Fashion Emergency Kit

Hello everyone, I’m Ashley with the Fashion
Emergency Kit; which is a great gift for any of the women in your wedding party to avoid
any wedding day snafus. So the Fashion Emergency Kit comes in handy
for removing hair and lint, as well as deodorant or make up smudges from your bridesmaids’
dresses. It helps relieve sore feet, and you can spiff up those shoes from any scratch
marks. There’s also tape that’ll help tac up any hems and readjust any gaping in the
bridesmaids’ gowns so everyone can continue looking fabulous all night long. Now this
purse-sized kit contains Hollywood fashion tape, a deodorant removing sponge, lint removing
sheets, a small sewing kit, a giant stain wipe, an earring back, instant buttons that
can just be popped on, a clear hairband, a nail file, a blister pad, and a shoe shine

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