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hey guys and welcome back to my channel this is like the second like okay this week of films to reduce like one day after the other but that that hasn't happened in such a long time I don't know I'm feeling so inspired this week and it's not like I don't have other work to do let have so much luck but I've just been inspired to create YouTube content and this doesn't come off and so I'm just seizing this opportunity and just going to go with the flow you know since I was around 4 p.m. in Cape Town I have a class at 6 p.m. so I want to film this as quickly as possible before their before the class it's just that I've been postponing this video for so long so I was like you know what I don't know when I'm gonna get 10 this week I have time now let me do it now so yes as you can see from the title of the video this is a fashion haul and I've run into this to do this for so long because when I went back to Kenya I got a lot of new clothes which are yeah this'll yeah before I went back to Kenya I hadn't and like really gotten any new clothes hadn't been going shopping for myself like I had done no clothes jewelry shopping at all so it was really exciting to get like new stuff for my mom and just you see it through throughout the video so I really hope you enjoy this video I love filming fashion holes I love watching fashion hauls like so I'm really hoping you guys also like this video as well so don't feel free to leave a comment down below giving me your feedback and yes let us get right into the video okay so as you can see from what I'm wearing and for my face that I done I don't really have any makeup on so the only thing I've put is I've attempted to slightly just through these eyebrows just what they're not looking as bad as the one looking onion soup because they have like some mini model sort of ship um yeah so um I also have like a few cheap products hard to show anything so I'm gonna keep putting on new things as this video goes along you know they but sure Brett does it yeah I can love how to use so time to cotija anyway okay so since I'm going to be trying on a number of new outfits I want to put on a lipstick that can go with everything yeah so anything I think the best lipstick for all that clothes are going to try on is red because this outfit currently it will go really well with the blue but then the blue my not go around with some about it so just stick to it so I red lipstick for all my luck she a new bar Lilly bocce yes so let us just get right onto it okay yeah oh yeah so by the way thank you guys so much for all the positive feedback I've been getting from from from my recent YouTube video like the one about me dealing with depression like wow you guys have really like centralize all the encouragement which is which is nice thank you so much and I really go I'm really happy that accept someone's okay so it just made you feel like you know going through something difficult is not the end of the world you know things will definitely get better yeah okay so that was supposed to be part of the whole but let me just let's just go with the flow so the first thing I'm going to be talking to you guys about is what should I start with okay so this Allina unliquidated ah so this is my first liquid eyeliner I have ever ever owned in my whole entire life so it is from body shop my mom bought it for me okay she didn't buy it for me she wore it for herself but then she tried to use it once and he didn't really like it so she gave it to me and I loved it so now I can't attempt to do like a winged eye so that's what I'm gonna tell okay we got em mm and is gonna put no more eyeliner so as you guys students may I do want advance pressure so what I really love about this eyeliner is that it's really come easy to apply let's look at that a scoop as us as compared to other liquid eyeliner which are super difficult to apply this is really easy so if you are beginner with liquid eyeliner I will definitely increment the body shop liquid eyeliner yeah it's dope it's dope and its lasts the whole day doesn't smudge it dries up well so the body shop are you doing the things so the next item I'm going to be sharing is okay I feel like I should just wait for this arm I'll not try it but anyway it's this Bobbi Brown mascara so my mascara finished um I used to use didn't finish so I i've been using a Salada mascara neck for the longest time and violence instance my trick mostly because my mom buys a lot of estrada mascara and then so she just like in kiss me when I need anyone so I don't know where what happened to mine to honest I think it's just like some shady friend who will be during a night out I give them to use it and never returned it or something because one night I had it the next day and so yeah I don't think I would go into my past just to tell master ozune probably has to be a friend or some something like someone like that yeah so I lost my slot on mascara so when I went back home I asked my mom for mascara and she didn't have any mother but she had Bobby Brown so can you imagine she gave me what we proud and it's just like it's called a smoky eye mascara this is how it looks yeah so let's put it on I love this minecraft so much you guys what like yeah I'm trying not to like leave it too much because I like when he finishes I'm gonna probably have to downgrade but for now I'm loving it so yeah that's how the mascara looks like yeah it just adds that like finished and you know so I don't have any conditional corn the only thing I put on my face is moisturizer and a bit of concealer around my under my eyes and yeah just a run around my eyes just to cover the dark circles and stars fun apart from that yeah I don't have any foundation on my face so let us move on to the next thing those are the only two to beauty things out soon you guys like yeah so let's move on to the fashion so the next thing I'm going to be sharing with you guys is a number of different earrings that I bought this month yeah just to trick myself over Wednesday so and if you guys follow me on Instagram then you probably saw my story of talking about the novices al solo this is one of like we may open you on one of the best jewelry brands let me have amazing jewelry for like