faced hornets–with the hornets losing.

    A good yellojacket trap is to get a 5 gallon bucket, fill it about 2/3rds full with soapy water, then hang a fish or piece of chicken over the bucket, using three sticks as a tripod.  The wasps will tear off as much flesh as they can and fall into the water and drown.  Raccoons will also dig up the nests in search of food.

  9. Today I got stung by a yellow jacket. It was my first time being stung. It got stuck in my cloth in my shirt and kept stinging me until it got out. I got stung 3 times it sucked…… Well thanks for showing me how to treat my stings.

  10. when ever bee sting u just apply lemon on it u will see it will not sawllow and also pain also not that much u see it

  11. yellow jackets can sting multiple times…they are in the wasp family. they do not leave a stinger or venom sac like a honeybee

  12. so I saw a bee on the ceiling I sprayed it then I thought it died then I was watching tv then all I felt was a sharp pain it hurted so bad that I cried how do i know what type of be I got stung by or how do i know if there's still a stinger inside my skin

  13. I got stung today at the pool it got me right behind my knee cap I freaked out and jumped in the pool I had the stinger stuck in me so I ripped it out and killed that thing

  14. chewing tobacco is the best remedy for a yellow jacket sting it draws the venom out. also dont listen to this idiot because yellow jackets are wasps and dont leave behind a stinger.

  15. Got stung by a yellow jacket 3 x on my arm 3 days ago ! No stinger was left behind on all 3 bites . But the pain is much worse than a bee sting . I was in pain for 2 and a half days . My bones were hurting in my arm and my arm was hot to the touch on each bites . I only used ice packets . But dammm !! I thought the pain would never go away . But it did on the 3rd day

  16. Got stung by yellow jackets at work the other day multiple times on the back side of my left arm, I'm looking like Popeye and holy crap the pain!!!

  17. Worse than a yellow jacket sting is having to watch rachel meddow in the advertisement before this video. This was painful

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