Fashion Interview: Questions and Answers with Pachamama Bohemian

Welcome back to another episode of iWANTmedia. Today we have a very special guest, Valeria Gebruers, better known as Pachamama Bohemian. She is an entrepreneur mom who’s dressed artists such as Prince Royce, Carlos Vives, CNCO and Diego Tapo to name a few her passion for bohemian fashion and craftmanship have created one of a kind designs Let’s get started with this conversation! Welcome to iWANTmedia. We are here today with Valeria, better known as Pachamama Bohemian Thank you for letting us come into you studio to talk about your designs, your story. Thank you for coming by. I’m very grateful. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you started designing. Pachamama started in 2012. After my daughters became older I started to have more time for myself. My passion has always been fashion so from there I started to investigate what I really wanted to do and I started Pachamama with bags, accessories, clutches and then I started little by little and it started to grow. First it was through bazaar sales from my house, and then bazaars in marketplaces After all of that I asked myself, what’s the next step? So I created my own website but everything took time because I was doing everything myself. After I created the website, the next step as to have my own showroom. That is what you see here around us. It’s my understanding that the word Pachamama comes from Incan origins. It means Mother Earth. Can you tell us how it relates to your brand? My brand relates to Mother Earth very much because many of the materials I use are reused, or vintage. For example, many of the jackets I use whether denim or camouflage are used. I purchase them in bulks. Also the materials I use are vintage fabrics from India. In a way by using and reusing materials I feel like it helps Mother Earth and it truly all relates. Also the textures, and the colors I use all related to our Pachamama The items you use to adorn the jackets, do you search specifically for items that are reused, or perhaps vintage to create your jackets? Yes, most of the times the textiles are vintage from India or I purchase them from the market everything is processed. I wash them very well. They look brand new in the end. My designs are not 100% reused. I would say there are also many brand new ones. The magic behind the jackets starts with the story. It’s a jacket that has been used but it has a second, third or even fourth life. If you had to pick a favorite textile, what would it be and why? It would be denim. To me denim is the new black. It goes with everything. You can wear it to a party You can wear a jacket full of glitter and all kinds of texture studs too and many more wow items added I think it becomes a collection piece that can be worn for an Urban vibe, to go to the grocery store or even to go to a wedding Do you prefer the dark or light wash denim? The light wash that looks very worn. How come? because it enhances the colors I use when I use a light wash denim it brings out whichever color I put on That’s very interesting. I like that answer.
Do you have a designer that you admire a lot? I really like Dolce Gabbana
I like designers who like more is more but Dolce Gabbana I absolutely love because they have many ideas and super crazy things I admire them a lot. Their textiles,
collages, and all the crazy ideas on their runway shows, it’s always entertaining.
How would you define their style and how does that translate into your own? They have an Eclectic, Bohemian, more is more kind of style. That is what speaks to me. It’s quite similar to what I do which is Eclectic with a lot of materials. with things that shine, and a lot of color. Do you ever wonder if you are overdoing it on a jacket? Like when you start to design and begin adding more but you think it needs even more, how do you decide if more is more and it’s never overdone? Well, the truth is more is more is just more because when I was designing less embellished jackets, those were the ones that took longer to sell. sometimes I even had to in a way redesign them and add more material. That’s when I realized that people who are searching for Pachamama are truly looking for more is more. That is what I do be honest with you. This is what I love the most. I have clients who like that like to dress in more is more with their entire outfit and other who are more classic and use a jacket on top of an entire white or black outfit to enhance the outfit. I love that. As well as these beautiful jackets, handbags and more you are now launching a new line of hats that are becoming part of your story. tell us a little more about that. Yes. The truth is this was a challenge for me. A film director contacted me to design for a play. I had to make a jacket for an angel and he asked me to create some hats for actresses who
were going to participate in this play I told him I don’t really do hats. My thing is jackets. and he to me if you can do jackets, you do everything. you can do anything. So, I created the hats for the play and the truth is that when I was doing them I fell in love with history and the idea and
I said wow I can try this then I started to make some pieces
to try them out and I would publish them on my Instagram and my stories and all the people started to respond. It was accepted right away it was shocking to me. Everyone went crazy so I said well the truth is that it works I’ve seen in your stories you are calling them Madhatter, how come? Madhatter because they are super crazy. That’s why I named the line like this The new line will be called the Madhatter because to me the Madhatter is very crazy like my hats.
That’s amazing. Tell us, how can our audience find you on social platforms or to make a purchase? On the social networks they can contact me at Pachamama Bohemian that’s my Instagram and they can also find my website that is They can also come to my showroom which is by appointment this information is also available on my Instagram. They can also use the direct messages or by phone. this is all available on my Instagram Thank you very much. Here in iWANTmedia, we always ask one final question, what does Valeria want? Valeria wants to empower. my next step is to create courses to help women and empower them So I am in the middle of creating different ideas to see which way can I empower them because the reality is that many women believe they can’t and I think we all have something inside us that can get us to feel like we can. I truly love that message. Thank you for being here with us in iWANTmedia and for being part of our conversation. and also give many thanks to Valeria for letting us inside her studio to see her designs, talk fashion and sustainability. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for our next conversation and remember to click the bell that’s below so you don’t miss our episodes. see you next time.

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