a young female adult so yeah and they always have like to run themselves so they had to sell for why I bought five different hazard airings for 200 Rand and that's such a good so because guys their earrings are so expensive so usually like out of paid something like 650 run as opposed to 200 and 220 for the 5 earrings yeah so thank you Lovisa ok so move to the notice again exam you talk about the earrings I'm wearing so these earrings are also new designs are for mr. price mr. price is the pin lock for jewelry as well it's one of also my top brands for jewelry but one of my top put two brands for jewelry and that for that for these were like I think so 20 run battery so yeah I'm loving them another good buy for mr. price while these orange earrings let me actually just wear them such a disc and see how amazing they look could we go in everything deals not in orange and blue go together you guys so never feel shy to color-block orange and blue they actually go together let's look at our look at that look at that yes so yeah actually I think I'm going to stick to read for the rest of this video I think I might stick to this for the rest of the video so this also me surprising can you imagine how these how much these gorgeous orange bearings wha 10 rank can you imagine don't sell the stop is go so that's the only problem with this mr. price earrings are always find it difficult to get stopped as ballast properly fits you know always such a mission because now have lost that one but yeah these are the earrings so I think I might just today just remove them okay let me just remove them so the next so now let's move on to the low visa I assume for the lavas are carrying this is the bag the packaging Lovisa yes so I got five different pairs as I told you these were the first pairs I just love like this yes please how gorgeous are these earrings you guys so let's try them on I don't think I'm gonna turn all the side yeah and guess again to some of them of not even one them yet so a published I think I'm gonna stick to this to the business on for the video I just love these they're so vintage that's so classy and I've kind of been loving the vintage classy look lately so let's stick to these I also got loops because I Jennifer I don't have loops nakama loops are lost you know so I got like this big cool nice bouncy loops which I've not worn yet I'm still waiting for like you know that special occasion I also got okay now I feel like I want to change into these ones I also got these very cute like whether it's a cell like earrings so what I noticed when I went shopping is that the knesset are in season currently are gold and maybe navy blue which is so good I've been loving and navy blue lately like loving navy blue lately as you can see what I'm wearing so yeah I got these I will destroy events actually so should I try this off let's just let's just do it let's just do it let's do it let's just do it I actually love this earrings yeah and they have like a little leaf as you can see which is really I think is really cute guys I loved well I still love jewelry knows I still do but like when I was younger because the jewelry was like the most affordable thing I could buy for myself so I would go to town in Kenya and just spend so much money on jewelry like when I came to Cape Town I had box of jewelry boxes and journey boxes and Joey Potter loved so much jewelry and then like yeah over the years I just threw it all away give it out got spoiled got lost you know now I think I don't have that much okay okay so these are the blue ones oh my god and they look so guys I don't know why the camera cut me off in the middle of my conversation with you guys but yeah basically I should you it isn't to show you the last pair of earrings at birth which were these so avoid these to the cause more of fash fest go watch the clock ah and then I also got these bangles again from selected item apart from Nagisa these bangles yeah which they came in a set of feet and then I also got last but not least I got this is not jewelry but this person is from mr. price this were like 20 runs on sale and also what I love how they like reflects you know to the blue and the green and the yellow and then just I just love them and then they have like accents of go it I mean gold and black they're so classy guy it's like okay let's try them on like you gosh look at that like such a big you know someone just needs to come and take me semi beautiful like a veil or Clift's on you know give me some champagne to sleep take photos of me just because I look so fabulous but yeah these are these are these are the sheets especially for machine sweetie run 20 run run and then the last ones maybe I remember picking them at like saying I'm not living at this to a tirana shades today so the last I think that's it that's it for accessories then there's also dictature this is a fragrance that hopefully nothing but love in this program by a barbary it's called the Burberry touch and it's both women it's as like I don't know how to explain sense but it has like this Judy's sort of scent desire that they call such such since Rizzoli's this meaty goodness but I don't know the one thing I just know it has like sort of a rich with these things you know it's just so I love it and it's so feminine and it's just so strong and powerful isn't that like to be no respect women empowerment freely yeah so a lot of the lovely sunset unlocked a lot a lot so I got this from my mom so my mom has been traveling a lot this year and like us to discuss just leaving her best life so she went to Chicago recently and dude she came back with so many things like this lady left with 20 suitcases I had actually learned how one of my suitcases she coming back and work through this is our vast thing opened she even talked kind of to one of my suitcases but I couldn't complain because she bought me so many nice things including this fragrance and a lot of the things you're gonna see and the foods you see in the video she also got them from Chicago and other hada travels so I can't really complain so now let's move on to the cloning the most exciting files okay so the first thing is obviously this a blue top I'm wearing it's a blue velvet top and this is from mr. price I think it was a