Fashion Designer

Take a look at what you’re
wearing. Whether it’s your school
uniform, casual everyday wear, formal wear or pyjamas.
Someone designed and made that so you wouldn’t have to
do it yourself. But if designing and making
clothes sounds like your thing, being a fashion designer could
be the career for you, and today, I’m going to find
out all about it! Fashion designers create
original designs for clothing, shoes and accessories. And
also adapt fashions to suit local conditions and trends.
They draw designs and patterns, as well as measure, cut and
sew materials together to create their innovative ideas. And today, I’m catching up
with Steph Audino who actually owns her own label. – Hi Rebecca, how are you?
– Yes, good! – I’ve got some questions on what
it’s like to be a fashion designer. – Yes of course, come through! So I’ve just been having a
look around, did you make all these clothes yourself? Yes I did. I make all my samples
myself and then going in to production I outsource to my
factory overseas. And what made you decide to
get in to fashion design? I started making my own
clothes when I was about 16 and since then everyone’s been
asking me “where’d you get that from?” and it started from draping
pieces, and pinning and sewing. So it wasn’t very technical
back then, but that’s where it all started. Walk me through a typical day.
What do you get up to? I do a lot of paperwork in the
morning, like follow up on emails, social media, a lot of marketing,
then I’ll also have appointments with made-to-measure clients,
so they come in for their ball gown or bridesmaid dresses, so
it’s very exciting for them as well. What would you say the hardest part
is about being a fashion designer? The hardest part would be the
minimal sleep that I get! It’s a very hard industry, and
having to work to a deadline, and you can’t change that so
it’s literally working around the clock until it’s finished. And what’s the most rewarding
part? The most rewarding part is
seeing my customers in their Steph Audino gowns, or ready-
to-wear pieces. It’s so cool to see someone actually love
what I’m designing. And also, to see a sketch turn
in to a reality is really cool. If you could give someone some
advice or information that was interested in entering the fashion
industry, what would it be? I would tell them to do a lot
of work experience because you meet so many fantastic people
in the industry, from photographers, to
stylists. And you learn so much backstage as well,
so I would definitely get a lot of work experience in. Apart from owning your own
business, what other opportunities are there available in the
fashion industry? You can become a stylist,
visual merchandiser, you can do fashion marketing and
social media. There’s a wide range of things you can
get in to, it’s not just being the designer. From school to now, what steps
would someone take to get in to fashion design? The steps that I took to enter
the fashion industry was graduating from year 12, I
finished my TEE and actually went down a different career
path at Uni. I finished that after a year, and then my
parents saw how passionate I was about the fashion, so
I went and studied for two years at Tafe, finished my
Diploma, and then started my own business. What characteristics do you
think somebody needs, to be successful in fashion design? I think you need to have a
very business orientated mind, very creative, and very
outgoing as well, and willing to meet new people all the
time. And if you could do one thing
differently, but still end up where you are today, what
would it be? I wouldn’t change anything.
Only because the year that I spent at Uni didn’t help me
study wise, but the experience that I got working for a
company really gave me a business sense in to
my own business now. Well Steph, thanks so much
for having a chat with me today, I think I may have to
try more of your clothes on, – is that alright?
– Yes of course! – Awesome, thank you!
– You’re welcome! How cool does being a fashion
designer sound? If you want to find out more
information on fashion design, jump on to

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