Fashion Targets Breast Cancer 2017 | Fashion Strong

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer brings so many passionate people together with one common goal – to raise money for vital research for breast cancer. I’m so proud to be joining this powerful movement of scientists, retailers, and supporters who have all got the same ambition – to stop women dying of breast cancer. Going through breast cancer, did that like change your relationship with the women in your life? For me the hard thing has been some of the friends I’ve made, sadly have passed away. I had to accept, I’d developed a much better sense of relationship with my inner world, with my core, with my being. Which is where strength fundamentally comes from. Anybody says, “What’s the best shoot you’ve ever done?” It’s always the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. To feel like I was actually doing it, for a proper reason that’s you know very close to my heart and personal to me, as well. Made it all the more kind of three-dimensional. Inspire people to buy. By doing that, they’re able to support Breast Cancer Now and breast cancer research. It’s a charity that’s close to my heart because my mum had breast cancer. Charities like this, not only do they raise money, but most importantly they raise awareness. I went into the Lab last year. Some of the things that they were looking at were phenomenal. I was like, ah, maybe in 3 years’ time there’ll be actual clinical applications for those then. I really wanted to immerse myself in one disease, and be able to make an impact. You see that email, that a drug is actually going out to patients. That is one of the most exciting things that I’ve ever experienced in my life. It’s empowering to know that we’re helping improve the quality of life for for patients, who are also going through the same things that we go through on a daily basis, but then they have the added trouble of the cancer. Breast cancer is going to affect someone you know. If not yourself. We’re going to stop women dying of breast cancer. People have really come together in 2017. I think it’s going to be a really strong year for women. Be Fashion Strong. Shop it. Wear it. Own it.

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