tear and if I'm not wrong and it's just so beautiful I'm going to stand up properly so I can show you guys exactly how it looks okay cool okay so this was the table that I wanted to show you guys forgive me but is it at all from me surprise I just love this ship and this feels like it feels so perfectly yeah so yeah so he's in the top and then the pants are also new to this are from Calvin Klein well not what this when she went to Chicago as well and actually this panel so let me tell you about this pants of his pants well my important because many small sisters I just like them because she serves on candy in a similar pair of hands who all not drink anything do it have fashion sizes on point so that's how I've got this plant and I know that you can't dress them up and dress them down as well so yeah and then I have them in my wannabe you wanna be returned in what you really want no joy noise you know you know you you feel okay guys so let us talk about this next thing so this next item is is the velvet cut that I need and I paired it with the velvet top so yeah this ruffles cut is actually going for how it is people going for 450 round it's literally just a wraparound so this is how you know it's so flattering and what I love about it is I can be like a one-size-fits-all because it's a wraparound so basically you can just take it out I will take it out but then you can you wrap it like this and then you just tight around basically and I love that this like this little peep over skin it's just so it's like you know tracking it still a bit sexy which is cold yeah obviously yeah ruffle detail so I just added some ruffles just to give it like that I know Vavoom sort of look yes so this is people find out if you are you can purchase it on my online store if you've another call for a slash shop yes ok so another thing I got is this bag so this part is from Tommy Hilfiger as you can see this was bought for me by my mummy as well from Chicago and I it's of Tunica our beloved in blue lately and maybe blue and gold you know that's one fashion right now which goes perfectly with my outfit so yes let's pair up and see and the nature of the sign is not too big and not too small so you can fit like quite a lot of things but it's not too bad you know yeah yeah okay so I decide to change my earrings just for this different look so this is the first time I'm wearing these earrings from a new visa and that's so nice you get is like wow wow I feel like now but when I become like my new favorite pair of loops o3 is I want to show you this next outfit so for this look I am wearing this sort of blazer this is for me to actually show how that sure is fun oh yes yes yes yes yes okay so I'm going to sleep somewhat earlier this year and she also she did some shopping in Geneva as well so this is from a brand called zebra fashion actually this jeans as well and I love that this is sort of like snakeskin print and these jeans are also makes lists in prints it's just like spheres and edgy and yes yes we have this student issues are also new never to come several fashions and I work at the same time that this would work and I also love the detail on the sleeves from the zip detail it just adds to the edge you know yes and then you connect slightly but on this hour just let but if you want a more formal look let's eat your anus without blouse you couldn't but um it's out oh yeah okay so that's for the outfit for the shoes for the shoes shoes new best shoes you guys a balloon release enough obviously me in this shoes so – I thought that was amazing and I wanted to get because I've been looking for high blood levels because my other ones got spoiled and I just I will do too much leg lower just becoming too or not so I wanted let me once so accent to get your meaning for new ones and also on it sunshine because why that's like but in one second in here not enough you can't be here so she usually goes back exactly what I wanted and these boots are from Rebecca Minkoff so that is Ayla you know that our bodies are a benefit to understand the importance of designer brands and you know feeling like normally so it so it's just like such a nice feeling like chronologies yeah yeah so these are the boots and I just love that little school and I think I got to take over the world if you like a car – man you know about to take over the other yeah oh and one last thing I also got like this smaller brief it's bad as well so this is from Switzerland as well this is from when she got physical clock house yes clock house o clock houses of fashion 1906 Ellen and she got this for me my mom got this for me as well so this actually have a strap so if you don't have to carry just that piece of that briefcase but they can also make pull off this chopper I think and if you fight like this so this is having honey I've been using this but I'm Louis lately and I just love to them Estefan black bag you know so I have that touches of white just to us to make the engineers and the uniqueness while certainly keeping that simple look yeah so do not connect the last thing the last last thing are these shoes gosh that I love this shoe so much these are from Steve Madden Chicago like look at that first of all I love the flower itself that was the main site remember keeps unless one sister has white shoes kind of similar to this and which otherwise they're spotty like kind of a snake like this and then they have the flower detail so I wanted what exactly like her but then I'm not good and find white one sushi for this block or than I think actually prefer this exact ones because it has like that white block at the bottom and then it's just so so engine it's so unique identifying issues so beautiful like so beautiful like I'm not a fan of like sneak-attack shoes but these these these are cheap physical meaning these are lovely so thank you so much money for getting on only this truth and yeah I think I'm going to end this video here because I have to prepare for my class now like five something in the class that's at six so let me get ready hope you enjoy this video if you did please give it a thumbs up leave me a comment down below which look of which item was your best and I'll see you in my next video I

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