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Welcome to ART START today we will discuss about fashion and costume design Hello, I’m your host Hans Pagaduan
In this channel we will discuss about anything about art Film Making, Tech Reviews and Movie Reviews, Theater, Fashion Everything just to kickstart the artistry in you And in todays episode we will have a discussion and talk with this guy }Hi, I’m Mark Delos Santos, Fashion and Costume Designer and Event Producer Mark Delos Santos is an experienced Fashion and Costume Designer so we just had a talk with him and we will share it with you guys so maybe to inspire some of you who would like to get in
to this kind of Job in fashion and costume designing, so lets go ahead and start. I am a fashion and costume designer although I also produce events, handle weddings, battle of the bands, fashion shows, and also theater shows What’s different about
us is we create unique
and creative patterns. We really create design and pattern from scratch just to make it unique. We buy our materials from HongKong, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia. We mix media when we create costumes, like if we want to make a gown unique, I use, Table cloth or mantle to make it thick, big or to make it small I use place mat for head dress. Our Fashion industry has a lot of new and young designers. They depend too much on technology. And it is not personalized anymore because its machine made. Me, when I want the fabric to have its own color, I personally dye and color it, to make it unique. Now, in our industry, all clothes are the same, because there are suppliers already, they are lazy to create their own. They use the same laces. Modern, yes but it is not unique. everything’s the same. If you are really a designer, you should know the basic and knows different techniques. If you know the basics, you can play with the technique. If you just learned the technique from someone else, all your work will be the same. Your work will not be unique. They need to learn more to create their own technique, their own Idea which will not be the same with others. In my work, I started as a wardrobe associate in Resorts World Manila for 5 years, The costume Designer there, Aksana Siderava, A Russian designer, I met her and trained me how to build costumes and various techniques and then later on, I improved, enhance }and develop the technique by putting my own touch. Combining her techniques to mine and mostly doing mix media. After Resorts World, I worked on my Red Works Collection. I do wedding events where I create wedding gowns, Event Styling, Everything, Even cake. After my Redworks, I worked under Dream Cruises, working on a Cruise Ship. New experience, I met different designers from Europe, from Russia, I saw how they made their costumes. So I improved, and level up my style. Now I also use electronics, led lights, I use different techniques which I learned from them. So I mixed the traditional and Modern way of creating costumes.
And the result is very good. The biggest event I handled was last 2016, Ms. Universe in Okada Manila. I made the costume for the Opera Singer from Italy. that is my biggest achievement. Then I help on some theater shows like Bituing walang Ningning in Resorts World, King and I, Cinderella, Chaos, In the ship, I was part on assisting, maintaining and building costumes for Voyage and Lovers Dream, Sonio and Faith. We also have ballroom Shows. Some Like it Hot, Rhythm Divine and now our mose recent show which is Dulce Habana. Original Work starts from the bottom, because you are still learning, If they want to make your creations unique and creative, it is better to study the basics, take basic training even for 6 months, because now, the new designers knows how to draw, knows how to create artwork. but they don’t know how to build and execute. Don’t know hot to do proper pattern, don’t know how to stitch, which for a Real designer, It is a must that you also know even basic Make-up, hair styling, stitching, so you can have realistic output and how to execute. Because if you don’t know how to execute your Art Work, it ends on your drawing pad forever. It is better that all the scope of being a designer, including the basics, you Must know. Even in Photoshoot, you must know the standard of Make-up, the hair style, In theater, mostly the costumes are big, exagerated, you must know the basic theater requirements. Beautiful is not enough, its not like that, because yes, maybe it is beautiful but it doesn’t really fit the theme or its not right on stage or T.V. that’s all. And basically that’s it. so hopefully you enjoyed and got some tips from Mark Delos Santos who is an experienced Fashion and Costume Designer. Wow, FAshion and Costume Designer Anyway if you like our video, please, please click to subscribe to get updated on the videos that we will upload. We will upload videos about film making, anything about art, theater, Props Making, Fashion Design, all of those so you can have ideas and we can kick start the artistry in you. So you can also follow our Facebook Page, the link is below. So until next time, once again I’m your host Hans Pagaduan, Don’t Forget Start Art with Art Start

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